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Outraged family of Quawan Charles has a message for Janet Irvin



Quawan Charles: That’s how the family of 15-year-old Quawan “Bobby” Charles feels now that the lady arrested for her role in Quawan’s death has been released.
Janet Irvin was released last week after a judge cut her bond from $400K to $90K.

“This has infuriated our entire family. Quawan is no longer alive. Celina Charles, Quawan’s first cousin, said, “He was murdered.”

Outraged family of Quawan Charles

Quawan Charles

Quawan’s mother, Roxanne, and the rest of their family, according to Charles, are enraged that Janet Irvin was able to get out of jail because of the cheaper bond.


“When we left the coroner’s office, the first words out of Roxanne’s lips were, ‘They beat my baby.’ “They beat up on my baby,” Charles explained.

“My aunt disapproves of Janet’s release from prison. My aunt is against Janet even having a relationship.”

Janet Irvin is now back at home, but her baby cousin will never return, she adds, which is irritating and distressing.

“I recognize she has rights, but so did Quawan. He had a right to his life, which they took away. “They snatched it from us,” Charles explained.


Irvin was arrested two months ago for allegedly selling drugs to Quawan and failing to report him missing.

Quawan’s death was ruled an accidental drowning in the coroner’s report, but Celine Charles and her family don’t believe that was the case.

“I don’t believe that happened by chance.” They beat him up and mangled him, in my opinion. They tormented him, I believe. That is something we all believe. “Everyone believes it,” she stated.

Charles claims she does not believe Quawan perished by mistake in a sugarcane ditch with only a few inches of water.


Janet Irvin, her son, and her lover, she claims, are lying to her family about what happened to Quawan.

“I believe they were all involved in Quawan’s death,” Charles stated.

She claims that her family is hoping for the truth to emerge and that Janet Irvin and her family be prosecuted with murder.

“She’s going to have a big day.” They’re all going to have their day. “We will not give up until justice is served,” she stated. “As for the assassins who killed Quawan, you will not get away.” You will not be able to flee.”


Janet Irvin’s bond was cut, but the judge also imposed conditions on her release.

She and her boyfriend now reside in Youngsville.

She is only allowed to leave the house for job, court, or medical reasons, and she must always wear an ankle monitor.

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