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Rae Dawn Chong: Age, Wiki, Networth, Child, Spouse & Movies



Rae Dawn Chong: If you’re interested in learning more about read this article! You’ll learn about her age, net worth, child, and spouse! You’ll also find out what her husband and children are like! Let’s get started! Rae Dawn Chong is a Canadian-American actress. She made her big screen debut in 1978 in the film Stony Island. Her role in the critically acclaimed fantasy film Quest for Fire earned her the Genie Award for Best Actress.

Rae Dawn Chong Wiki & Age

Rae Dawn Chong

Rae Dawn Chong She born is 28 February 1961, Age is 61 years. Canadian-American actress Rae Dawn Chong turned on the big screen in 1978 with Stony Island. She later starred in the critically acclaimed fantasy film Quest for Fire, for which she won the Genie Award for Best Actress. Chong’s age is currently unknown, but she does have a devoted fan base. Listed below are some facts about Rae Dawn Chong:

Rae Dawn Chong has had an awful love life. She married Owen Bayliss in 1982, where she had her son Morgan. But this relationship ended in divorce in 2014, and she went back to singlehood. Rae Dawn Chong has not remarried since. She has not had a child since then, and she is single and unmarried. You can also check out her biography to see what she has been up to in her life.


Rae Dawn Chong networth

Actress Rae Dawn Chong’s net worth is estimated at $4 million. She was born in Edmonton, Canada to parents Tommy Chong and Maxine Sneed. Her father is of Chinese and Scots-Irish descent and her birth mother is of Black Canadian descent. She has three younger half-brothers and a half-sister, all by her father’s second marriage. She also has an adopted brother, Marcus Chong.

Rae Dawn Chong began her acting career in 1978 and went on to appear in dozens of films and television shows. She married fellow Soul Man star C. Thomas Howell in 1984. Since then, she has starred in many blockbusters and television series, including “The Color Purple” and “Knock ’em Dead.” In addition to her acting career, Chong has been active in humanitarian organizations and is a co-author of Byron Katie’s The Work.

Rae Dawn Chong child

Rae Dawn Chong is the mother of Morgan Baylis. She married a stockbroker named Owen Baylis in 1982 and became pregnant at age 21. When the marriage failed, she was left with a four-month-old son and was unable to go out partying or wake up at 6:30 in the morning. But she remained committed to her children and the public. She has never revealed any information about her child or husband’s name.

In 1982, she married Stockbroker Owen Bayliss and they had one son, Morgan. The two divorced in 1990. In 1991, Chong dated actor C. Thomas Howell, whom she later married, but they divorced a year later. In 2011, Chong married actor Nathan Ulrich, whom she met on the set of “Soul Man.” They divorced in 2014.


Rae Dawn Chong spouse

If you’re looking for a Rae Dawn Chong spouse, then you’ve come to the right place. Chong is a Canadian-American actress, who first made her big-screen debut in 1978 in Stony Island. Since then, she’s gone on to star in more than fifty films, including Quest for Fire, which won her the Genie Award for Best Actress. Here’s a list of Rae’s spouses and their kids.

Born 28 February 1961, Rae Dawn Chong is a Canadian-American actress. She’s best known for her roles in Quest for Fire (1981), Beat Street (1984), Boulevard (1994), and The Purple Color. She was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to Tommy and Maxine Chong. Her father is half Scottish and her mother is African-Canadian. Her paternal grandfather had a great deal of racial shame and emigration repression in China. Chong is also an active social media user, following people like Michelle Obama and Joe Biden.

Rae Dawn movies

In 1978, Canadian-American actress Rae Dawn Chong made her big-screen debut in Stony Island. Her next film, the critically-acclaimed fantasy Quest for Fire, earned her a Genie Award for Best Actress. Her most recent film, The Girl From the Black Lagoon, is also an excellent example of her versatile acting. But before you start looking for Rae Dawn Chong movies, here are a few of her best performances.

While the actress first came to prominence with the comedy series “Sex is Always In Fashion”, she soon began to break out with the mainstream with films such as Steven Spielberg’s THE COLOR PURPLE and the Arnold Schwarzenegger action film COMMANDO. Then, after bad experiences in Hollywood, Chong disappeared from the screen for a few years. In the early nineties, Chong returned to the world of acting with a few genre films.


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