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Rafe Outer Banks : 6 Ways Rafe Is The Ultimate Villain



Rafe Outer Banks: In Netflix’s Outer Banks, Rafe Cameron is the oldest of the Cameron children. Rafe returned to his family’s house in the Outer Banks after dropping out of college to work in the family company. Rafe’s sense of entitlement as a member of one of the Outer Banks’ wealthiest families got the better of him, and he thought he could get away with murder.

What is Rafe Outer Bank: And who are the 6 ways of Rafe?

Rafe Outer Banks

Rafe’s issues with his father were the catalyst for this small North Carolina town’s demise. Even if he was the perpetrator of some very heinous crimes, what transpired was a labyrinth of lies designed to protect his reputation. Despite the fact that Rafe’s father, Ward, looks to be the mastermind behind the majority of the horrible things, Rafe is the genuine villain.

To begin with, he killed Officer Peterkin.

While many fans thought Topper was a villain in Outer Banks because of his friendship with Rafe’s sister, Sarah, Rafe’s nasty methods outstripped Topper’s. It all began when he attempted to gain his father’s approval.

Rafe believed he had lost his father’s respect after being found doing narcotics. So, when he learned that Sheriff Peterkin was about to arrest his father for the murder of John B. Sr., he decided that the only way to prove his devotion to his father was to kill Sheriff Peterkin and blame John B.

Rafe didn’t seem to regret his decision or exhibit any sorrow for taking a life, which should have alerted fans that this was merely the beginning of his wicked storyline.

He Tried to Murder His Sister Twice

The Kooks and the Pogues have a long history on the Outer Banks, and their songs are about two different kinds of people: the rich and the poor. Since of their immense riches, Sarah, Rafe, and the Cameron family were labelled as Kooks, whilst John B. and his pals were labelled as Pogues because they had to work to make a livelihood.

Rafe was furious when Sarah decided that the Kook lifestyle was not for her and began hanging out with the Pogues. He despised the fact that his sister had chosen John B.’s (a Pogue) side over their own. Rafe attempted to drown Sarah after knowing that she would turn on him to the cops.

He then shot her later in the series after she attempted to protect John B. Rafe’s lack of concern for his sister (despite claiming to want to look after her) demonstrated that he was just concerned with himself.

Wheezie had no respect for him.

Rafe’s younger sister is Wheezie. Wheezie, at the age of 13, was too young to comprehend the gravity of the situation involving her father, brother, and sister.

However, as the inquisitive character that she is, she was quick to notice her brother’s shift to the dark side.

Unfortunately, while Rafe waited for word from Sarah after fearing for her life, he took Wheezie’s phone and pretended to be Wheezie in order to contact her.

Wheezie is likewise dismissed by Rafe, who does not treat her with the respect she deserves. The fact that he could be so calculated, manipulative, and rude to his loved ones demonstrated that he was well on his way to being the show’s biggest villain.

He was unnecessarily violent toward Pope Francis.

Pope is a Pogue with a firm grip on his responsibilities. He comes from a family of diligent parents who care about him and want him to attend college.

Early on in the series, Pogue focused on getting a scholarship and his major objective was to go to college. The Kooks, on the other hand, made life difficult for him.

Pope was cutting around the golf course with bags of food and alcohol in one scenario when Rafe and Topper ambushed him. Pope was defenceless, and all he wanted to do was return home. For fans, it was a devastating scene because Rafe was the one who started it all.

The fact that he left Pope wounded and bruised was concerning, as the injuries were severe – especially considering they were caused by a golf club. Who knows how far he would have gone if Topper hadn’t been there?

At The Country Club, He Assaulted JJ

JJ, a local Pogue, disliked Rafe because he was a Kook on the hunt for his best friend, John B. While the citizens of the Outer Banks were well aware that JJ and Rafe despised each other, they shared a similar relationship with their fathers.

Rafe jumped JJ while he was working the Midsummers party in “Midsummers,” and the two clashed. JJ tried to hide from Rafe and the Kooks by fleeing around the country club, but it didn’t work. JJ was assaulted in the locker area, and he was badly beaten. Rafe’s decision to use violence to intimidate JJ once more shown that he was unconcerned about the consequences of his actions (further emphasising what a dangerous individual he was becoming).

He did everything he could to apprehend John B.

Ward knew he had to stop his son from being jailed for murder when Rafe shot Sherrif Peterkin. Rather than telling the police the truth, Ward claimed that Peterkin was shot and killed by John B.

Rafe went along with the deception and assisted the police in their search for John B. after seeing his father protect his name. Knowing Rafe was the real killer, it was perverse of him to keep spreading lies about John B. as the perpetrator.

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