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Create Your Own Random Pokemon Genorator Using Ai


Random pokemon genorator It can feel sometimes like game developers just pull random words out of a hat to see what they come up. I’m still not sure if Klefki (the sentient keyring Pokemon) is genius or madness.

There’s now an Random pokemon genorator to help you do that. Justin Pinkney, a Lambda Labs machine learning researcher, created an “text to Pokemon” generator by fine-tuning Stable Diffusion. This AI image generator functions in the same way as DALL-E 2.

To make Pokemon, fine tuning stablediffusion

random pokemon genorator

I wrote a quick guide on fine tuning your own Stable Diffusion: https://t.co/hLWrOjEPTm

I also released my Pokemon model, you can try it out on Replicate: https://t.co/3sVQrk54wZ

or with this Notebook: https://t.co/nRU5EQt3WC pic.twitter.com/d1FIAp49nO

Pinkney trained the Random pokemon genorator model based on descriptions of Pokemon. Bulbasaur, for instance, is described as “a drawing a green pokemon that has red eyes,” while Caterpie refers to “a green and yellow pet with a red nose.”

Random pokemon generator  Pinkney shared on Twitter that the model will produce images in this style once it is fine-tuned. This would be cartoonish pocket monsters.

A well-tuned model will generate Pokemon no matter what prompts you give. No more tedious prompting is required.

— Justin Pinkney (@Buntworthy) September 20, 2022

You can use the generator by linking your GitHub account. You can then toggle the number and type of outputs as well as denoising steps, and the classifier-free guidance scale.

Twitter users are the main characters in our stories. Thousands of people have used Twitter to input their names and see what they could look like as Pokemon. If anyone is curious,

I am a red-haired spider with three legs. However, if you enter the names of celebrities you will get some truly cursed images. Here’s an example:

Even creepier is the fact that you can input the names and receive alternate universe versions of characters you love since childhood. These are in clockwise order: Pikachu (bulbasaur), Charizards, Mews, Lucario, Sudowoodo, and Charizards.

Although the text to Pokemon Generator is fun to play with, don’t worry — The Pokemon Company will continue to amaze and delight us with its increasingly bizarre (but still, delightful!) creations.

They are constantly coming up with new creatures. Pokemon fans received their next piece of information this morning before the long-awaited Pokemon Scarlet & Violet games.

It was a beach-dwelling version on Diglett, called Wiglett. It’s similar to the long furby of Digletts. We are safe with Pokemon fans.

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