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Rapper Goonew’s Deadbody Disrespectfully Puted In DC’s Nightclub




Today we are sharing a very sad news about the late rapper goonew, his body was publically puted on stage of a nightclub in washington dc on his own funeral. this event shocked everyone . when this incident came into news it spreading on all social media platforms.

goonew’s fans are showing their expression on many social platforms like twitter, reddit and instagram.


The Bliss Nightclub Has Apologised For A Frightful Incident[Watch Video]

The Bliss nightclub in Washington, DC, has apologized for a heinous incident in which the body of dead rapper Goonew was allegedly placed on their stage at his own burial. The memorial service was held on Sunday, weeks after the hip-hop artist was murdered and killed at the age of 24.


bliss nightclub apology letter

The Shade Room issued a statement from the venue on Instagram Monday, saying, “Our sincere sympathies to Goonew’s family, friends, and fans.” “A local funeral home contacted Bliss about renting out our location for Goonew’s farewell celebration.

“Bliss had no idea what was going to happen.” “We truly apologize to anyone who may have been offended or outraged,” the venue added. “At this terrible time, please remember Goonew’s family and friends in your prayers.”

Rapper Goonew’s Funeral Video Gets Viral On Twitter


The remark was made in the wake of viral Twitter video purporting to show the murdered rapper, whose actual name is Markelle Morrow, propped up onstage at Bliss nightclub while mourners shouted around him like an Irish wake. A sweatshirt, a blinged-out watch, and a crown adorned the hip-body. hopper’s

goonews deadbody on stage

According to the Shade Room, a person who attended the macabre public viewing, billed “The Last Show,” verified that there was a $40 cover charge to enter the location.

Although it was first uncertain if the figure was Goonew’s actual body or a mannequin, the widespread view is that it was his.

On Instagram, the Shade Room reported, “During the event, Goonew’s body was raised up on stage, wearing luxury apparel and a crown.” Meanwhile, Black Fortune, a rapper who performed at the event, commented on Instagram, “No this ain’t no wax figure my Brodie went out gansta,” according to XXLMag.


The Incident Of Goonew’s Funeral Was Deemed Lewd And Rude On Social Media.

fan tweet on goonew's shamefull incident

On Twitter, one outraged fan commented, “No way goonew mama authorised that s–t that’s so sad & insulting.” “If y’all seen that video with Goonew’s body, you can’t tell me our society ain’t already fallen…” said another.

“This is insane,” muttered another Instagram user. “WHO DID THIS THOUGHT WAS A GOOD IDEA?”


On Twitter, even hip-hop legend 50 Cent chimed in, writing: “oh s–t! “I’ve only now realised what this is.”


50 cent tweet on this incident

Meanwhile, another tweeter — allegedly a bar employee — professed surprise upon arrival, claiming they had no prior knowledge of what they had witnessed.

“Imagine going to work and seeing a corpse on display. They didn’t warn us, and they didn’t even tell us they didn’t know,” they claimed. “When I say this year has officially traumatised me, I mean it.”

County Police Department On Goonew’s Murder Investigation

According to the Prince George’s County Police Department, Markelle Morrow(goonew) was shot and killed by an unknown assailant in District Heights, Maryland, on March 18, according to Complex.

According to the department, “upon on location, they discovered an adult male suffering from a gunshot wound.” “The victim was rushed to the hospital with potentially fatal injuries. The person was pronounced dead around 7:30 p.m.”


A $25,000 reward is being offered by police for information leading to the arrest of a suspect in the shooting.

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