Home News Rappin’ Legal Beats: Colored Copy Paper, Business Agreements, and More!

Rappin’ Legal Beats: Colored Copy Paper, Business Agreements, and More!

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Yo, yo, listen up, let’s talk legal today,

From colored copy paper to agreements in play.

So you’re writing a doc, and you need it in style,

Get colored legal copy paper, it’ll make you smile.

Got a business partner, gotta set things straight?

Use this sample business partnership agreement doc, don’t hesitate!

And if you’re in India, know what’s the haps?

Got to understand forbearance meaning in law in Hindi, no time for naps.

Now, surety’s your thing, what’s the deal?

The surety legal definition will help you seal the deal.

Need a taxi license, wanna hit the road?

Get the requirements for taxi license, it’s quite a load.

When Larry’s your man, and you need some aid,

The law offices of Larry R Glazer got your back, don’t be afraid.

Want a real estate form, without the fuss?

Here’s an Iowa real estate offer form, no need to cuss.

Now if you’re thinking of marriage and all the clauses,

Understand what are the laws of marriage, no time for pauses.

Finally, you’re an attorney, need to give your deets?

An attorney at law business card will surely make you elites.

And before you go, need to know a fact?

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