Recovering Deleted Pictures & Other iPhone Tricks

May 27, 2022
iPhone Tricks

iPhone Tricks

Recovering Deleted Pictures & Other iPhone Tricks: iPhones have been the go-to product for users looking for a top-tier phone ever since the technologically-advanced device came out on 29th June 2007. According to Verizon, at the phone’s launch, the Wall Street Journal described the iPhone as a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough Internet communicator. After the first device came out, it became a rage worldwide. Ever since then, Apple has been rolling out new devices every year to cater to the demands of iPhone fans. 

Besides having a beautiful exterior and top-of-the-shelf components, iPhones also have the most optimized operating system named iOS, which provides users with all the best features and functionalities that facilitates them to perform any task on their phones without hassle. In addition, the polished OS also provides users with numerous tricks that help them take useful actions. This article will cover some of the most useful iPhone Tricks users can try to utilize their device’s capabilities to the fullest. Let us dive right into it. 

1. Manage Your iPhone’s Calls and Messages Using Other Apple Devices

One of the biggest advantages of owning multiple Apple devices is that you can easily utilize the Apple ecosystem’s seamless continuity and integration features. iOS pairs flawlessly with other devices such as the iPad, MacBook, Watch, etc. A prime example of this is using your Mac to manage your iPhone’s calls and messages. To be able to receive a call or send a reply to a text message using your Mac, follow the given steps on your iPhone:

  • Step 1 – Open your phone’s “Settings” app. 
  • Step 2 – Click on “Phone” or “Messages.” 
  • Step 3 – Click on “Allow calls on other devices” or “Text Message Forwarding” 
  • Step 4 – Select the devices you would like to enable the feature. For instance, if you wish to access the feature on your Mac, toggle the device. 

2. Recover Permanently Deleted Pictures

Photos play a crucial role in your lives as they remind us of cherished moments, people and memories. Deleting photos may seem like a viable option to clean up space, but you may regret it afterwards. Thankfully, there are numerous ways following which you can conveniently recover them. You can use your iPhone’s “Recently Deleted” album to restore photos you recently deleted. The album is in the Photos application under the “Other Albums” section.

Moreover, if you wish to recover permanently deleted images on your iPhone, you can use Disk Drill, a powerful application that features all the necessary tools for recovering deleted pictures. You would need to connect your iPhone Tricks to your Mac using a lightning cable to use the tool since the app is primarily available on macOS. By following just a few steps, you can conveniently restore the permanently deleted photos on your iPhone. Besides these methods, you can also restore your iPhone Tricks deleted pictures using iCloud. To know more about restoring permanently deleted pictures on your iPhone, click

3. Type Quickly By Using your iPhone Keyboard’s Swipe Feature

Almost every iPhone user uses their phone’s keyboard to write text messages, browse the internet, edit documents, etc. Typing short texts does not require much effort. However, when it comes to writing paragraphs or editing documents, using the generic way of typing can become tedious. An effective solution to the issue is using iOS-compatible keyboards which support swipe-style typing. Apple recently allowed third-party keyboard apps like the Gboard to provide swipe-style typing functionality to iPhone users. Besides this, you can also use Apple’s QuickPath typing.  

Feature to type anything by dragging and holding your finger on the letter you wish to type. Even though it may require some practice initially, once you master the technique, you can write long paragraphs without issues easily.

4. Switch Between WiFi Networks Conveniently

Connecting to a WIFi network by opening the Settings app on your iPhone is quite time-consuming, especially when the auto-connect feature is not enabled. Moreover, if you are outside and wish to use public WiFi networks, switching between different ones is quite a hassle. However, iOS offers users a quicker way to switch between WiFi networks. Here are the steps following which you can conveniently connect to or switch between different WiFi networks:

  • Step 1 – Press and hold the WiFi widget in your iPhone’s Control Center.
  • Step 2 – Press and hold the icon to access the list of available networks.
  • Step 3 – Once the networks appear, click on the one you wish to connect to. If it is a saved network, your phone will automatically connect to it. If not, you will need to enter the password. 

This quick accessibility trick is also available for connecting to and switching between Bluetooth devices.

iOS is a great mobile-based platform that features numerous tips and tricks up its sleeve to ensure that users do not face any inconvenience while performing any activity on their iPhones. By following the aforementioned tricks, you can significantly accentuate your iOS experience.

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