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Why replacing your sleeper sofa mattress is important for home health


Why replacing your sleeper sofa mattress is important for home health: Regardless of where it is located, a sleeper sofa is generally only occasionally used by guests. As such, most people believe that you can get by not replacing the mattress until it becomes uncomfortable.

The truth is that by the time the mattress is uncomfortable it has long overstayed its welcome. There are several other reasons you should consider replacing the mattress of your sofa sleeper.

Why replacing your sleeper sofa mattress is important for home health

sleeper sofa mattress

Experts say to replace mattresses every 8 years

Experts say you should replace a mattress at least every 8 years, and it makes sense that a bed used less frequently could last longer. It could just as easily need to be replaced more often than a regular bed mattress. Since the sleeper mattress is only about 4.5 inches thick, it could just as easily break down faster and require more frequent mattress replacement. 

Check with your guests to make sure they were able to sleep comfortably and fitfully. If not, you should consider replacing the mattress to give the next guests more padding.

Doing your part to keep guests healthy

Considering your guests’ health is also important, and you should do much more than just sanitize surfaces and vacuum between guests. You also need to keep the sofa bed clean and safe, and that might mean replacing the hide-a-bed mattress.

A sofa bed mattress that is several years old could be harboring allergens and bacteria that could make your guests ill. In addition, anyone who sleeps in the bed will leave bodily fluids behind, even if it is just sweat. Did you get that same feeling you do when you contemplate sleeping in a hotel? You should.

You can (and should) occasionally clean the mattress, but a mattress cover can both decrease the frequency of cleaning and increase the safety of the mattress since the cover can be easily removed and washed between guests. With a mattress cover, you might get as much as 6 to 8 years out of your sofa bed mattress. Without it, you would need to replace the mattress much more frequently. 

Ditch your old hide-a-bed and replace it with a new sleeper sofa

There are many other disadvantages to the traditional couches with pull-out beds. It can be very difficult, if not impossible, to get the entire thing clean, inside and out. Since the mattress is being folded into the couch, it is easy to see why this would be important (and difficult) to keep clean and sanitary. If the mattress smells or is dusty every time you pull it out, you might want to think about replacing the piece of furniture entirely.

Today’s sleeper sofas are much better, making it easier than ever to turn your sofa into a temporary resting place. These sofas are usually a bit firmer and do not have a detachable mattress. At the same time, they are not really a traditional futon either. 

Since there isn’t a detachable mattress in these types of sofa beds, using a clean mattress cover for each guest is extremely important. But since they are folded-down cushions the sofa is much easier to keep clean inside and out. Start looking to find sleeper sofa with free delivery.

They do fold down, cushions and all, and are usually of a traditional mattress size easy to cover while your guests are visiting. Use a mattress cover rather than a sheet alone and keep a foam egg crate stored in a closet in case your guests need a softer bed. 

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