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Richard Giannotti: Why Did Former Baseball Player Richard Break Up With Joy Taylor



Richard Giannotti, a retired baseball player, rose to fame through his union with Joy Taylor, a popular TV and radio star. He is best known as a financial advisor to athletes.

His passion for his career has earned him a huge reputation among his fans. His fans and friends highly value him. To get all new updates follow

Richard Giannotti played baseball well in school

Richard Giannotti and her ex-wife

Richard breathed his first time on August 9, 1983 in Florida, USA. His parents raised him together.


Richard was raised in a family of highly educated people who were always keen to learn and achieve high grades. His father was an FBI agent in the United States.

Richard was separated from his parents in his childhood and was raised by his step-sister Leslie Rennie. Richard attended St. Thomas Aquinas High school in his hometown.

He was determined to pursue a career in sports and He was a great baseball player and participated in school games to help him reach his goals. He was a great baseball player at the University of Miami.

Richard received an athletic scholarship to the University of Miami and continued his baseball career. He was named the best All-State outfielder at the University.


He also completed his studies by obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

Name Richard Giannotti
Age 39 years
Date of birth August 9th, 1983
Nationality American
Gender Male
Occupation ex-Baseball
Marital Status Married
Wife Kristen Simigran
Children 2
Net worth $20million

Richard Giannotti had a big career

Giannotti chose to pursue a career in sports. He endured every hardship to achieve his passion and career. He began his career as a professional baseball player in 2004.

Giannotti then joined the Anaheim Angel, and he played for the team for a year. Anaheim Angle is currently called “The Los Angles Angel.” To pursue his dream, he joined Cedar Rapids Kernels the next year.

Richard Giannotti was also transferred from the Cedar Rapids Kernels into Reno Silver Sox in 2006. He was then transferred again to the Swing of the Quad Cities and He joined Nashua Pride in 2007. He then resigned from his job due to personal problems.


Who is Richard Giannotti’s Wife

Joy Taylor met Richard Giannotti at a conference. He is a well-known player and an ambitious man. Their connection intensified in 2014 at the conference after the first meeting.

It is obvious that fate has chosen someone to tie the knot. Richard Giannotti was the same. After the conference, they began dating. They officially announced their intention to tie the knot in 2016.

The couple celebrated a large wedding celebration at the Biltmore Luxury Hotel Miami, complete with a 5-storey white cake.

Beau, a baby boy was born to the couple. The couple split after the birth of the baby.


Richard Giannotti: A Powerful Individual

Richard Giannotti looks great and is healthy and fit as a result of his professional career.

He was an athlete and had to deal with a lot of challenges. A celebrity is also humble and polite with his colleagues and fans. His polite manner earned him more respect and dignity throughout the country.

Richard is now 6’3″ tall and weighs 95 kg. The man with the black eyes and black hair is 36 years old.

He was the son of Richard J. Giannotti, his father, and Susan Giannotti, his mother. His father was an ex-FBI agent. He is American and of white nationality. Richard is a follower of the religion of his ancestors, Christianity.


A media scuffle involving Richard exists

Richard married Kristen Simigran before he married Joy Taylor. He married Kristen in 2000. Banks Domenico Giannotti was born to the couple.

They raised their children together. After many years of being together, however, the couple split.

Richard Giannotti’s Ex-Wife Joy Taylor Dating Anyone

Richard’s ex-wife, Ann Watson, announced her engagement to Earl Watson, a former NBA player and coach. The couple announced their engagement in 2018 The couple announced their relationship in 2018.

Also, she was believed to have been cheating on Richard Giannotti. This could be the real reason for the breakup and eventual divorce.


Richard Founded a Company “Athlete Asset Management”

Richard built a Global Wealth Management Athlete Asset Management company in 2014 to save his assets.

It is located in his hometown. It offers advice to athletes on how to protect their assets and income through smart investments.

Richard Giannotti Stats

Richard Giannotti began playing baseball in his senior high school years. He was awarded a University of Miami sports scholarship for his outstanding performances and contribution to the school. Richard was a professional baseball player for nine years with the Anaheim Angels. He is currently the President and Financial Advisor of Athlete Asset Management, a company that is part of Global Wealth Management.


How did Richard accumulate his huge net worth?

He has earned quite a good fortune for himself thanks to his nine-year-long professional baseball player and business entrepreneur. Richard Giannotti net worth is estimated at $20 million.

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