Who Was Riley Whitelaw & What Was Her Cause of Death

September 17, 2022
Riley Whitelaw

Riley Whitelaw: Early June saw the death of Riley Whitelaw, 17, in a Colorado Springs Walgreens break room. She was working at the store just north of Ute Valley Park and had recently requested overtime. Justin Zunino, a store manager, reported the incident to 911 and said that there was blood everywhere. Follow Centralfallout to get updated.

Blood is on floors and cabinets in employee areas, according to police. An affidavit stated that there was “a lot of blood on the floor surrounding the victim’s neck.” “Officers didn’t see any signs or life. 

Tuesday brought murder autopsy results. It revealed the horrific crime scene at the closed store and pharmacy. Colorado Springs CBS affiliate KKTV obtained a 19-page copy of the autopsy report.

Whitelaw stabbed 42 times. His neck, chest, face and hands were all slashed. According to local medical examiners, the most severe injuries were to his neck. He wasn’t just stabbed. According to reports, he sustained blunt-force trauma injuries.

Riley Whitelaw Autopsy Report

Riley Whitelaw

Riley Whitelaw, 17, killed at Walgreens. Joshua Johnson, 28, killed Riley Whitelaw after she rejected him. Avoiding work. KKTV reports the teen stabbed 42 times.

The victim’s neck was the most severe of these injuries. In addition to blunt force trauma, the autopsy report also included information about blunt force trauma.

Zunino claimed that Crystal Ismail (37), a manager, had reported that Whitelaw hadn’t returned from her hiatus. Zunino allegedly saw surveillance footage showing Joshua Johnson “stacking” bins to block cameras. Johnson denied. According to the affidavit, Zunino claimed that he knew of Johnson’s ongoing problems. “Mr. “Mr. S. Aulino. “Mr. “Mr.

Riley Whitelaw Cause of Death

According to the El Paso County Coroner’s Office’s Tuesday autopsy report, Riley Whitelow, the teenage victim who was shot and killed in June at a Colorado Springs Walgreens, suffered from “multiple blunt force injury.” The first official determination of cause of death and weapon used is made by Coroner’s Inquests.

42 reported single-edged knife injuries. Air Academy High School student Whitelaw, 17, worked at Walgreens in the city’s northwest.

Whitelaw’s killer, Joshua Taylor Johnson, arrested. I-25 near Trinidad. Johnson is in jail for first-degree murder without bail.

Whitelaw’s manager noticed that Johnson had not returned from his lunch break at 5:30 p.m. on June 11. He went to search for him. According to The Gazette’s previous reports and the arrest affidavit, the manager saw Johnson stacking trash containers to block the camera’s view.

Riley stabbed 42 times

Tuesday’s autopsy report revealed details about the pharmacy and store crime scene. 19-page document: victim was stabbed 42 times.

This is according to Colorado Springs CBS affiliate KKTVWhitlaw. His chest, neck, face, arms, hands, and neck were all slashed by assailants. According to local medical examiners, the most severe injuries were to his neck. He wasn’t just stabbed.

According to reports, he sustained blunt-force trauma injuries. Whittle died from blunt-force trauma. Multiple neck injuries may have caused Whittle’s death, according to the report. Whittle may have asphyxiated, it says. Either.”

Whittle’s student had a “soaked” shirt and shoes. According to the report, someone intentionally caused the death.

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