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Risks and Controversies of the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge


Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge: Congratulations: Against medical advice and all logic, you have just completed the Kylie Jenner Challenge — artificially plumping your lips to look more like the 17-year-old reality television star, daughter of Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner (formerly Kris Kardashian, mother to Kim and Kourtney Kardashian among other Kardashians).

Do the Kylie Jenner Challenge with a shot glass

Much like the Ice Bucket Challenge, taking this challenge is something many people do – and it’s being warned against.

Emily Orofino of Pop Sugar reported that “Very young girls — significantly younger than Kylie, who is only 17! — are participating,” and after placing their lips into a shot glass they “suck air out and create friction. Unfortunately, since glass isn’t flexible… this pressure could lead to breakage and serious injuries requiring stitches for repair.”

Many have voiced their disapproval of Kylie Jenner’s Challenge. Chief among them are doctors.

Dendy Engelman, a dermatologic surgeon, expressed her concern about the new trend of DIY lip plumping. Not only can these suction techniques cause significant pain, swelling and bruising but there’s also the risk of scarring or permanent disfigurement if done repeatedly.”

There are those who believe women, particularly young women, should not alter their bodies in painful and potentially hazardous ways to conform to Hollywood’s ideal of what a woman should look like.

“I am against body modification of any kind,” Orofino, who chose to “plump her pout” with CandyLipz, wrote. “I am especially against young women who aren’t fully developed physically or mentally making uninformed decisions that could permanently alter their looks. If you want to try this big-lip trend, I suggest overlining your mouth with lipliner like Kylie claims she does!”

Finally, some criticize women who try to emulate the features of white girls with large lips – something some black women have been accused of doing when being targeted by racists – as being kind of racist.

One Twitter user stated: “Don’t forget the features they tried to teach you to despise.”

Kylie Jenner did not respond to a request for comment when asked if her pillow lips are natural.

“I just tell people to stop talking about my lips,” Kylie told Britain’s Grazia Daily. “I haven’t had plastic surgery or gone under the knife – people always compare me to when I was 12 and say, ‘Kylie looks so different!’ But how can that be?” she continued, “From 12-18, how can it possibly be the same person?”

Therefore: Could the challenge be one that should not be undertaken?

“Kylie Jenner herself isn’t even participating in the Kylie Jenner Challenge,” wrote Inquisitr. “So what is everyone involved doing to themselves?”

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