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Rita Hayworth: Early Life, Age, Movies, Husband & Net Worth


Rita Hayworth the life and career of legendary actress her age, height, and husband.

In addition, you’ll also discover which movies she starred in. Read on to discover Rita Hayworth’s bio.

You’ll be able to identify which film she starred in the most.

We’ve listed the most important information about the legendary actress, so you can choose the perfect film for yourself.

Rita Hayworth Early Life

Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth (born Margarita Carmen Cansino; October 17, 1918 – May 14, 1987),Hayworth was born as Margarita Carmen Cansino in Brooklyn, New York,.

She is American actress, dancer and producer. She age is 68 Years Old.

, the oldest child of two dancers. Her father, Eduardo Cansino, was of Romani descent  from Castilleja de la Cuesta, a little town near Seville, Spain.

Her mother, Volga Hayworth, was an American of Irish and English descent who had performed with the Ziegfeld Follies.

The couple married in 1917. They also had two sons: Eduardo Jr. and Vernon., Her maternal uncle Vinton Hayworth was also an actor.

Rita Hayworth is considered one of the greatest screen idols of the 1940s.

She was an American actress, dancer, and producer who achieved fame during the 1940s as one of the top stars.

She starred in more than sixty films over 37 years, and was often referred to as the “Love Goddess” by the press.

Hayworth was an incredibly glamorous screen idol. Her age was never disclosed, but her aging process was certainly well documented.

Rita Height

Her height was 5 feet, 11 inches. However, her height did not come easily.

Hayworth was a famous American actress, dancer, and producer who became a top star during the 1940s.

She made 61 films in 37 years, earning the nickname “Love Goddess” from the press. She was the most glamorous screen idol of the 1940s.

The actress was born in 1918 and signed her first film contract at age 16.

Her film debut was in the 1936 classic Dante’s Inferno, followed by a role in Cruz Diablo, and a couple of small roles with Fox.

After playing five small roles for Fox, Judson promoted her to Columbia Pictures.

The director, Harry Cohn, changed her name to Hayworth and approved her electrolysis procedure to raise her hairline.

Rita Husband

After a brief hiatus from her career, Hayworth married the Ismaili prince Aly Khan.

Hayworth’s marriage to the prince resulted in the birth of their daughter, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan.

However, Hayworth was not comfortable with her fame. She frequently left the sets of her films and showed detachment from the acting industry.

Despite being married to a prince, Hayworth never felt completely comfortable in the spotlight.

The late actor and actress died on May 14, 1987. Hayworth, who suffered from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, passed away at age 68.

Despite suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Hayworth continued to act.

She appeared on The Carol Burnett Show in 1971. She lost her two brothers in 1974.

Her health began to decline and she began to drink heavily. In 1976, she was removed from a plane after an angry outburst.

She was traveling with her agent and was subjected to some negative publicity.

However, in 1982, she was awarded a National Screen Heritage Award. She was also portrayed by Lynda Carter in the 1983 biopic of the actress.

Rita Movies

The American actress, dancer, and producer Rita Hayworth gained worldwide fame during the 1940s as one of the greatest movie stars of the decade.

Over the course of 37 years, she appeared in 61 films and earned the nickname “Love Goddess”.

Hayworth was arguably the most dazzling screen idol of her generation, with many movies earning her the title of best actress in a single year.

The following are some of Hayworth’s best-known performances.

In the late 1960s, rumors resurfaced regarding Hayworth’s alcohol problems.

Her desire to enter Broadway was dashed by her inability to remember her lines. Sadly, Hayworth was diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease in 1980.

This was at a time when the disease was not as widely known, but Hayworth’s battle brought national awareness and federal funding for research. Rita Hayworth died in 2008, at the age of 93.

Rita Net Worth

Although she suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, Hayworth maintained a net worth of $10 million when she died in May 1987. Here, we have estimated her net worth and salary.

Rita Hayworth was a famous actress who gained fame during the 1930s and 1940s.

She made over 60 films in her lifetime and was dubbed the ‘love goddess’.

However, her greatest success was arguably her role in the 1944 film ‘Cover Girl.’

Rita Hayworth was born in California to Eduardo and Volga Cansino. Her parents shortened her name to “Rita” when she was a child.

By the time she was twelve, she was already a professional dancer.

Hayworth began dancing professionally at an early age and was even paired up with her father in the film “The Dancing Cansinos.”

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