Rosé on why BLACKPINK is so popular internationally: More people are accepting new music with an open mind

BLACKPINK member Rosé revealed in an interview as to why she thinks the South Korean girl group are so popular not just locally but on an international level as well.

Rosé on why BLACKPINK is so popular internationally: More people are accepting new music with an open mind

BLACKPINK (Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé and Jennie) is currently working hard for the final step in their three-part comeback; their first official studio album release with BLACKPINK – The Album coming out in a few days time. Before this, we got to witness their How Your Like That and Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez) avatars which BLINKS just couldn’t get enough of. Now, all eyes are on the highly-awaited album!

While appearing on the cover of W Korea’s October issue, BLACKPINK member Rosé shared her excitement for their upcoming album release. The 23-year-old singer revealed that the members have worked hard on the album for a long time and are preparing ferociously for their comeback so that they can make a good impression with it. While talking about BLACKPINK’s immense popularity on an international level, Rosé explains, “I think it’s because in this generation, more people are accepting new music with an open mind, and that’s why we’re able to receive so much love. I’m so thankful for this,” via Soompi.

Rosé also confessed to W Korea about how BLACKPINK’s Coachella 2019 stage was when she felt that she had grown another step further in her career. While the singer was nervous at before the performance because it was a stage that she had dreamed of standing on, all thoughts of doing well or working hard disappeared when she stepped on stage and saw the crowd that had come to see BLACKPINK.

“I just enjoyed it with everyone and expressed [my feelings] in each moment. The energy I received from the crowd was greater than the energy I was giving them, so all I did was follow them. That was what it meant to become one with the audience,” Rosé added.

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BLACKPINK – The Album drops on October 2.

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