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We Examined A Vibrating Rose Toy I Like It


The “rose toy” sex toy has become a viral sensation on TikTok. It is praised for its ability to inducing powerful clitoral orgasms and its almost supernatural power to do so. For our guide to the top vibrators, we tested a rose-colored toy and found that it lives up to its name. It is however, not the easiest to use suction vibrator that we have tested.

rose toy

When the first suction vibrator was introduced by Womanizer in 2014, it was revolutionary. The innovative technology that Womanizer invented in 2014 was considered revolutionary.

Since then, dozens of imitations have been created. These toys, unlike traditional vibrators, use concentrated, pulsing, air suction on their clitoris to produce a sensation that many people compare to oral stimulation.

Over the past 8 years, we’ve tried 10 different suction vibrators and have rated the gentle, easily-positioned Dame Aer the best for most people.

The rose toy that we tested impressed our testers. It’s also a cheaper option than the Aer at $45 vs $95.

There are many rose toys to choose from: A quick Google search reveals a half dozen similar-looking suction vibrators of different brands. Prices range from $30 to $65. Adorime claims that its Rose Lover Sucking vibrator is the original rose-toy.

We chose to test Inya The Rose by NS Novelties because it was stocked by a reputable sextoy retailer. It also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is quite generous compared to warranties on other mechanized sex toys.

Inya The Rose, which features three levels and seven vibration patterns, was found to be a great suction stimulator. One tester reported that the vibration patterns of Inya The Rose actually enhance the experience, rather than being an annoying nuisance.

It’s a pleasingly designed toy that charges quickly and performs well. The Inya is quieter than the Aer.

The Aer is still our preferred choice over the Inya because of several reasons. The Aer’s mouth is wider than the Inya’s, creating a diffuser and more customizable level of sensation. It also has five levels of intensity, compared to the Inya’s three.

For those who find the Inya’s suction too intense even at its lowest level, this may be a better option. The Aer’s button console makes it easier to switch between stimulation levels. Instead of having to go through 10 settings like the Inya, you can toggle back and forth.

Because it is slimmer and curves, the Aer is more suitable for intercourse or when used in conjunction with penetrative toys. The Aer has a 3-year warranty while the Inya only has a one-year guarantee.

Inya The Rose is a great addition to your sex toys if you don’t mind intense stimulation or spending around $100 on a vibrator.


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