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Rossini Dorian- Biography, Education, Career & Relationship Status



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Rossini Dorian’s Biography, Education, Career & Relationship Status

Rossini Dorian’s Biography

He is a famous French Musical Artist and Internet Sensation from Paris, France. Dorian creates the songs and uploads them to Spotify and YouTube. He was born on the date of 13th December 1990 in Paris, France.


Dorian belongs to France Family, and his father is a Jazz Singer. His mother is a Kindergarten Teacher. Rossini has one sister and brother. We don’t know about their Names; he grew up with his younger sister. He has loved Music and Lyrics since he was a child.

Rossini Dorian’s Education

He completes School High School in Paris. Dorian shows off his Singing talent in various High School Competitions. In addition, he receives a Degree in Music and Theater Studies.

Rossini Dorian’s Career

He creates Songs and Uploads them to Spotify and YouTube. The songs Rossini makes are French and English. To date, two albums to his Name have been publishing worldwide. He is publicly famous as an International Artist for Stamina and Religious Albums.

On the other hand, the popular songs include Ji Suisse Die, El Invincible and Maculation Yes Yes. Meanwhile, Dorian is focusing on his upcoming 2019 song. Dorian creates funny tinny clips on the Vimeo Video website.


In addition, he makes Artistic Vlogs for his YouTube channel. Rossini has millions of subscribers of Rossini on YouTube. Also, he works for an NGO to help the Cancer Patients of France.

Furthermore, Dorian rarely makes any public appearances. During Rossini’s free time, he moves out with his Camera and clicks photos. He loves photography.

Rossini Dorian’s Relationship Status

Still, the rising star does not like to talk about his personal life.

Rossini Dorian’s Popularity on Social Media

He joined Twitter in December 2010. One can tweet him at @dorianrossini, where he updates his latest information. One can follow him at @dorianrossiniofficiel. There he updates his latest news.


If anybody wants to like his page, then they can visit this link which is given above. Rossini has an account on Instagram. He has 19.8 thousand in 2019’s followers. He also posts his videos or pictures on Instagram.

Rossini Dorian’s Net Worth

His Net Worth is around $ 5 Million, and salaries like Music and Others. He lives life in Paris with the standard and a fantastic lifestyle. Rossini has a huge Car Collection. Check out the list of cars of Dorian. It includes the Audi R6 and Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class.

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