Ryuk Death Note: Symbolic Role in the Series, Explained

October 3, 2022
Ryuk Death Note

Ryuk Death Note: is a Shinigami who gives Light Yagami a Death Note in a roundabout way when he gets tired of the Shinigami Realm.

He steals a second Death Note and throws it into the Human World so that someone will find it. Light finds this Death Note. He uses it to try to rid the world of evil and unfairness, which gives Ryuk the entertainment he needs.

Appearance Ryuk looks pretty much like a person

Ryuk Death Note

He is very thin and has light grey skin that looks almost blue. His hair is spiky and black, and his lips and teeth are thin and blue-gray. He has unusually long limbs and rings on his fingers. He has big, round, yellow eyes with bright red irises. On his back, he has wings that look like feathers and can fold up.

Ryuk is different from most Shinigami because he doesn’t just want to kill time in the Shinigami Realm.Ryuk finds Light “interesting” because of his experiments and ways to circumvent the Death Note’s regulations. Light sometimes finds hidden powers in Ryuk’s journal. Despite being intrigued in Light, he does nothing to help him.

He sometimes withholds critical information from Light and only aids him when he can benefit. Since he dropped the journal out of boredom, he does most things to see something intriguing. He enjoys watching Light use the Death Note and people’s reactions. Light can quickly grasp Ryuk’s desires, making him easy to manage.

Ryuk is as addicted to apples as people are to cigarettes and alcohol. He shows Misa that Shinigami apples taste like sand. He prefers human-world apples.

If he doesn’t eat them for too long, he does handstands and pretzels. Misa finds out he’s bashful among girls when she recognises him and hugs him.

In the omake eight-panel comic strip, Ryuk begged for a Silver Game Boy Advance SP for Christmas.

Ryuk asks Light if he wants to play Mario Golf, but he can’t hear him because Light’s bedroom has microphones and cameras.

Plot Ryuk writes the instructions

on the inside of the Death Note’s front cover on purpose in English, which he thought was the most common language in the Human World, so that people will understand what it’s for. Light finds the Death Note, and Ryuk follows him around for a long time to watch how Light uses it.

Ryuk tells Light when they first meet that he will kill Light when it’s time. In the manga, Ryuk does this in the last fight between the Japanese Task Force and the SPK, after Matsuda has shot Light several times. Light begs Ryuk to write in the Death Note the names of the people on the investigation team and in the SPK. Ryuk seems to write them down, but he shows that he just wrote the name of Light instead. He thought Light might have come up with a way out of his problem, but since he is so desperate that he comes to Ryuk for help, Ryuk decides that it is all over for him. After getting rid of Light, Ryuk goes back to the Shinigami Realm.

In the anime, Light gets out of the Yellowbox Warehouse while everyone else is watching Mikami kill herself. Ryuk, who is watching Light from above, decides that it is not worth his time to keep following him around while he is in prison waiting to die. He writes Light’s name in his Death Note and gives him the last words, “It’s been interesting.” When Light dies, a ghost of L stands over him, just as Light stood over L when he died.

In other places

The anime series Relight is boiled down into the movies. The movies are based on the idea that Ryuk tells the story to another Shinigami.

Sometime after Light dies and Ryuk goes back to the Shinigami Realm, the time he spent in the Human World with Light makes him well-known among other Shinigami. Eventually, Ryuk’s story gets the attention of a Shinigami who doesn’t have a name. This Shinigami goes to Ryuk to hear his story.

Series of real-life movies

Ryuk looks and acts a lot like he does in the books. The ending of the second film is similar to the ending of the manga, except that Ryuk pretends to be more helpful by laughing with Light about how the Task Force can’t shoot through his intangible form.

Ryuk tells Light that people who have used the Death Note can’t go to Heaven or Hell, and he shows Light that his name is written in the Death Note. Light yells at Ryuk and jumps through him to try to stop him from dying, but it doesn’t work.

He then dies in his father’s arms. Ryuk asks L if he plans to use the Death Note after Light dies. When L says he won’t, Ryuk calls L boring and flies away. After a few months, the last time anyone saw him, he was laughing and flying around Tokyo Tower.

In the spin-off midquel L: Change the WorLd, Ryuk tries to get L to use the Death Note by telling him that Light used it to become a god. Ryuk doesn’t know what to say when L asks if Light died like a god. L then burns both notebooks and sends Ryuk back to the Shinigami Realm.

Rem looks down at the humans, and he and his friend laugh at them. Ryuk then throws his Death Note into the human world, where Light Yagami finds it.

Ryuk (Kang Hong Seok) and Light (Seongnam, 2015)

After Ryuk starts using the Death Note, he goes to see Light to celebrate the birth of Kira, which he finds interesting. Ryuk stays with Light and does things like watch Misa perform live and see Rem again when Misa and Light meet.

Ryuk warns Rem not to break the Shinigami law against helping humans when she gets attached to Misa. Misa isn’t meant to know that L’s name doesn’t match the one he provided her, so Ryuk doesn’t tell her.

Kang Hong Seok as Ryuk (Seoul, 2017)

After Light thinks he has won by beating L, Ryuk picks up the Death Note, bites his finger to draw blood, and starts to write. Light asks him whose name he’s writing. When Ryuk says it’s Light’s name, Light freaks out and tries desperately to get Ryuk to stop.Ryuk turns Light’s dead body over, takes an apple out of Light’s jacket, and eats it.

In the musical, these are the songs that Ryuk sings

They’re Only Human is a song about people that Ryuk and Rem sing. He Was sings Kira by himself when he first meets Light. Ryuk and Rem sing the song “A Cruel Dream Reprise” as Rem feels more and more for Misa.

Ryuk as he is shown in the movies

This is how Ryuk looked in the Japanese live-action version.
The films’ director, Shsuke Kaneko, said that he used computer graphics to make Ryuk because it would make it “believable” that Ryuk only shows up to people who have touched the Death Note and because.

the audience would “know instinctively” that Ryuk is a shinigami with “no real presence.” Kaneko also said that if a human actor had played Ryuk, he would have looked “too real,” the actor might have changed Ryuk’s “presence,” and the audience might have “doubted, if only for a second, that he was a death god.” Kaneko told the graphics team to make the characters look like they were “inside a rubber suit.

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