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Samsung Virtual Assistant Gender: Newest Software on the Black


Samsung Virtual Assistant Gender: am is the newest software on the block, and it appears that it will make you forget about Bixby.

A production house that focuses on visual art is the creators of the new virtual assistant that they have designed for Samsung, and the name of the virtual assistant will be Sam, which is the successor to the long-running virtual assistant that Samsung has named Bixby for quite some time.

Virtual Assistant for Samsung Galaxy Sam

Samsung Virtual Assistant Gender

Lightfarm is the name of the company that has created the new virtual assistant for Samsung, and they have managed to publish many images of the virtual assistant.

After seeing the virtual assistant, you will definitely get the vibes of the battle angle Alita, but there has been no confirmation from the company about what inspired them to make the virtual character look like a game character, and it appears that there is nothing wrong with it.

Details on the Samsung Galaxy Sam Virtual Assistant

Full NameSamantha
SexualityStraight (Female)
RuleVoice and Text
Age24 Years
Release Date24 years old

Apart from that, the light farm has also provided some short test clips if anyone wants to see the virtual assistant in action.

You might be wondering why Samsung approached a company to design a virtual assistant for them, so let us tell you that light farm is an award-winning company,

with multiple awards for their contributions in the world of visual arts production, as they have been recognized by Cannes and are also the winner of LIA.

The company hasn’t said anything official about the new virtual assistant that they plan to include in their products, and they haven’t even hinted that it will replace Bixby,

so this could be a turnoff for some users, as the idea appears to be fairly approachable, and it appears that users will have to wait for an announcement from the company itself, which could take some time.

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