On January 6, Sarah Matthews observed the efforts of Trump’s

October 27, 2022
Sarah Matthews

Sarah Matthews

Sarah Matthews worked in the West Wing, where President Donald J. Trump had virtually frozen in place during a riot that engulfed Capitol Hill. This would be her last day as a deputy White House Press Secretary.

Ms. Matthews will be one of the witnesses at the prime-time hearing that Thursday. She will describe what happened on January 6, 2021.

Ms. Matthews resigned that day. Before she left, Kayleigh McEnany (White House press secretary) tried to get Mr. Trump to issue a statement disarming his supporters. Hundreds of them had gathered at the Capitol during the official certification of Joseph R. Biden Jr. Electoral College victory.

Sarah matthews stated that she was proud to have served in the Trump administration. “As someone who has worked in Congress, I was deeply troubled by the things I saw today. Effective immediately, I will be retiring from my position. We need a peaceful transfer to power for our nation.”

The committee interviewed her previously and she said that a tweet sent by Trump during the riot, in the which he attacked Vice President Mike Pence while Mr. Pence was being taken away to safety, was like “pouring gasoline onto the fire.”

She will likely recount conversations with other White House aides regarding what happened as Trump sat motionless, watching the violence on TV.

Ms. Matthews supported Cassidy Hutchinson as the committee’s star witness. She was a young legislative assistant who worked for Mark Meadows, White House chief of staff. Ms. Hutchinson gave jaw-dropping details about the behavior of Mr. Trump on the day of the riot, and how Mr. Meadows seemed disengaged during the events.

Ms. Matthews stated in a tweet that despite Mr. Trump’s attempts to degrade Ms. Hutchinson she didn’t understand the Trump WH’s workings or was trying to discredit her because of the damning testimony.


Sarah Matthews’s age?

27 years old February 20, 1995

Sarah Matthews’s husband?

As of 2022, Sarah Matthews is still single and has never been married.

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