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Sasuke and Itachi: 5 Biggest Similarities and 5 Differences



Sasuke and Itachi, being brothers, have a lot in common and characteristics that set them apart. Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha were siblings and two formidable Sharingan users in the Naruto universe. Their fates were intertwined from the start when Itachi massacred their clan and sent Sasuke on a long and challenging quest for vengeance.

Despite their apparent differences, the two brothers share a slew of connections that bind them together, befitting their shared ancestors. We can better understand the intricacies of both individuals and whether or not they have used their tremendous powers for the appropriate goals by figuring out what they are.

Sasuke and Itachi have Uchiha ancestors

Saskue And Itachi



Sasuke and Itachi share the same Uchiha Clan ancestors as siblings. They were the sons of Fugaku, who was appointed by the Hokage as one of Konoha’s top police officials.

The brothers’ jointly shared heritage would impact their outlook on the rest of the town, and it would play a significant role in their upbringing. Furthermore, it provided them with unique powers that no one else could ever duplicate (aside from the likes of Danzo Shimura, thanks to the experiments of Orochimaru).

DIFFERENT: Itachi Has Always Been Far More Experienced Than Sasuke

Even as a young man, Itachi exuded a sense of maturity and grace. Despite the organization’s demands for concealment, he was one of the Anbu’s youngest members.


On the other hand, Sasuke was a spoiled brat who got into minor fights with Naruto to feed his ego. He was even eager to attack him with a Chidori on the hospital rooftop because he hadn’t forgiven his friend for saving the Leaf during the Sand Village invasion.

Both Uchiha brothers have fought Naruto.

Despite his previously noted lack of impulse control, Itachi has fought Naruto Uzumaki before under very different circumstances than Sasuke. Itachi and Nagato were dispatched shortly after Kabuto activated his Edo Tensei army to apprehend the eight and nine tails Jinchuriki.

Fortunately, the Sharingan user could employ genjutsu to free himself, leaving the remaining criminal severely outmanned and outmatched. Nonetheless, Itachi’s actions demonstrate that Naruto crossing kunai blades is a long-standing Uchiha tradition (a fact that would be confirmed again at the end of the Fourth War in Naruto’s clashes against Obito and Madara).

Itachi Infiltrated The Akatsuki With Success

Sasuke sought to join the Akatsuki after defeating Orochimaru. They told him to capture and return Killer Bee as an initiation test because they were a clandestine and suspicious organisation.


Despite the fact that Sasuke defeated the Jinchuriki, Killer Bee outsmarted him by hiding within a tentacle fragment. As a result, Sasuke was unable to follow in his brother’s footsteps and join Nagato’s group, putting him one step closer to exacting vengeance for his clan’s betrayal.

Both Brothers have mastered the Sharingan

Both brothers were Sharingan geniuses in their own right. Sasuke was exceptionally skilled with the Amaterasu and Susanoo, although Itachi was the series’ most skilled genjutsu user (discounting the activation of the Infinite Tsukuyomi).

Furthermore, both of them could keep track of unimaginably fast opponents just using their eyes. This provided them with a backup line of defense against more agile taijutsu practitioners who might not be as easily intimidated by their other methods.

Sasuke’s power grew, while Itachi’s remained stagnant.

Itachi’s early triumph over Sasuke highlighted a crucial distinction between the two characters: the Akatsuki member’s power remained constant throughout the series, whilst his brother’s grew with time.


This is why the avenging hero was able to achieve such dramatic triumph against his sibling during their second confrontation, finally getting the retribution he thought he deserved. By the end of the series, Sasuke had gained enough power to take on the progenitor of all chakra and Kurama’s increased rage (albeit with the other tailed beasts to enhance his strength).


Itachi loved his parents despite his deeds and was heartbroken when their bodies were put at his feet. Itachi didn’t tell Sasuke that he was hoping to prevent the village from becoming embroiled in strife in order for his younger brother’s Sharingan to mature and become powerful enough to preserve the Leaf.

Sasuke’s desire to revenge his clan demonstrates how much he cared for them before they died. Unfortunately, he would direct his rage at the last living relative he had.

Sasuke engages in far more international diplomacy than Itachi.

Itachi has an odd habit of almost never interfering with nations other than the Leaf. Even when among the Akatsuki, he made it clear that Konoha was his whole focus (as illustrated through his failed attempt to capture Naruto alongside Kisame). This was done to lessen the political ramifications for his village on a worldwide scale.


On the other hand, Sasuke was more than willing to assault the leaders of enemy nations to satisfy his irrational desire for vengeance. As evidenced by his battles with Killer Bee and the Fourth Raikage, his favorite target was the Cloud Village.

Both Sasuke and Itachi switched allegiances in a similar way.

The allegiances of Sasuke and his sibling have an odd contradiction. On the other hand, Itachi moved from being a hero to becoming a villain, with many of his motivations revealed only after his death.

Their paths would eventually cross near the end of the Fourth Shinobi War, when the Uchiha brothers teamed up to defeat Kabuto and put an end to the menace posed by his Edo Tensei thralls. Even though Sasuke later joined the fight against Madara, it would be some time before he had another change of heart.

Sasuke Survived The Shippuden Finale

Itachi recognised his reanimated form was unnatural and unworkable, despite his achievements against Kabuto. The scientist’s form was freed shortly after his defeat, sending him into a pleasant and well-deserved afterlife.


Given that Obito died in the battle with Kaguya, Sasuke was the only remaining Uchiha on the planet. Fortunately, he had abandoned his nefarious plans and was ready to begin the long process of becoming a renowned shinobi in Konoha. As the Seventh Hokage, it was ultimately up to Naruto to decide his destiny, albeit Kakashi was as forgiving.

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