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Sasuke Curse Mark: What Is The Curse Mark On Sasuke?



The Cursed Seal of Heaven is the name of Sasuke curse mark. During the Chunin Exams, Orochimaru penetrated the Forest of Death and cursed Sasuke.

What Is The Curse Mark On Sasuke?

Sasuke curse markSasuke gains increased power due to the mark, but at the expense of relinquishing his will to Orochimaru.

Sasuke eventually decided to keep exploiting the mark’s abilities to gain more strength. Kakashi, his sensei, employed the Evil Sealing Method to control the spread of the curse mark.

During this period, Kakashi took Sasuke under his wing and taught him the Chidori, a technique Kakashi felt would satisfy Sasuke’s desire for strength.


Sasuke’s second-level seal change included a significant increase in strength as well as a monstrous grey appearance. With the help of the Sound Four, he was able to reach this seal level.

The group went to Sasuke to explain the benefits of falling under Orochimaru’s command, including the possibility of enlarging his seal. Sasuke left the hamlet and did not return for a long time.

Orochimaru gave Sasuke the mark as a gift to increase his strength. He took advantage of Sasuke’s thirst for vengeance against his brother, and Orochimaru knew that to attain that aim, Sasuke would agree to serve as his vessel.

How Did Sasuke Get Rid of The Mark?- Explain

Itachi used the Sword of Totsuka to erase the curse mark on Sasuke. While imprisoning Orochimaru inside Sasuke’s Cursed Seal of Heaven, Itachi used the sword to remove it.


The sword is held by Itachi’s Susanoo, and it can also be used for normal striking attacks.

It would have been more difficult for Sasuke to gain the power he craved if he had never received the curse mark. Sasuke was unsatisfied after learning the Chidori from Kakashi.

Pushing the curse mark becomes a top concern for him. He wouldn’t have felt compelled to find Orochimaru because the mark required him to manipulate Sasuke.

In Naruto Shippuden episode #138


Titled “The End,” Sasuke has his curse mark removed.

Orochimaru bestowed the mark on Sasuke, dubbed the Cursed Seal of Heaven. In the new Boruto series, Sasuke does not have the curse mark.

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