Sasural Simar ka 2 Written Update: Episode Simar and Aarav got emotional before leave

January 5, 2022
sasural simar ka 2 written update

Sasural Simar ka 2 Written Update: Is now available. Lalit and his family had a talk at the start of the episode. They’re discussing Roma washing the floor in the house. On the other hand, Lalit warns her mother against pressuring Roma into doing so. Then Roma hopes for Lalit to have a permanent job. On the other hand, Raj can discuss their profit with Chitra. Chitra then provides him some guidance.

Sasural Simar ka 2 Written Update Episode

sasural simar ka 2 written update

And he agrees with her. Reema is on her way to meet Vivaan when she comes upon a car that has been in an accident, and she recognizes it is Vivaan’s car. At the same time, she becomes tense and hyper. She mentioned that she is having difficulty tracking down Vivaan. She used to Rome in the bush on occasion.

She’s crying and calling Vivaan’s name at the same time. In the meantime, she continues to pray for Vivaan’s safety. Vivaan is hiding inside a car, and the window has been tucked, making it impossible for him to open it.

primary and Arav are next seen in the car, listening to an FM station where an RJ is sharing a love story about a random couple. Simar and Arav discuss their friendship at this point. “From here on, we both will become great friends who can do anything for each other,” Simer says.

Then they make the effort to get to the Garba party, where Simar and Arav dress up as Gujratis. When Arav sees Simar dressed in Garba’s gown, he compliments her, and Simar reciprocates.


On the other hand, Mohit learns about Arav and Simar and tracks them down at a Garba ceremony. Then he directs her men to spread out across the hall and not allow them leave. When Mohit exits the hall and sees Vivaan, he hides.

Then he notices Arav’s automobile parked nearby, and Mohit is about to attack Arav. On the other hand, Vivaan decides that he would not allow him to attack Bhai. Then he notices a large stone and decides to use it to assault Mohit. And with that, the episode comes to a close.

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