Scary Numbers: The Top 15 Most Terrifying Phone Numbers You Should Never Call

November 8, 2022
scary numbers

Scary Numbers: Different horror stories are the basis for scary numbers you should call. These numbers can be linked to mysterious disappearances, unsolved murders, or other historical events. These stories, though urban legends at times, are still fascinating for daredevils.

Although it sounds cliché, there have been some horrific experiences with unknown calls. It is best to avoid picking odd numbers. It can be difficult to determine which numbers are odd.

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15 scary numbers to call when you feel daring scary numbers

It’s not hard to see that there is evil in the world, and it’s easy to be a victim of this. However, criminals have found other ways to prosper. Undiscerning people are still vulnerable.

You can protect yourself against being called by threatening numbers. This list contains scary phone numbers that you can call to find out more. It is best to avoid these numbers.

1. Scary Numbers- + (666) 6666-6666

This number should be on your list for scary numbers to call in 2022 if you’re brave. You should always be vigilant when you see the 666 number associated with the devil. There is also an unsolved mystery about the death of the victims.

It is claimed that it will happen if you wish to answer the phone call. However, you’ll die shortly afterwards. Rumours also suggest that the number of Boogie man or the beast could be +666 66666666666, or 999 9999.

2. Scary Numbers- 090- 4444-4444

According to the Japanese community, this number should not be called. Number 4 in Japan is pronounced (shi), which can also mean death.

This contact is believed to be associated with death within one week. The number is also Sadako’s Number, which Sadako was in The Ring as a ghost.

3. Scary Numbers- 1 (207) 404-2604

This is one of many creepy phone numbers that works. It is one of the most frightening numbers that you can call in 2022.

Just before Carrie, a horror film, released, the contact was made possible. People would be asked to call Carrie after watching the trailer. People who called the number reported hearing terrible screaming and a haunting melody, and that they were contacted by a different number three more times.

4. Scary Numbers- 0888 888 888

The number 0888888888888 is often associated with misfortunes. It is considered one of the most cursed numbers in the world by the Bulgarians. Radioactive poisoning caused radioactive cancer in the first owner, and the second and third owners were killed on the streets of Bulgaria.

Mobitel, the telephone company, had to remove the contact due to these incidents. Any attempt to call this number leads to a voicemail message that says there is no network.

5. Scary Numbers- 1- 000-000-0000

The 1-000-000-0000 number is another haunted number. It is believed to be linked to unusual deaths by the Asian community. According to some reports, a male voice on the other end would demand that the recipient tell 15 or more people about this number. Failure to do so would lead to immediate death.

6. Scary Numbers- 1-216-333-180

One of the most frightening phone numbers is 1-216-333180. The recipients reported hearing a voice saying, “Mommy, oh my God, I’m going to die.” You need to get me to the club.

The call was actually a promotion tool for Nine Inch Nails’ Year Zero album. Despite the album’s success it’s not hard to see why this call was so scary.

7. Scary Numbers- 913-535-6280

The Kansas number 913-535-6280 is another creepy number to dial. It connects callers with the fictional Derry Police Department.

This number originally used to report missing children information back in the 90s. The number is most commonly used on Halloween when the sound of a policeman getting killed is heard.

8. Scary Numbers- 630-296-7536

Another scary number to dial is 630-296-75336. After the call is completed, a woman speaks on the other end. She informs callers that their data is being tracked.

Soon after, you would receive an appointment with the plan to transform your life. You might get goosebumps thinking about what could happen based on this plan.

9. Scary Numbers- Red Numbers

What is a red number exactly? Red is the colour of some of the most frightening phone numbers in the world. These contacts have been warned of by the Nigerians as well as the Pakistani community.

When recipients answered the calls, they heard a high-frequency sound that could cause brain haemorrhage or deafness.

10. Scary Numbers- 801-820-0263

This number is just like Annabelle’s number. It has no data about its creepiness. However, people who call it out of curiosity say that the receiver can reveal your full name and what you are doing. It is a scary number to dial if you need an adrenaline rush.

11. Scary Numbers- 407 734-0254

What is the ghost number? This number is a great place to start your search. This number is a favorite of many people and you will receive Wrinkles, an infamous clown who lives in Naples, Fla.

Legend has it that they can scare your friends and even inflict a child with their tricks for as little as $100. You might like to test the story and try the number. It’s hard to believe it isn’t a ghost number. To find out, you will need to call.

12. Scary Number- 646-868-1844

You will hear strange bell-like tones that end with an answering machine tone when you call this number. It is strange to receive such a response when calling a new number. This gives most people jitters.

The story goes that you will get a text message with a confusing combination of words in seconds after you hang up. To understand the message, you will need to test it.

13. Scary Number- 4086342806

This number should not be called at all. According to some reports, it may be a red-room number that is used to track the location of an individual who calls it. The number is used to reveal the location of anyone who calls it. You can add it to your list if you’re brave and take risks.

14. Scary Number- 1-858-651-5050

One of the most terrifying numbers you can call in 2022 is 1-858 651 5050. You have to decide if you want the number to be called. It all depends on your tour risk appetite. It is considered haunted by some, but it isn’t traditional. The number is used to test the sound quality of the phone.

15. Scary Number- 618-625-8313

Modern times are fascinating. What happens when you call this number, which is known to Stranger Things fans? Bauman is calling from this number, which belongs to Brett Gelman who is a conspiracy theorist. It is Bauman’s answering machine recording that you get when you call it.

Teens are often fascinated by horror stories and have a high level of curiosity. Their fascination with frightening numbers to call grows. It is important to remember that no matter if the contacts are real or not, it is better than nothing to protect yourself against any future dangers.


Q. What is a ghost phone number?

A. Carriers use a ghost number as a temporary placeholder when you are porting in a number from another carrier. It is a real number, just temporary.

Q. What is a cursed number?

A. The curse of 39, also referred to as triakontenneaphobia, is the fear of the number 39.

Q. What is red number?

A. The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus has numbers inscribed in red ink that are referred to as red auxiliary numbers in the study of ancient Egyptian mathematics. These numbers appear to have been utilised as help for fractional arithmetic calculations.

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