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Scene Kids Cry As Streaming Site Stickam Shuts Down


Scene Kids Cry Streaming Site Stickam Shuts Down 

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Scene Kids Cry As Streaming Site Stickam Shuts Down

Since 2005, Stickam has a place of safety for the misfit, the youth emo bands that anyone else in need of a live-streams video blog channel to sharing the lives. But midnight tonight, it will shut down forever. Though it did not give a reason, it said, “We are unfortunate to announce Stickam will closing down”, indicate the truth it may have simply running out of steam. As competitors, YouTube takes the primary performer on stage.

Stickam got the name from allowing users to “stick” and attach the video streams on other websites grew to 10 million registered users, 6 million monthly uniques, 3 million streams viewed daily. It once names “Top Video Destination for Teens” by Nielsen in 2008.

Stickam release web celebrities like GayGod, hosted musicians like Andrew W.K. Courted its fair share of controversy. A slightly indecent teen girl going Kiki Kannibal, became a hit on Stickam. Only to retreat after having a stalk through the fans.

In the years since its popularity, competitors with a more general focus appear more prominent Stickam. Ustream, Livestream, Google Hangouts, and YouTube Live Services lets people stream live video to big audiences. One of Stickam’s stars is Gaylord, who run their videos on YouTube to earn a revenue share.

A fractured audience and ageing core user base will have to cause the demise of Stickam. However, the site is technically closing tonight. It will remain to reach until February 28th. So people will download their recordings.

Stickam’s team ends, “After seven wonderful years, we are unfortunate to have to say goodbye. We did everything we will keep this dream alive. But unfortunately, one should read this message when Stickam launched in 2005. We were the first website loyal to stream, user-generated video and chat. There is no blueprint, no roadmap to follow. We did not know where one will take us. Thank you all. We will miss the community.”

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