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Sega Toys Introduces iDog, iCat, and Robot Dogs


Robot Dogs During the recent expo at the 2010 EXPO, Sega Toys announced its new line of Wappy Dog, iCat and iFish toys. These toys are designed to look and feel like the real thing, while also allowing parents to interact with their children using voice recognition technology. This technology allows children to engage with the toy by talking to it and giving it instructions on how to play.

Robot Dogs : Poo-Chi line discontinued by Hasbro in 2002

Robot Dogs

During the heyday of 2000s toys, the Sega Toys Poo-Chi line had a hefty competitor in the form of Sony’s AIBO line of robotic dogs. With an estimated retail price of around $2400, Sony’s AIBO was the granddaddy of them all.

However, the toy didn’t have the longevity of its rivals, leading to its demise in early 2002. A year later, Hasbro released its own take on the pooch, albeit in a smaller form factor.

Several variants of the Poo-Chi line were produced, ranging from the original to its tamer cousins. In the ’80s and ’90s, it was not uncommon to see kids sporting the aforementioned poo-Chi around the house. Despite its flaws, the toy was a hit.

Sega Toys announces Wappy Dog

Designed by SEGA Toys, Wappy Dog is an animated, robotic dog that responds to environmental cues and physical commands. It has 350 “evolving responses” that can be triggered through the Nintendo DS video game.

It is said that Wappy Dog will be capable of answering to 18 commands, and is sensitive to noise and video game sounds. It will also be able to sing, dance and bark. It also has five distinct age phases and five different mood states.

The Wappy Dog DS game is expected to be released later this year in the US. It will feature several mini games. The game will also be able to sync up with a plastic dog accessory, allowing the two of them to interact together and have fun.

Robot Dogs : Sega Toys music

iDog is a toy robot dog that can react to an external music source. It lights up and dances to the music. There are seven LED lights on its face that change colors when a user interacts with the toy.

The iDog can be programmed with up to 70 songs. It can play songs from a CD, MP3 file or a wireless PC. It also has video recording capabilities. It can also connect to a PC via its Microsoft Outlook calendar integration. The iDog has a built-in microphone that detects music. It can also play songs through its own speaker.

iDog comes in three different sizes. There is the original iDog, a larger iDog Dance and a small iDog Clip. It is intended for people aged eight and up.

Robot Dogs : Sega Toys Christmas Special Edition Poo-Chi

Among the many toys and games of the early 2000s, Poo-Chi stood out for its ability to speak. It was a toy robot dog with a voice, LED display, and pre-recorded sounds. It was sold in most markets worldwide and was one of the most popular toy animals of the decade.

It was the best-selling toy of all time, with over 10 million sold in the first eight months of its production. It also came with an impressive list of features, including plastic leg joints, a red LED eye, and plastic ears.

It also had the ability to talk, sing, and respond to touch. It could also be controlled with a remote.

Sega Toys iCat

iDog is a robot dog that lights up, dances to music, and is capable of interacting with humans. It was made by Sega Toys and was released in Japan in 2005. Since then, it has been discontinued. There are still some iDog Electronic Toys available on online merchants.

It comes with two touch sensors. It also has LED lights that flash in time with music. Various emotions are displayed by the LED lights. It comes with a 3.5 mm audio cable.

iDog comes in a variety of colors. Some versions of iDog can play music through its own speakers. Others can be plugged into a music player. It can also move its head in time with music. It has 70 built-in melodies. It also has a learning mode.

Sega Toys iFish

iDog was a toy that wiggled its ears and moved its head in time with music. It was a simple toy, but it was one that set kids all over the world giddy. It was also a toy that was ahead of its time.

It was designed to be attached to any music player. It had 70 built-in melodies, and it also exhibited learning abilities.

The original iDog was released in Japan in 2005. It was designed to make jam sessions brighter. It had LED lights that changed color, and it had sensors in its nose, tail, and head.

It also had built-in speakers, which turned off when the user flicked its tail.

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