Selena Vargas: The Mysterious Case Of Selena Disappearance

October 26, 2022
selena vargas

Selena Green Vargas (aka Selena Vargas) is an American actress in adult films. She isn’t well-known for her work in adult films. In 2015, she broke the news headlineback.

Sources say that she was a model before becoming an adult movie actress. She is American national.

She hasn’t done many adult videos, but she’s still a prominent 18+ actress. Her account on the top-rated p*** site has more than 14,000,000 video views.

She did not achieve the overnight fame that many dream of. However, most people will not deny that she became overnight famous. But she was not the reason she became so famous overnight.

Today in this article we are going to discuss about who is Selena Vargas, what happened to her, What is Selena Vargas occupation, Selena Vargas changes her name. To get all new updates follow

Who is Selena Vargasselena vargas

Selena Vargas, an actress in adult films and model, was born July 19, 1990 in Bellflower, California. In 2022, she will turn 32 years old. She is an obscure character who suddenly became a trending topic online. She is well-known for her past experience as a model before she became an actress in adult films. Although she hasn’t worked on many adult videos during her career, she is still a well-known figure in this niche. Selena’s account on one of the adult streaming platforms has over 14 million views.

  • Name: Selena Green Vargas
  • Date of birth: July 19 1990
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Hair colour: Blonde
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Shoe size: Eight
  • Profession: Adult actress and model

What happened to Selena Vargas?

In 2015, a well-known imageboard site called 4chan started the controversy. The internet platform allows users to post any content while remaining anonymous.

Unknown user uploaded a photo of the US Navy Seal and a girl. Selena was the girl in the picture. According to the user, the man in the photo claimed that the girl beside him (Selena), was his girlfriend.

The photo did not well received by the internet. One commentator said that the girl in this photo is a pornstar. The reason they claimed it was because they had seen Selena’s amazing performance in many of her videos. Selena entertained the industry before the photo was even posted.

It was bad luck that she was wearing the exact same dress she wore in the video. Selena is wearing a black shirt with a pair denim jeans. The virality of the photo sparked a new debate. The poster clearly asked questions about the photo and what they looked like together. He didn’t know that the internet would have their own opinions on it. Many people seemed to be more concerned about the private life of the man who posted this photo. The photo also suggests that Selena kept her boyfriend in the dark about Selena’s profession.

One of her fans linked to an adult video of the actress wearing the same dress as in her boyfriend’s photo.

This made the whole situation very embarrassing. The identity of this man, thanks to the anonymity of the website is still kept secret. It is not known how the man made the comments or what happened to Selena following this controversy.

What happened to the Actress after That?selena vargas

Selena Vargas vanished from social media just a few days after the scandal. Nobody knows where the actress went.

Even though the actress has disappeared from social media, her videos are still available. Users were able to find her Instagram account by doing some internet research. Her social media handle is Unfortunately, you cannot see what the actress posts as her account is private with only 424 followers.

What is Selena Vargas occupation?

Her story was all over the internet, and she was already working in the adult film industry. She probably continued her career as an adult streaming platform profile. In June 2020, the last activity on her profile was recorded. Selena seems to have mysteriously disappeared, but there are still many fans who are waiting for her return, as can be seen from the comments on this platform.

Selena Vargas changes her name?

A private Twitter account is available with the handle It has a bio that states, “Before You Judge Me, Make Sure You’re Perfect.” She may have claimed the account, but it is not public. The bio of the Instagram handle also links to a private TikTok account that has the same name and is named after her. Does this mean that the adult movie actress has taken on a new title? Are her social media profiles?

Selena is private, and she doesn’t care if the truth or not. She wants everything to be as it is. Perhaps the popularity was too much for her to handle and she preferred staying low.

Some facts about Selena 

  • Selena turns 32 in July
  • The actress is 5′ 6″ tall and 120 pounds.
  • It is unclear if Selena manages these accounts, or if she has an assistant.
  • The mystery surrounding the photo that posted to 4chan is still unsolved.
  • It is not clear if the actress will continue her career in adult entertainment or quit.
  • To date, the identity of the owner of this photo is unknown. Some believe that the person in the photo may not be Selena’s boyfriend.
  • Redditors couldn’t help but talk about this controversy. Reddit users claimed they did not know the truth about Selena’s story. Nobody knows the whole story. These Redditors may not be telling the truth, but people don’t know.
  • According to some reports, Selena’s boyfriend knew from the beginning about her profession. This controversy was started by him to earn 4chanpoints.
  • Her TikTok account is private like her Instagram account. Both are linked.
  • Selena Vargas is one the most popular stars in the adult entertainment industry.
  • There are also reports that Selena Vargas may be hiding under another name in order to avoid more controversy.

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