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Sewing Scholarship: Top Unusual Scholarship List 2022



Sewing Scholarship: There is a scholarship available for almost everything. There are many scholarships for students, ranging from grades to majors to schools and states. Follow centralfallout to get updated.

Each of these categories is quite common. But what about the more unusual scholarship options? 

These are 14 of the most unusual scholarships available.

Sewing Scholarship

1. Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship

  • Variable Amount
  • Deadline: June 8, 2020

The number of colors available in duct tape has increased significantly over the last few years. We now have leopard print and hot pink and tie-dye, where once there was only muted silver or black. The Duck Brand Stuck At Prom Scholarship Contest allows students to take advantage of the latest in duct tape color. Couples can create their prom outfit entirely using duct tape. They must follow some rules and win $10,000 in scholarship money. The runners up will receive $5,000 or $3,000. The contest also gives $5,000 to the school where first place was won.

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2. WGA Evans Caddie Scholarship

  • Total tuition
  • Deadline: October 30,

This scholarship would have been a huge help to Danny Noonan (the main character in Caddyshack). WGA clubs have full tuition and housing scholarships that can be renewed up to four times. Caddies must have a solid caddie record, outstanding academics, financial need, as well as exceptional character and leadership skills.

Visit now-WGA Evans Caddie Scholarship

3. Flavor of the month Scholarship

  • Amount: $1,500
  • Deadline: July 31, 2020

Ben and Jerry are known for creating unique flavors of ice cream, as well as unique names. This scholarship is open to applicants aged 13 and over. They will describe their personalities and describe their ice cream flavors. Students must describe their flavor in 250 words or less. The more unique the flavor, the better!

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4. Tall Clubs Scholarship

  • Maximum amount: $1,000
  • Deadline: March 1, 2020

There are many advantages to being tall. Although you can reach the top shelf in the grocery store and the kitchen, wearing heels may not be an option. Doorways might cause you to duck. Tall people have an advantage when it comes to scholarship applications. Tall Club offers a $1,000 scholarship for women who are over 5’10” and men who are over 6’2″. A Tall Club member must sponsor students under 21 who are entering their first year at college.

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5. Fifth Month Scholarship

  • Amount: $1,500
  • Deadline: May 31, 2020

Five is a useful number. This number makes counting to 100 easier, can be used to learn addition and subtractio, and could even lead to you being awarded a scholarship. A letter can be written by students 13 years old to the number 5 explaining the importance of the number in 250 words. The student will receive $1,500 toward their college education. The only requirement for entries is that they are original and not serious.

Visit Now- Fifth Month Scholarship


6. The Make It With Wool Scholarship

  • Variable Amount
  • Deadline: TBD for 2020

This scholarship opportunity is for aspiring designers. The Make it With Wool Scholarship is open to all ages and has varying award amounts. The scholarship allows applicants to create their own unique garment using wool yarn or wool fiber fabric. The scholarship encourages creativity in sewing, knitting and crocheting as well as promoting the beauty and versatility of wool yarns and fabrics.

Visit Now-The Make It With Wool Scholarship

7. Zombie Apocalypse Survival Scholarship

  • Amount: $2,000
  • Deadline: October 31, 2020

It is not enough to discuss the best way to survive the zombie apocalypse over lunch. For a chance to win a scholarship, applicants must be at least 13 years old. You can win $2,000 towards your college education by simply responding to this year’s prompt with 250 words or less.

Visit Now- Zombie Apocalypse Survival Scholarship

8. Create-a-Greeting Card Scholarship

  • Amount: $10,000
  • Deadline: March 2, 2020

Use your creativity with the Create-a Greeting Card Scholarship. The scholarship requires applicants to submit a photo, a computer graphic, or any other artwork for use on the greeting card’s front. Students in their freshman year of highschool through their fifth year of graduate school are eligible to enter the contest. The $10,000 scholarship is awarded to the winner student.

Visit Now-Create-a-Greeting Card Scholarship

9. The Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship

  • Amount: $10,000; $5,000
  • Deadline: February 20, 2020

Three lucky vegetarians could win a substantial scholarship for their commitment to eating no meat. All applicants must be high school seniors who have actively advocated for vegetarianism at their schools. Each year, two $5,000 scholarships and one $10,000 scholarship are awarded.

Visit Now-The Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship


10.Global Talent Scholarship

  • Award amount: $500

To enter the Global Talent Scholarship Contest, hosted by, you must write a 1,000-1,200-word essay on the topic: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Products Online. They’re looking for students who are passionate about technology. Students 18 and older can apply for this scholarship.

Visit Now-Global Talent Scholarship

11.Design My Costume Scholarship

  • Award Amount: $1,000, $500 and (2) $250

You must submit a 400-word essay about sewing and clothing to be eligible for the Design My Costume Scholarship Contest. They want someone passionate about fashion design. This scholarship is available to both high school and college students who are pursuing a degree or similar trade in fashion.

Visit Now –Design My Costume Scholarship Scholarship for Self-Developing

  • Award Amount: $1.500

You must submit an essay on your hobby and why you are passionate about it to be eligible for the Self Developing Scholarship Contest. They are looking to find someone who is interested in DIY hobbies like sewing. All students are eligible for this scholarship.

Visit Scholarship for Self-Developing

13.So You… Scholarship

  • Awards Amount: Varies

You must email the website to enter the So You Scholarship Contest. They are seeking someone who wants to learn or improve their sewing skills. This scholarship is available to students with low income and military family members. There are also several sewing contests run by So You…

If you are able to get scholarships, they can be very helpful. College is not the right choice for everyone. You can learn fashion design online. Although they are not usually associated with a degree in fashion design, online courses can help you get started. Jay Calderin’s Fashion Design: From Start to Finish (affiliate) might be a good choice. This course might help you determine if fashion design is something you are truly interested in as a career.


Visit Now-So You… Scholarship

14.Sewing Machines View Scholarship

  • Award amount: $2,000

You must submit a 500-1,000 word essay about a topic that is related to sewing in order to be eligible for the Sewing Machines View Scholarship Contest. Each year, the topics are different. They need someone who is able to write well and has great tips on how to use a sewing machine like an expert. The scholarship is open to current high school seniors as well as current college students.

Visit Now-Sewing Machines View Scholarship

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