Shiny Surskit

September 15, 2022
Shiny Surskit

Shiny Surskit: Niantic, the game’s publisher, has introduced new Pokemon and field research tasks to this game since its 2016 release. Many players are curious if there is a Shiny Surskit in pokemon Go. This post will cover all things Pokemon.

Is there a Shiny Surskit in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Surskit

Shiny Surskit first appeared during the spotlight hour on March 23, 2021. Surskit was seen all over the wild, but there was no Shiny form available at the time. Surskit is currently not available in Pokemon Go as a Shiny form. However, you should prepare for the shiny release. Pokemon Go isn’t going to guarantee you a Shiny Surskit or a Shiny Pokemon.

Chance and chance are always factors that increase the chances of getting a Shiny Surskit. To increase your chances of obtaining a Shiny Surskit, you can use an incense product to ensure that it is always near you. An incense item has the advantage that you can target specific Pokemon and it will appear near you from the incense.

In this instance, it is the Shiny Surskit. Walking around the Pokestops or Gyms is another option. You can indeed walk around the Pokestops or Gyms that Surskit frequents. Start an encounter to determine if a Surskit has Shiny.

You will be able catch the Shiny Surskit by winning this battle and adding it to your Pokemon collection. You can win the battle and catch the Shiny Surskit if you use the old method of throwing powerful Pokeballs.

Use the most powerful Pokeballs and throw a curveball to hit it. You will win the encounter and capture the Shiny Surskit. Surskit can be found in ponds, rivers and other similar wetlands where it feeds on microscopic creatures. It can also be found in puddles following a storm.

We hope to be able give you an answer as to whether or not there is a Shiny Surskit for Pokemon Go. Unfortunately, the Shiny Surskit is not available in Pokemon Go at this time. We hope it is soon released. Fingers crossed!

Shiny Mareep

Shiny Mareep

Shiny Mareep is one of the most popular mobile games for both Android and iOS. This video game has a large following and has seen a significant increase in popularity over the years. Niantic has been announcing various in-game events over the last few months. There are many more planned for weeks. This gives trainers the opportunity to capture many new creatures and provides them with something to look forward too. Niantic now has a special event called “Mareep Incense Day”, which focuses on the Electric-type Pokemon Mareep.

Pokemon GO Mareep Incense Day

There is a greater chance that you will encounter a Mareep as part of the Mareep Incense Day. These Pokemon species will be available in the game at different times and will alternate between Electric and Dragon types. The event is now live and Pokemon GO trainers can get their hands on Mareep the electric sheep. Trainers will also be able to capture a shiny version the Pokemon during this event.

Mareep Incense Day Shiny Rates: How to Get a Shiny Mareep

In a blog, Niantic confirmed that Pokemon GO trainers would encounter a Shiny Mareep if they are fortunate. The spawn rate of Shiny Mareep is unknown.

What does Shiny Mareep actually look like?

When they are shiny, every member of the Mareep Family appears brightly pink. They are easily identified when they appear in bright pink.

Mareep evolution

Mareep was introduced in Generation 2; it can be transformed into Flaaffy at level 15. Trainers of Pokemon will be able transform Flaaffy into Ampharos through the Incense Day event. This will allow it to learn the Dragon Pulse attack. Mega Raids have seen Mega Ampharos since January 19, 2021.

As we mentioned, there are a few Electric and Dragon-type Pokemon that will be appearing during the event. Electric-type Pokemon include the likes of Pikachu and Chinchou as well as Minun, Magnemite. Plusle, Stunfisk and Voltorb. Trainers will be able to encounter Dragon-type creatures such as Bagon, Dratini and Horsea, Vibrava. Trapinch and Swablu.

Pokemon GO is now available for Android and iOS smartphones.

Shiny Durant

shiny Durant

it is difficult to catch a rear Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Trainers want to catch rare Pokemons such as Durant, which are often rare or legendary. Continue reading to learn more about Shiny Durant and how to catch it in Pokemon Go. It is difficult to find the region-locked Pokemon.

How do you catch shiny Durant in Pokemon Go

It might be difficult to catch a shiny durant in Pokemon Go, as these Pokemon are very rare. Durant is a restricted Pokemon that can only be found in Africa, North America, and South America. Trainers who are located in other regions of the world and wish to catch a Shiny Durant might be able do so at Pokemon Go events like Ultra Unlock 2021 Part 2. These events offer region-locked Pokemons that are available worldwide. Trainers can trade Shiny Durants with other trainers.

Where can I find shiny Durant in Pokemon Go

Durant isn’t a region-locked Pokémon, although it’s exclusively in Africa, the Middle East, and east of the Meridian Line (South America).The Ultra Lock Announcement issued with the August raid schedule says Durant would be more common between August 6 and 17 2021. Trainers are more likely to encounter Shiny Durant.

Incense or Pokestops where Shiny Durant has spawned can attract it.

Shiny Durant’s odds grow when a trainer improves their chances of seeing one, notably during global events where region-locked Pokemons can be found worldwide. The Shiny Durant evolution guide states that there is no other Shiny Durant form in Pokemon Go.

Shiny Wobbuffet

Shiny Wobbuffet


Pokemon Go developers have added new content. This gives players something new with practically every update. People have been discussing Pokemon Go’s shiny Wobbuffet and others. To aid them, we compiled facts about Pokemon Go shiny Wobbuffet. Pokemon Go shiny Wobbuffet explained.

Pokemon Go Shiny Wobbuffet?

The creators’ blog revealed Holiday 2020. Players are fascinated about the game’s shiny Pokemon. Pokemon GO players want shiny Wobbuffet. Shiny Wobbuffet only spawns in the wild. Best to search the map for Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon will appear in 450 wild encounters, according to gamers. This event ends December 21 at 8 PM local time, so gamers should hurry. Players also question about Pokemon Go raids. Here are Wobbuffet’s strongest moves and weaknesses.

Wobbuffet moves


13 DPS

50 DPS


13 DPS

27.7 DPS Mirror Coat

Psych-type Shiny Wobbuffet is weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost moves. So dark and insect Pokemon are his enemies. Dark and insect Pokemon are powerful.





DEOXIS (Attack)

Pokemon Go added AR Mapping. Players/trainers must visit specified Pokestops or gyms. The participants must then scan their surroundings with their AR screen. Pokestops and gyms will give them engaging assignments. Pokemon Go was among July 2020’s top-earning games. This Niantic game is popular worldwide. The game uses GPS to locate, capture, battle, and train virtual Pokemon. Pokemon fans appreciate the freemium game, which offers in-app purchases for in-game goodies.

Shiny Glameow

Shiny Glameow

Pokemon Go is a popular handheld game. The player can feel like a Pokemon Master and become a Pokemon Trainer. The goal of the game is to capture wild Pokemon and then train them to become the best. There are many Pokemon available for players to catch, and the game keeps adding new ones every update. Many people have asked if Glameow can Shine in Pokemon Go.

Is Glameow Shiny in Pokemon Go

Yes, you can catch a Pokemon Go Shiny Glameow to add to your Pokemon collection. Pokemon Go Update now includes Shiny Versions for many Pokemon. Players can try to catch them in Spotlight hours or while out in the wild. Galmeow can be obtained by players using the raids and research tasks. Players can also use Glameow evolution to encourage them to get this Pokemon. It takes 50 candy for players to perform the Pokemon Go Shiny Glameow transformation. You can see the statistics for Pokemon Go Shiny Glameow.

Pokemon GO Glameow, a Normal-type Pokemon, has a maximum CP of 1056 and 109 attacks. It also has 82 defense and 135 stamina. It was first found in the Sinnoh region (Gen 4) Glameow can be affected by Fighting-type moves. Partly cloudy weather can boost Glameow’s effectiveness. Glameow’s most effective moves are Scratch (7.98 DPS) and Play Rough (7.98 DP).

Pokemon Go was one of the most lucrative games in July 2020. This game was created by Niantic, and it is one of the most popular games around the world. It uses mobile GPS to find, capture, battle and train virtual Pokemon. The game is enjoyed by many pokemon lovers.

It runs on a freemium model and allows for in-app purchases to purchase additional items. Everybody sees Pokemon Go players running through the streets looking for the best Pokemons. This game requires players to move and not just sit in one place to play. Pokemon Go is available for free at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Shiny Trapinch

Trapinch can be described as a Ground Pokemon. It is susceptible to Water, Ice and Grass moves. Trapinch’s most powerful moveset is Mud Shot & Dig. It has a Max CP value of 1,274.

Vibrava evolves from Trapinch. Trapinch’s nest consists of a bowl-shaped pit in the sand that is sloped and bowl-shaped. This Pokemon is known for waiting patiently for its prey, which falls down the pit. Its jaws are strong enough to crush boulders. Keep reading to learn more about this Pokemon and the most recent Pokemon Go update.

Pokemon Go Shiny Trapinch

Pokemon GO Trapinch, a Ground-type Pokemon, has a maximum CP of 1441 and 162 attack, 78 defense, and 128 stamina. It was originally found in the Hoenn area (Gen 3). Trapinch can be affected by Water, Ice, and Grass-type moves. Sunny weather boosts Trapinch’s ability to move. Mud Shot (8.38 DPS) and Dig (8.38 DPS) are Trapinch’s most powerful moves. Below are the different types of Trapinch:

Trapinch Original Form – Released on January 23rd 2018, in response to the release of Hoenn region Desert-themed Pokemon.

Shiny form Trapinch – Released on the Twenty-second Community Day, October 12th 2019.

Shadow form – Released October 17, 2019.

Mud Shot, Dig and Dig are the best moves for Trapinch. This combination has the greatest DPS. This combo is also the best in PVP battles. Trapinch being a Ground-type Pokemon makes it vulnerable to Water, Ice, and Grass moves. These are some of the strongest Pokemon you can use to defeat Trapinch:

Other Information

Darmanitan (Galarian Zen),


Darmanitan (Galarian Standard),



Additional stats for Trapinch on Pokemon GO

Generation – Generation 3

Category – Not-Legendary

Base Flee Rate: 9%

Buddy Distance – 5km

Pokedex Height – 0.7m

Pokedex Weight – 15.0 kg

Can you go to a gym? Yes

Can they be transferred? – Yes

Cost of Stardust for the Second Charge Move – 75000

For Second Charge Moves, Candy Cost – 75

Pokemon Go Trapinch Statistics

Base Stats

Attack – 162

Defense – 78

Stamina – 128

Max CP

546 encounters at level 15


1,092 max level wild

Level 40 – 1,274

Weather boost’s maximum CP

Level 25 (raids), – 910

Level 35 (wild), – 1,183

Max HP

Level 40 – 113.


Height – 0.71m

Weight – 15kg


Base capture rate – 40%

Base flee rate – 9.9%

Distance for Buddy Walk – 5km

Everyone has played or heard of Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is a very popular and innovative game. It requires players to leave their homes to play and capture pokemon. Pokemon Go is constantly updated with new Pokemon, events, quests, as well as new regions. These updates provide new content for players and fix any issues that players may have.

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