Shock sites: Adult Web Sites Are Filled With Malware

November 26, 2022
shock sites

Those  Shock sites who are familiar with adult web sites know that most of them are filled with malware. The malware is placed by cybercriminals, who are trying to infect the computers of as many people as possible.

They infect the users by placing adverts on adult sites and then redirecting them to malicious kits. These kits will attack the users computer and cause them to download malware.

Shock sites: They have been infiltrating adult sites for a long time

shock sites

One of the biggest adult video repositories, xHamster, was placed under attack by a cybercrime group called Malsmoke.

Malsmoke has been spreading rapidly and has a larger presence than any other cybercrime group. The group placed adverts on xHamster and other adult websites and infected the computers of users who visited these sites with malware.

In order to avoid being infected with Malsmoke’s malware, make sure you use Adobe Flash Player on your browser. Some websites will require this and some games will require it as well

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