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After shooting Rampage left 5 dead, Suspect 15 is taken in custody



Shooting Raleigh, N.C.: An off-duty officer of the police was killed in an attack. Two other victims were also wounded, including another officer.

RALEIGH (N.C.) — A 15-year-old boy left a trail of bloodshed in a Raleigh neighborhood, killing at least five people, authorities say. The crime scene spanned over two miles, prompting a massive investigation to find the motive.

Shooting: Chief Estella Patterson, Raleigh Police Department


Chief Patterson stated that Gabriel Torres (a 29-year-old city officer) was killed in the attack. He was on his way from work on Thursday afternoon. The other victims were a 52-year old woman, a 49 year-old woman as well as a 35-yearold woman and a boy (16 years).


Authorities say the suspect, aged 15, is currently in hospital in critical condition. It is not clear when and how he was hurt. Chief Patterson stated that two other victims were also injured in the shootings: a 59 year-old woman was in critical condition, and a police officer was released after being treated at a hospital.

It wasn’t immediately clear if any victims knew the attacker, and the chief of police didn’t give any details on the type of gun used.

The shooting took place in Hedingham, northeast Raleigh. This neighborhood is home to homes and golf courses. It’s also near the Neuse river Greenway, a biking and walking trail that runs through pine groves and wetlands.

The police arrived late Thursday afternoon to find the bodies of two victims in a street lined by tidy duplex homes. They also found other victims scattered around the area and along the trail.


Following the attacks, authorities asked residents to remain in their homes and to avoid the area as officers launched a manhunt. The police eventually said that the suspect was contained and he was taken into custody at 9:37 p.m.

Shooting: Chief Patterson stated, “It was an extended standoff, it was a prolonged situation.”

Raleigh is now in familiar pain after the violence burst, and as the latest American community to deal with the aftermath of a shooting massacre.

Raleigh’s mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin stated that “there are many families in our community who woke up this morning without the love ones they love,” during Friday’s news conference.

Governor Roy Cooper said, “I saw the faces Raleigh police officers last evening and their pain was obvious. Roy Cooper, North Carolina’s governor, spoke on Friday. “Today we are sad, angry, and we want the answers to all our questions. All of these questions will be answered, some right away and others over time.


While investigators are still trying to determine the motive for the attack, and how it occurred, Cooper stated that it was clear that elected officials must do more to combat the problem of gun violence.

“We all know that the core truth is that no neighborhood, parent, child, grandparent, or neighbor should be afraid in their community. Democrat Mr. Cooper said that no one should be afraid. “Policymakers cannot and will not ignore what has occurred here. We must resolve to change and succeed.”

The commotion that followed the shooting left everyone in

Residents in the area where the shooting occurred were left reeling from the chaos and confusion caused by the attack as well as the horror at such violence so close to their homes.

Cheryl St. James (a nurse) said that she couldn’t believe what was happening in her neighborhood late Thursday, as she drove through traffic jammed with emergency vehicles and police officers. “It’s scary.”


Eagle Trace Drive is about a mile from the scene of the shooting. On Thursday night, sirens were heard wailing in distant as cars moved forward, and flashing lights from police vehicles drew through.

Ethan Garner is a project manager who lives in the same area for three years. He said that he left to go get food in the evening. He was still sitting in his car watching TV on his phone hours later as the police arrived at the crime scene.

He said, “I don’t lock my doors.” “Yeah I have cameras but I don’t worry about that.” “None of this has ever happened.”

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