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Sid Toy Story 3 Shows What Happened to Sid Following the Events



Sid Toy Story An Easter egg in Toy Story 3 shows what happened to Sid following the events of Toy Story. Woody and Buzz Lightyear returned in the third instalment of Pixar’s popular animation franchise for a radically different type of adventure.

Andy goes to college in Toy Story 3, and the toys are accidentally bequeathed to Sunnyside Daycare. This is when Woody and his friends meet Lotso Huggin Bear, the nasty plush animal who runs the operation.

Sid Toy Story 3 shows a children’s story

Sid Toy Story

Lotso’s inclusion in Toy Story 3 added to the franchise’s stellar track record of great antagonists. He was considerably different from Toy Story 2’s villains Al McWhiggan and Stinky Pete in that he represented the dark side of toys that had been abandoned by their original owners.

Toy Story, on the other hand, began with a very different type of villain. While the most of the film focuses on Woody and Buzz’s conflict, Sid, the frightening boy next door who enjoys putting Frankenstein toys together, is the real threat to them and other toys.

In Toy Journey, Sid’s storey came to a close when Woody and the other toys came to life in front of him, terrifying the toy bully. Toy Story 2 doesn’t discuss Sid or what happened to him following this terrifying experience, but a Toy Story 3 Easter egg provided the missing piece.

Some viewers may have missed Sid’s brief appearance in the film. When Woody suspects Andy’s mother has thrown away his toys, he dashes to the trash to recover them before the garbage truck arrives.

The garbage man can be seen briefly during this scenario, wearing a black shirt with a white skull on it underneath his work clothes. Several years later, this garbage man is Toy Story’s Sid, still wearing the same shirt he wore as a kid.

The Toy Story 3 Easter egg only shows a little portion of Sid’s post-Toy Story life, but it’s better than nothing. Being a garbage guy may not appear to be a glamorous profession to most people, but Sid appears to like it in Toy Story 3.

The erstwhile Toy Story villain appears to be content with his life, which includes listening to music and picking up other people’s rubbish. It’s also understandable that Sid would appreciate something like this, given his history of damaging stuff as a kid. He’s now hired to collect stuff from all across the city and crush them with the garbage truck.

Other aspects regarding Sid’s life can be obtained from his cameo in Toy Story 3. Sid has never moved out of the city because he works as a garbage man in the same neighbourhood where he grew up. Even after all these years, it’s probable he still lives with his family and lives next door to Andy from Toy Story 3.

He might have dropped out of college or enrolled in a local school to keep his job and be closer to his mother and sister. Even though Toy Story 3 doesn’t reveal much about Sid’s life, it’s fun to find that Easter egg, and it illustrates how meticulously Pixar crafts its films.

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