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The Best Soundbar You Must Know Before You Buy



sony subwoofer

sony subwooferIt is becoming more important than ever to have a home audio/video system sony subwoofer. With streaming services growing in popularity, and the sound quality of the content improving, it makes sense to make an investment in one.

The simplest way to create a theatre-like surround sound experience at home is with a soundbar. The Samsung HW-Q900A soundbar has the best package. It’s simple to set up, provides excellent performance, and offers a wide range of connection and feature options.

How do we choose and test?

Our pick

High-performance soundbars

Our panelists thought the Samsung HW-Q900A was the best, providing a realistic surround sound experience without additional speakers.

The Samsung HW-Q900A was voted the best-sounding system by our listening panel. This is even before they realized that the setup consists of a soundbar and a subwoofer. The HW-Q900A is capable of playing back Dolby Atmos or DTS:X audio formats.

It also has two HDMI inputs and an HDMI eARC connection that allows you to stream higher-quality audio from your TV. There are built-in Amazon Alexa voice controls and wireless audio streaming via Apple AirPlay 2 or Bluetooth.

To produce a rich soundbar, the soundbar includes front speakers, upward-firing, and surround speakers. The wireless, 8-inch subwoofer provides deep bass and a satisfying couch shake. Optional surround speakers are also available. The HW-Q900A has an efficient and useful adaptive system.

This eliminates the need for changing sound modes depending on what type of content is being played (e.g. movies, music, sports).

Although the downside to the HW-Q900A’s display is on the top, it is difficult to see it from a sitting position the visual cues. Our panelists did not mind this.

sony subwoofer


Although the Elevate has dedicated surround speakers as well as a subwoofer, it delivers an immersive, dynamic audio experience. However, voices are not as clear through this top pick.

For those looking for a complete soundbar system, the Vizio Elevate Soundbar is the best choice. It includes a subwoofer as well as separate rear speakers. It features two motorized front speakers that turn up to bounce sound off the ceiling while playing Dolby Atmos or DTS:X content.

The bar also has rear speakers with their own upward-firing speakers built in. It produces some of the most immersive sounds we have ever heard from a soundbar.

However, our panelists felt voices were clearer through our top choice and preferred dialogue clarity to sonic envelopment. Although the wireless 8-inch subwoofer is powerful in low-bass, it lacks a lot of upper-bass punch.

The Elevate has many great features. It includes two HDMI inputs and Bluetooth and Chromecast music streaming (but no AirPlay 2), sound adjustments, and a dedicated signal sensing input that allows you to connect an Amazon Echo Dot so the soundbar can function as a smart speaker.

Budget Selection

  • The JBL Bar 2 2.1 Deep Bass is loud and produces a lot of basses. It sounds extremely clear with very little adjustment (or being offered).
  • While soundbars under $300 can sound good, the JBL Bar 2 Deep Bass soundbar actually sounds great. The soundbar has the best voice reproduction, and the subwoofer is larger and produces deeper bass than other models in this price range. It’s a 2.1-channel soundbar that doesn’t have surround speakers.
  • However, it emits a large, immersive sound and can play movie soundtracks. It offers a wide range of connectivity, including HDMI ARC, one HDMI input and one optical digital audio output, as well as built-in Bluetooth.
  • The simple remote offers fewer controls than other competitors and does not offer any special sound modes. However, we do not believe that this pick is necessary.

Great also

  • The M512aH6 provides a fully immersive surround-sound experience with plenty of inputs at a very affordable price.
  • Dolby Atmos/DTS:X soundbars are usually low- or mid-priced. However, the Vizio M512aH6 soundbar is truly exceptional. It features upward-firing speakers that can be used for Atmos/DTS:X as well as separate center, right, and front speakers.
  •  The soundbar also has to surround speakers that can be connected (via cables), to the wireless subwoofer. There are many connections available on the M512a-H6, including HDMI eARC, an additional HDMI input, and USB and optical digital audio outputs.
  • Additionally, there are two analog inputs. One of these has signal-sensing, which allows the soundbar to function just like a smart speaker when connected to an Amazon Echo Dot. You can fine-tune the soundbar with numerous adjustments.

Everything we recommend

  • Although the Elevate has dedicated surround speakers as well as a subwoofer, it delivers an immersive, dynamic audio experience. However, voices are not as clear through this top pick. The M512aH6 provides a fully immersive surround-sound experience with plenty of inputs at a very affordable price.
  • The research
  • Flaws, but not dealbreakers
  • Runner-up: Vizio Elevate Atmos soundbar

Other soundbars that are worth your attention

  1. Since 1990, I have been professionally reviewing audio gear. During that time, I was an editor and writer for SoundStage Sound & Vision Sound & Vision Home Theater Review Home Theater Magazine, SoundStage Sound & Vision Sound & Vision Home Theater Review, Sound & Vision, Sound & Vision, and many other publications.
  2.  I have published and conducted more blind tests on audio products in that time than any other journalist, and I am recognized as an expert in audio measurement.
  3. I used to be a soundbar designer and tuner for many companies, mostly OEM/ODM firms that provide products for well-known brands. I have evaluated and measured over 120 soundbars in prototype or final form.
  4. Leena Minor, a member of the Recording Academy and a voting member of the Grammy Awards, was our panelist for the summer 2021 listening test.
  5. Dan Gonda is a woodwind player in many jazz combos in California and is also a certified Avid Pro Tools engineer. (And my friend in the jazz band Tonic Trio).
  6. Each of them has taken part in at least half a dozen listening tests that I’ve done.

Who should have a soundbar?

  • A soundbar is the best option if you are looking for better sound quality than what your TV has built-in speakers, but don’t want or need to put together separate components such as an AV receiver or stereo receiver, and a package of speakers.
  • Although they provide more performance per dollar than separate components, they take up more space, require more cables, and are more difficult to operate.
  • Soundbars are able to strike a good balance between convenience and performance, providing better sound quality and a simpler package that is easier to use and set up.
  • Today’s soundbars can also be used for movie and TV watching. Many soundbars support wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This feature allows music to be streamed from smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, such as computers or portable audio players.
  • An AV receiver and multi-channel speaker system are better if your priority is to get the best surround sound experience.
  •  You might also look into a wireless powered bookshelf speaker or a stereo receiver with a pair bookshelf speakers if you only need an audio system without video pass-through.
  • If you are primarily concerned about hearing dialogue in TV shows and movies, any soundbar will do. Some soundbars also have voice enhancement options.
  • To test the voice enhancement of a few soundbars, we brought in hard-of-hearing people to review the results. You can see the blog post with the full results.
  • We used the following criteria to determine which soundbars we should test:

A number of channels

  • Soundbars may have between two and eleven channels. The simplest soundbar, or “2.0”, is the cheapest and most basic. However, it cannot deliver cinematic effects.
  • The most popular type of soundbar, the “2.1”, includes both a soundbar as well as a subwoofer. Most are under $300. For better vocal clarity, a “3.1” bar includes a center-channel speaker. A “5.1”-bar adds surround speakers.
  • These speakers may be integrated into the soundbar’s ends or separate speakers. Dolby Atmos bars are often labeled “5.1.2”, or “5.1.4” to indicate that they include two or four Atmos speakers.
  • These speakers bounce sound effects off of the ceiling. We tried all the soundbars we could find, as we thought they might be of interest to different people.

Wireless audio support: Only soundbars with the ability to stream music via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi was considered.

  • Most soundbars now have this ability. Although they are more difficult to set up than Bluetooth, Wi-Fi systems like AirPlay, Chromecast and Sonos can be used in conjunction with compatible speakers to create multi-room audio systems.
  • HDMI ARC connection: Only soundbars with an HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) jack were included. This allows you to transmit audio through one HDMI cable from the TV to the soundbar.
  • This feature allows the soundbar to behave like it is part of the TV. When the source device is powered up (e.g. a streaming media player, cable/satellite receiver), the TV and soundbar will automatically switch to the correct inputs.
  • The remote control for the TV or media player can be used to adjust the volume. This connection is so reliable that even tech-phobic relatives don’t have to touch any buttons on the soundbar’s remote or soundbar’s remote.
  • HDMI inputs: While these inputs are not as important for 2.0- and 2.1-channel soundbars, they may be crucial if you have an Atmos-capable soundbar with 5.1 channels or more and want the best sound quality from streaming media players and Blu-ray players.

 Older TVs with HDMI ARC “dumber down” Atmos or 5.1 signals coming in through HDMI to 2.0 channels.

  • These channels are then passed to the soundbar. Most TVs made in the last four to five years can transmit Dolby Atmos and 5.1 audio over HDMI ARC but in compressed form.
  • sony subwoofer New TVs with eARC (enhanced audio return channel, part of HDMI 2.1 specification) can pass uncompressed Atmos signals. However, both the TV as well as the soundbar must support it for this to occur.
  • You don’t need to know which version of ARC your soundbar supports. Your sources can be connected directly to the soundbar, and not to the TV.
  • Price: We had previously set a $1,000 price limit in previous editions of this guide. Wirecutter readers requested that we remove the price ceiling from this update and any future ones.
  • Configuration: We only tested standard, powered soundbars equipped with audio processing and amplifiers.
  • Passive sony subwoofer soundbars, which must be connected to an AV receiver, were not tested. Soundbases that fit under TVs were also not tested. While some sound good, many TVs have too wide legs to allow the TV to rest firmly on top of a sound base.
  • We have been able, thanks to the COVID-19 vaccinations, to resume brand-secretive audio tests with a panel of listeners. It is crucial to conceal the configurations and identities of audio products.
  • Studies have shown that listening results can be significantly distorted if listeners know their identities.
  • I spent at most three days listening to music and watching movies, as well as watching television programs. Before the outside listeners could hear my tests, I used each soundbar for casual viewing.
  • These tests allowed me to test the various sound modes and connect options and get a general idea of how the soundbars worked.
  • The sony subwoofer soundbars were then subject to formal testing, which included playing Dolby atmos scenes from Bluray discs of Midway, Divergent: Insurgent, and audiophile favorites like Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car,” streamed via WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • I also compared them to our current picks. I then chose the eight models that I felt had the best chance of winning over the panelists.
  • The identities of the sony subwoofer soundbars were hidden behind thin, black fabric for our panelists. Although they were able to see that some soundbars had dedicated surround speakers, I didn’t tell them anything about them.
  • The sony subwoofer was placed on bookshelves 59 inches tall behind them. I used a Dolby digital receiver’s sound pressure level meter to set each soundbar’s volume at the same level.
  •  I played the same movie and selected music to them as I did for my test. I also added one track from their choice.

During the tests, I asked panelists to pay special attention to

How clear the voices sound in movies and music

The balance between bass and midrange and treble

How clean do the bars sound when you crank them up

The bass response’s volume, depth, clarity, and quality

How enveloping was the sound of music and movies

How effective were different listening modes were

It was so easy to set up the soundbar and use it

sony subwoofer Soundbars with special sound modes had me use the one that was intended for the content I was listening to, such as “movies” or music. However, I tried all the modes. sony subwoofer  I tried out soundbars that had 4K HDR pass-through. It worked well with an HDR-capable television.

I used the same method that we use to determine the best subwoofers for high performance and budget. This was done in order to test each soundbar system’s ability to produce bass. The Measurements section below shows the results.

Our pick

High-performance sony subwoofer soundbars

Our panelists thought the Samsung HW-Q900A was the best, providing a realistic surround sound experience without additional speakers.

The sony subwoofer two-piece Samsung HWQ900A soundbar is just as simple to set up as any basic 2.1-channel soundbar. However, panelists believed it had the best sound quality of all bars they tested.

They also didn’t realize that it does not include surround speakers. The soundbar is seven-channel and features upward-firing Atmos speakers and side-firing surrounds speakers.

sony subwoofer also supports the Dolby Atmos/DTS:X formats. The soundbar also features an 8-inch subwoofer, two HDMI inputs capable of passing 4K and high-dynamic range signals, an HDMI eARC port, built-in Alexa, and audio streaming via AirPlay 2 or Bluetooth.

The sony subwooferHW-Q900A was voted as the panelists’ sonic favorite. It was also one of my top two favorite sound systems (alongside the Klipsch Cinema 1200).

The HW-Q900A’s sound quality was particularly appealing to them. Leena stated that the dialogue is more prominent and the voices in the music sound clearer. However, this does not affect the balance of the mixes. “Really, everything seemed a little clearer through that one.”

Although the sound was not as rich as that of the Vizio Elevate, it was still quite enveloping.
The panelists were actually surprised to discover that the HWQ900A did not have separate surround speakers at the rear.

The sony subwoofer SWA-9500S Atmos-enabled surround speaker can be added to give a more powerful surround sound. The HW-Q900A gave me a strong overhead sound during some tests I did for my article on Atmos music.

The HW-Q900A includes an 8-inch subwoofer that produces impressive bass for its small size. CTA-2010 measurements revealed that the output was averaged at 111.7 decibels for the mid-bass, and 97.2 dB for the low bass.

This is 7.4 dB and 3 dB respectively more than the Vizio Elevate with a sony subwoofer. The Q900A, when compared to the Elevate will provide more impact for car crashes and other onscreen punches during movie soundtracks.

However, it will also produce a bit less vibration from explosions than the Elevate.

The Klipsch Cinema 1200 soundbar subwoofer, which is almost two-and-a-half times larger and more expensive than the Q900A’s, is the only one we have tested that outperforms it.

The HW-Q900A’s Adaptive Sound mode is a very useful feature. It analyzes what you are listening to and adjusts your sound accordingly. It always produced sound at least equal to what we received by selecting Standard, Surround, or Game Pro modes manually.

The Active Voice Amplifier mode makes it easier to understand the dialogue. The Auto EQ mode uses internal microphones and test tones to adjust the subwoofer’s response to the room’s acoustics. It did reduce the subwoofer’s boom and make bass notes more clear and more defined.

Q-Symphony is a feature that routes sound from the soundbar’s surround channels through Samsung TV’s speakers to create an enveloping effect. However, we were not able to test it. Samsung’s SmartThings app allows you to fine-tune the sound. This is easier than using the remote control.

The HW-Q900A has a good selection of inputs. It includes two HDMI inputs as well as an HDMI eARC Jack. All of these inputs support 4K HDR video passing through. You can connect two HDMI inputs to your TV to connect video-streaming devices and Blu-ray players or gaming consoles to the soundbar.

This is particularly useful if your TV does not support eARC and sony subwoofer, and you wish to enjoy DTS:X and uncompressed Atmos audio. You can also connect to an optical digital audio input.

You can stream audio wirelessly using Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth. Amazon Alexa is integrated into the HW-Q900A. This means that the HW-Q900A can voice-command Amazon Echo smart speakers and can be used in multi-room systems using Alexa or AirPlay 2.

This sony subwoofer bar measures 48 1/2 inches in length. It is not as large as most other models on the market. It’s best for TVs 55 inches or larger. It measures 8.3 inches in width by 15.9 inches high and depth but is quite compact.

Runner-up: Vizio Elevate Atmos soundbar


  • Although the Elevate has dedicated surround speakers as well as a subwoofer, it delivers an immersive, dynamic audio experience. However, voices are not as clear through this top pick.
  • The Vizio Elevate P514a-H6 is a fully-featured Atmos soundbar. sony subwoofer It produces an immersive surround effect that’s almost as real as what you would hear from full surround-sound speakers.
  • The Elevate features motorized front speakers which automatically turn up with Atmos or DTS:X content, and then turn forward to expand the soundstage with stereo music and movie soundtracks.
  • Two separate rear speakers are also included in the Elevate, with powerful 8-inch subwoofers and upward-firing Atmos drivers. The panelists felt the Samsung HWQ900A was the best choice, producing clearer dialogue and requiring less adjustment to achieve the best sound.
  • However sony subwoofer, the Elevate had a deeper sound. The Elevate features two HDMI inputs, which can pass 4K and high-dynamic range video.
  • It also has an HDMI eARC port as well as a signal-sensing output to attach an Amazon Echo Dot. Smart-speaker functionality can be added by the Signal-Sensing Input.
  • We’ve never seen a soundbar that sounds as dynamic as the Elevate. The Elevate impressed panelists with its ability to fill large rooms with a loud, clear sound without making it sound harsh or distorted.
  • Our panelists preferred it to the Samsung HW-Q900A because it produced clearer dialog. However, the Elevate offers better dialogue clarity than other soundbars and a dialogue level adjustment that makes voices more easily heard when needed.
  • The 8-inch subwoofer falls in the same category as the Samsung HWQ900A. However, the Klipsch Cinema 1200’s 12-inch subwoofer is our favorite soundbar subwoofer. CTA-2010 measurements revealed that the subwoofer produced an average output of 104.3 decibels in mid-bass and 100.2 in the low bass.
  • Its mid-bass punch may not be strong but it beats every Cinema 1200’s low-bass power. You may feel the punches of a screen character less than with the Samsung HWQ900A or JBL Bar 2 Deep Bass. However, when the San Andreas earthquakes strike, you will feel more vibration in the couch.
  • The Movie sound mode’s subwoofer output is too loud even though it can be turned down to a minimum. This causes distortion and makes the subwoofer squirm. This is one of many complaints about Elevate.
  • However, it is simple to fix. Simply switch to Music or Direct sound mode. Both work well with movies and allow you to control the subwoofer’s volume.
  • The Dialogue control, which was useful for us, is not available in Direct mode. You will need to position the subwoofer in a back-facing location, as the rear speakers are wired to the subwoofer.

This can cause the low tones of male voices to come from behind you.

  • The Elevate has a wide range of inputs. It includes two HDMI inputs, in addition to the HDMI EARC jack. These inputs support 4K HDR video pass-through and Dolby Atmos as well as DTS:X decoding.
  • There is also an optical digital audio input and a USB input that can accept WAV and MP3 audio files. The bar also has an additional analog input with signal sensing. The last input allows you to connect an Amazon Echo Dot.
  • The Elevate works just like a dedicated smart speaker. It senses the signal from the Echo Dot and switches to that input automatically.
  • The Elevate did cut off the Dot’s first few seconds of replies. We heard “…m instead of “The time is four p.m.” When we asked for the time, the Elevate would respond with “The time was four p.m.” Smart speakers with Bluetooth output such as the Google Home Mini can also perform the same function via the Elevate’s Bluetooth connection.
  • Wireless subwoofers can be placed almost anywhere. Two small rear speakers are connected directly to the subwoofer’s back via 25-foot cables.
  •  Although the long cables allow for some flexibility when placing the subwoofer and surround, you still need to be aware of the cables. All the cables are included in the accessories box.
  • Vizio’s SmartCast Mobile App allows you to connect via Google Chromecast to stream from your mobile device to the soundbar. The app setup is complicated and time-consuming.
  • It took us three attempts to complete the process. We aren’t sure what we did wrong the third time.
  • You can also control the soundbar from your smartphone via the app, and have direct access to all settings. If the soundbar responds reliably to the app (which it rarely did in our experience), this would make the process even simpler and quicker than the remote.
  • The good news? Other than Chromecast streaming, the app doesn’t have much to do with you. If you use Bluetooth for streaming you don’t need the app.
  • Initial complaints regarding HDMI connection problems with the Elevate were heard. This led to issues such as lip-sync and surround speakers not functioning. However, we have seen fewer of these comments in the last few months.
  •  Our blog offers soundbar troubleshooting tips and assistance in diagnosing these problems. Another problem is that you must switch to Bluetooth source mode every time you want to hear a Bluetooth source via the Elevate.
  • This means you need to grab the remote or press the button on top of the soundbar. Some soundbars, however, have Bluetooth that is always active.
  • This means that if you touch the Connect button on your tablet or smartphone, the soundbar automatically switches to Bluetooth playback mode.

sony subwoofer

Budget Selection

The JBL Bar 2 2.1 Deep Bass is loud and produces a lot of basses. It sounds extremely clear and has very little adjustment (or offer).

The JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass represents a big step forward in sound quality for 2.1-channel soundbar-and-subwoofer systems. While many soundbars under $300 are acceptable, the JBL Bar 2 Deep Bass sounds great.

Its remote is the best indicator of its quality. This remote only offers one control for sound tweaking: a subwoofer level adjustment.

Many soundbars have a range of sound modes, including music, movies, and sports. You can also adjust the sound to your preference with additional controls.

These features are not available on the Bar 2.1 Deep Bass, and we don’t think it needs them.

Although it has more connectivity options than most in its price range, it does not have many of the features that are found in our more expensive picks like Wi-Fi music streaming, Atmos/DTSX support, and voice control.

You can also check out Other soundbars that are affordable to find more suggestions.

We loved how the Bar 2.1 Deep Bass sounded when we watched movies. The Bar 2.1 Deep Bass is a 2.1-channel soundbar with no surround speakers.

However, it produced a wide, open sound effect that almost made us feel like we were listening to surround speakers.

The soundbar had the best voice reproduction, as well as a subwoofer that produced more bass and deeper than many other models under $400.

The subwoofer’s midbass output was measured at 110.5 dB, and its low-bass output was measured at 87.9dB. Although it outperformed the Vizio Elevate subwoofer in mid-bass, it was not as good as the Elevate or Samsung HWQ900A’s low-bass (couch-shaking), performance.

It’s still a better subwoofer than any of the other subwoofers with 2.1 soundbars, although it was not as good as some others.

We couldn’t even calculate an average for that range because they didn’t have enough low-bass output. JBL also has a non-Deep Bass Bar model 2.1 that is available at a cheaper price.

Although we have not heard the model, a JBL representative told us that it has a better bass performance.

Even more amazing is the fact that the Bar 2 2.1 Deep Bass can be used with music. Many soundbars that are cheap can’t hear the voices of singers, making them sound rough and coarse.

They also create a “cupped hands effect” (as though the singers have twisted their lips).

The Bar 2.1 Deep Bass solves all of these problems. It is not a replacement for small stereos, but it can provide background music or light listening for those who are just fumbling around in the house.

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Hong Kong and Malaysia both advanced to the Jakarta men’s final unbeaten, hoping for their first-time title triumph.

At one point, it appeared a double was on the way when Yip Tsz Fung put Hong Kong ahead with four games to one over Malaysian Ivan Yuen after coming through an epic 20-18 second game.

With Malaysia on the brink of a thrilling comeback, team number one Nafiizwan Adnan (pictured above celebrating his triumph) defeated higher-ranked Max Lee 11-9, 11-7, 11-7.

Malaysia’s second string Eain Yow Ng – at 20 years old the youngest player in the squad – had never faced off against Hong Kong opponent Leo Au, the 2018 men’s individual gold medalist.

But in his biggest match yet, the young Malaysian truly came of age when he shutout Au in three games – 11-7, 11-7 and 11-4 – over 36 minutes to bring home gold for Malaysia.

“As a team,” exultant Ng (pictured above with his team-mates in the men’s presentation group) after their seventh consecutive win in the championship. “We came into this tournament knowing that we could win and it proved true for us.”

“I always felt confident that Nafiizwan would deliver a point for us and was just focused on my own game. However, I also did my homework well – doing lots of video analysis and beating the individual champion despite not playing in it!”

“I didn’t want to give up in my third Asiad without a fight. After being on the losing team twice already, I really gave it everything I had. Of course there was pressure when Ivan lost, but pressure is like dessert and that’s something that excites me!”

On Squash team finals day at Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex, IOC President Thomas Bach was honored as guest of honor. Pictured below, Bach can be seen receiving a presentation from Asian Squash Federation President David Mui (far right).

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