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Did you know 10 hidden details you missed about Spencer Reed?


Dr. Spencer Reid, a Supervisory Special Agent in the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) on Criminal Minds, has experienced some significant character arcs throughout his 15 seasons on the CBS crime drama. These include

being involved in one of the most uncomfortable Tinder dates ever and being apprehended by serial killer Tobias Henkel.

Reid has been in several memorable tales as the show’s most prominent character therefore viewers are considerably better familiar with him.

Even though most aspects of the highly educated FBI agent are readily apparent, there is still a plethora of unknown information about him.

How many credentials does he possess | Spencer Reed

Spencer Reid

Reid holds PhDs in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Engineering, according to Season 4’s “Masterpiece.”

He also has a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a master’s degree in psychology.

He also shows off his Forensic Anthrolopoly skills in Season 6’s “Big Sea,” correctly identifying the races and sexes of skeletal remains.

Reid has always been viewed as bright and diligent, so his long list of credentials comes as no surprise.

While he may appear to be solely interested in science, this is not the truth. His general knowledge is extensive, and he had pondered studying Literature at one point.

In true Spencer Reid form, Spencer Reid had read all of the course texts and decided to try something new.

Intelligence Level

Dr. Spencer Reid possesses an eidetic memory and an 187 IQ. This is shown when Hotch introduced him to Woodland for the first time.

Reid clarifies that his “doctor” title comes from holding three PhDs, and that he is too young to have attended medical school. He also discloses his IQ and claims to read 20,000 words per minute.

It requires a more intelligent individual to read criminals’ minds, and Reid’s IQ, at 187, is far higher than Albert Einstein’s, which was 160. Reid has the same IQ as another well-known TV character.

One of the little-known facts about Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory is that he has an IQ of 187.

According to the World Genius Directory, they both have nothing on Evangelos Katsioulis, who has the highest IQ (198).

His sock collection

Reid never wears socks that match. This tendency can be traced back to actor Matthew Gray Gubler.

He disclosed that his grandmother had advised him to wear mismatched socks for good luck in an interview.

It’s not just a show-related superstition, either. Several people believe that mismatched socks attract Lady Luck in the real world as well.

Fans of the show should try wearing their socks like Dr. Spencer Reid to see whether they’ll be lucky in other aspects of life.

Appearances in the First Scenes

The BAU Supervisory Special Agent is the only character in the show’s opening scenes who appears in every episode. There are 324 episodes in total.

This demonstrates how crucial Reid is to the process. Most cases that arrive into the BAU’s offices would stall if he didn’t have his expert analysis and perspective.

The character’s extensive use is justifiable given actor Matthew Gray Gubler’s $100,000 per episode contract, which makes him the highest-paid cast member.


Reid knows Russian so well that in Season 6’s “Sense Memory,” he is able to watch a 5-hour film in the language without subtitles. He also understands a Yoruba-speaking woman in Season 10’s “Rock Creek Park.”

Reid’s outstanding character growth includes this talent, as he admits to not understanding Spanish or Russian in Season 2.

His ability to master Russian so fast demonstrates his intelligence. It is unclear how he learnt either language, but it is possible that he did it on his own.

Nickname as a kid

In Season 12, when Reid returns home from a clinical trial with his mother, she reveals that his childhood nickname was “Crash.” This is due to the fact that when he was younger, he was prone to colliding with objects.

Reid has never had a good relationship with his mother Diana. On the plus side, she’s reported to be as smart as him, so it’s no surprise that she’d give him a simple but appropriate nickname.

Even as an adult, Reid has been labelled by his peers, who have given him nicknames like Sir Percival and Junior G-man.


The Special Agent lives on the second level of Capital Plaza Apartments, in Apartment Number 23.

These information may be seen in “Magnum Opus” from Season 8 and “Demons” from Season 9.

Because his automobiles have DC plates, the apartment is most likely in Washington, DC.

Reid’s residence in DC is strange given that the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) headquarters are in Quantico, Virginia.

It’s also possible that the plates are a reoccurring filming error. Despite the BAU team being situated in Virginia, a portion of the episode is shot in Washington, DC.

He receives a new car with the Virginia licence plate 478 591 in Season 10, yet it’s never implied that he’s moved.

Injury to the Leg

Reid is shot in the leg while attempting to defend Dr. Barton in Season 5’s “Nameless, Faceless.” He takes a long time to heal, and it’s all connected to real life.

Matthew Gray Gubler, the actor, suffered a knee injury that necessitated three surgeries. As a result, he was obliged to use a cane to get around.

Rather than pausing filming, the writers chose to insert a pre-planned Reid injury storyline.

This is one of several instances in which TV shows have incorporated real-life events such as pregnancies into their plotlines.

Unsubscribe Killer

Dr. Spencer Reid may appear nerdy and harmless, but during his time on the show, he was responsible for the deaths of eight unsubs.

Phillip Dowd, Chloe Donaghy, Tobias Hankel, Daniel Milworth, John Bradley, Andrew Meeks, and Casey Allen Pinker are among the names on the list.

One of the ways Criminal Minds varies across the seasons is Reid’s deliberate murdering spree. Unlike some of the other agents in the BAU, his work description does not require him to continually battle criminals.

He’s almost as at ease as Penelope Garcia, but because to the perilous nature of his employment, he’s had to deal with them on a few occasions. He has killed most of the people he has killed in self-defense.

Inconsistency in character

In Season 5’s “The Internet Is Forever,” the BAU team tracks down Robert Johnson, a.k.a. “The Internet Killer,” one of Criminal Minds’ most notorious unsubs.

Reid states in the show that he doesn’t have an email address. He does, however, have an email address just a few episodes later (“Cradle To The Grave”).

Inconsistencies usually emerge across numerous seasons because writers often forget minor facts from previous seasons. On the other hand, this one happens quite swiftly, which adds to the strangeness.

Reid’s decision to cease being a technophobe and open an email address after meeting Johnson is never explained, therefore it’s safe to assume it’s a character discrepancy.

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