Staughton Lynd Dead: American Peace Activist & Lawyer Dies At 92

November 28, 2022
Staughton Lynd Dead

Staughton Lynd Dead: We are sorry to announce the passing of Staughton Lynd, a long-standing attorney. At the age of 92, he took his final breath. According to reports, Staughton passed away in the early hours on Thursday, November 17, 2022.

He was taken to Trumbull Regional Hospital in Warren. After the announcement, many people paid tribute to the author and professor. People also sought out his cause of death, in addition to paying their respects. This article will explain what happened to him, and how he died.

Staughton C. Lynn was an author, historian, attorney, and professor who dedicated his life to civil rights, fair labor laws and peace. His sudden death has left his family shaken, it is clear.

His cause of death is still unknown. It is likely that he was suffering from old-age-related health issues due to his age. People who knew the artist and admire him have expressed sadness ever since the news was posted online. It is now one of the most popular news stories on social media.

How Did Staughton Lynd Die?Staughton Lynd Dead

His friends shared messages on social media that Staughton Lynd, an internationally-respected activist for political and non-violent causes, had died at the young age 93.

Kent State University Libraries’ Staughton and Alice Lynd archives reveal that Staughton Lynd was born to a socialistic family. Lynd earned a Ph.D. in History from Columbia University and was then appointed as a Spellman College teacher in Georgia.

Lynd was named director of Freedom Schools of Mississippi in 1964. His wife Alice and their three children moved to New England from Connecticut after Lynd accepted a Yale University job. He was vocally opposed to Vietnam’s war and participated in protest marches, speaking engagements, and even a Hanoi trip. He was forced to leave Yale.

Lynd was photographed with other protestors in 1965 at a Washington, D.C., peaceful march. Lynd was enrolled in the University of Chicago’s Law School in 1973. Alice Lynd, Lynd’s spouse, had done an oral history on the working class.

They moved to Youngstown where they were involved in unsuccessful efforts to save the steel plants from closing in the late 1970s. Tom Leary, a consultant historian at the Youngstown Steel Museum tells 21 News that Alice Staughton and Alice were passionate activists in Mahoning Valley since the 1970s.

Leary said that Lynd was “certainly an important figure in both the history of the American labor movement and in social injustice generally.” Lynd, a lawyer representing Ecumenical Coalition of the Mahoning Valley, testified before the Ohio House Steel Task Force 1980 that the state might have the ability to help steel workers buy U.S. Steel Corp.’s Ohio Works.

Lynd continued to coordinate Youngstown’s efforts. Lynd was also active as an attorney, taking on many cases, including those of disabled workers and retired workers.

Who Was Staughton Lynd?

The peace activist was a Philadelphian and practiced law in Youngstown. He was involved for many years with Northeast Ohio Legal Services. He worked closely with many forces to preserve the steel mills’ operation in the late 1970s and early 80s.

Lynd, a Quaker, served as chief legal representative of the Mahoning Valley Ecumenical Coalition. This group aimed to revive closed mills through worker ownership.

Lynd and Alice persevered in their efforts to unify the Mahoning Valley workforce despite the failure of the attempt. Staughton Lynd, a lawyer and activist who has been with him for many years, wrote “The Fight Against Shutdowns Youngstown’s Steel Mill Closings” 1983. Before moving to the Valley, he received his doctorate from Columbia University in history.

Then he accepted a job as an instructor at Spelman College in Atlanta. Spelman College is an exclusive historically black liberal arts college. Howard Zinn was a civil rights activist and playwright.  Our team extends deepest condolences and heartfelt respect to Zinn and his family.

Tribute to Staughton Lynd

The two most important factors in life that can affect the lives of others are death and life. Everything changes when there’s a baby in the house. The same happens when a member of a family dies. Even if a person passes away, it’s not just their family who will be grieving.

It could also be the friends of the deceased. It was the same with Staughton C. Lynd’s family and friends. Staughton C. Lynn will always be remembered for all he did. His devotion to his country, the labors, and the workers of the nation will always be remembered.

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