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What Happened Jon’s Bizarre? Stone Ocean Ending Changed the Series


 Stone Ocean Ending: The epic that spans generations, Jojo’s Bizarre, has recently finished the eighth part of its manga.

What Happened Jon’s Bizarre: Still, part six, Stone Ocean, was the most pivotal in the entire series.

Stone Ocean Ending

Fans have reacted positively to the news of Stone Ocean’s anime adaptation, but what makes Stone Ocean so significant? Aside from being the first female Joestar, what makes Stone Ocean so substantial?

Jolyne Cujoh, Jotaro Kujo’s daughter, is the protagonist of the sixth chapter. The plot concentrates around the ramifications of her family’s deeds in previous parts, particularly Jotaro and Joseph’s war against Dio in Egypt, as is usual with Jojo’s heroes.

Jolyne finds up fighting one of Dio’s remaining minions, seeking vengeance and preparing the groundwork for Dio’s return.

While the Joestars have faced foes with great Stand powers in the past, such as Dio’s time halt and Kira’s time reversal, the villain of part six, Pucci, intends to utilize his stand to remake the entire universe into one where Dio reigns supreme.

The stakes are higher for Jolyne than they have ever been… and they didn’t quite pull it off this time.

Jolyne and her allies confront Pucci in the last arc of Stone Ocean to prevent him from attaining this ultimate stand power, but they are practically too late.

Pucci begins to create a new universe that, if allowed to extend outward, will obliterate the prior reality, eradicating the Joestar family for good by killing them before they are absorbed into the new universe.

Pucci goes on a particularly savage spree, taking out heroes right and left… until only one character, the least combat-savvy Emporio, remains alive.

Emporio is able to eliminate Pucci in the alternate universe, killing him and preventing his soul from returning to the original. But this doesn’t simply murder Pucci; it also erases his impact on the planet, effectively preventing the events of Stone Ocean from ever taking place.

It’s worth noting that while the next installment, Steel Ball Run, is set in another reality, it’s not the same one introduced at the end of Stone Ocean.

For example, in the Steel Ball Run/Jojolion continuity, the Joestar family’s entire history is entirely different.

While certain characters like Joseph and Holly are proven to exist still, others like Jotaro clearly cannot.

In Stone Ocean’s post-final battle new universe, Jotaro is shown to have led a very different existence without Pucci’s intervention.

And in this version, Jotaro names his daughter Irene rather than Jolyne, indicating the end of the universe’s need for “JoJos.”

While fans are split on whether or not this universal revision qualifies as a “happy ending,” Stone Ocean serves as the final chapter in the original series.

While its conclusion is still debatable, Stone Ocean reveals the presence of numerous universes, which becomes an essential truth in the world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure as the series progresses.

For the time being, it’s unclear whether this will continue to be the case as the series rolls on to part nine, but given how villains’ powers have grown through time, it’s certainly not impossible.

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