Submissive Men: Everything You Should Know About Dating a Submissive Men

September 28, 2022
Submissive Men

Submissive Men: Submissive or sensitive men behave very differently from other guys. They are not subject to many of the same dating rules as normal men, so much of what you know about men will not work for them.

It is hard to say if today’s sensitive men are more than ever before. Most likely, more men are openly sensitive to their vulnerability and being vulnerable. It was once clear that men should not be vulnerable to others. But modern times have seen many men free themselves from these social expectations. I find it amazing.

Let’s look at the challenges and benefits of dating this type of man. It will be a balanced view from the male and female perspectives. Please bear with me if this doesn’t work for you. Follow centralfallout to get updated.

Who are submissive men?

Submissive Men

Men who want to be submissive in their relationships with women are the ones I am referring to. They don’t mind if women make most of the decisions. Love it. They want a matriarch. Strong, confident women who take charge attract them.

There are many levels of male submission. Some men let their girlfriends make all decisions. They want a gender role reversed from the 1950s stereotypical family.

I’ve never met a man who truly wanted this. Some may fantasize, but that’s another story. Submissive men are those who want to be told what to do by a woman and have certain areas where they can make the decisions. Many of these men will continue to be the primary breadwinner for their families.

Submissive types share some traits, which I’ll discuss next.

Four Tips to Take Charge of a Sensitive Men

1. Do not approach them as if they were other men.

Submissive men aren’t the best for you. Dating advice pages and relationship experts are often futile as they tend to promote a certain type of male behavior, which you won’t find with submissive men.

They are an entirely different animal. You have to approach them differently than the normal guys because they think and feel different.

2. You must take control.

Submissive men are often attracted to women who have a dominant personality. These women complain a lot about the lack of submissive men.

Many men approach them, claiming they are submissive. Once things start, she takes charge. This is what I see happening all the time. Their mistake is thinking like prey.

3. Men who claim to be submissive should be avoided

Woman must change her mindset about submissive men. He is now the hunter and you are the prey. Do not wait for someone to grab you. That’s giving up control and allowing someone else to take over.

Men who approach you are hunters. They’re not submissive. They might have stated that they prefer strong women who can take charge. It’s unlikely that this will be a lasting relationship beyond the honeymoon.

Start hunting. You already know the type of man you desire. Go find him, and then pick him up like a trophy. Only the truly submissive men will wait for this to happen.

It’s not foolproof, but it is something you should try. This leads to the obvious question: Where do you find your targets? This is a bit like asking “Where can I find kind people?” It is easier to answer questions where they aren’t.

4. Meet men in different places.

These men don’t hang out where normal guys do. Because such men prefer to be with sensitive women, this is why they are often not found in places where regular men hang out. They don’t avoid going to bars and clubs. When they’re there, they’ll put on a confident front.

How to recognize a sensitive/submissive men

  • When expressing emotions, watch their demeanour. Sensitive men tend to be more reserved.
  • Sensitive men often take things personally. If they are easily hurt, be aware. They are also more likely to avoid speaking out about the things that offended them.
  • Submissive men tend to be attentive listeners.
  • They might be uncomfortable around large groups. If they don’t like large parties, be aware.
  • Note if they are unable to make the right choices.
  • Sensitive guys will often notice subtle cues in your behavior that reveal your true feelings. They will at least be able to tell you are hiding something.
  • They love to talk about the deeper and more important things in life. If you notice them moving beyond the surface level of conversation, pay attention.

Five Tips to Dating a Submissive man

These are tips for dating a submissive man.

1. You’re the decision-maker.

You must satisfy a sensitive man. If  You must be able to take charge of your life. If this is something that you are capable of doing, then it’s time to be open with yourself. You might not want to date a submissive guy.

2. Treat him like an equal

You don’t have to be dominant to respect your man. You should treat him as an equal in your relationships. It is important to be open about any limits and boundaries in your relationship.

3. When you’re upset, be cautious

There will be arguments in every relationship. Be aware that sensitive men may find it difficult to understand what you are saying. Avoid sensitive topics or words. Remember that they may feel guilty about the things they have said.

4. Listen well.

It can be difficult for men to be open and vulnerable. Listen to them and make sure they feel safe talking to you.

5. You should be open about your feelings.

Sensitive guys will tell you if something is wrong. He will be more open if you are honest with him. Keep in mind that he is likely to lower his guard around your presence, so you will be appreciated by him.

The benefits of dating a submissive man

  • They can sense your thoughts and emotions. They can relate to your emotions more than you realize.
  • If you are a free-spirited person, a submissive man would be ideal. It is important to confirm if they are okay with the way you run things. You’ll usually please them.
  • They will do everything to make sure you are happy in a relationship. They will go out of their ways to make sure you are happy.
  • They’re traditionally-dressed men. They are known to do extravagant acts of chivalry, and will often be respectful towards women. If things are not to your liking, expect to be asked lots of questions.

There are some drawbacks to dating submissive men

  • An anxious guy might be more likely to experience depression or anxiety. You must take responsibility for supporting him and helping him with any problems.
  • They may be submissive, which could make them an emotional sponge. You could make them absorb all negativity. Keep your spirits up, as they may be affected by your mood.
  • Sensitive men often struggle to make decisions. They are afraid of making the wrong decision, no matter how big or small. It is vital to be a regular decision-maker in a relationship.
  • They are too important to you. Sensitive men are often prone to taking on the problems of their closest friends. Overburdening him with your own problems or worries can be a burden.
  • Before dating, they may need to adjust. They might need to be alone, or they may seem hesitant at times.

These are 7 signs a man is submissive and wants a woman to lead him.

1. Success has turned him on.

Is he a big fan of “high-powered women”? Does he get excited just talking about female business leaders or politicians? Does he ask a woman what she does at work? Submissive men love successful women.

2. He wants you to be in charge.

Is he happy to let a woman decide on dates and outings? Does he like that she doesn’t rely on him to make the decisions? Is he too impressed when a woman complains about the service, or asserts her opinion in public?

He calls it “magnificent neurotic b*tchiness”

3. He bows to his high heels.

Are high-heeled shoes his favorite style? Does he hate comfort or flat shoes? Louboutins are his favorite brand.

Red soles can send subs wild. They are practically female dominance and power to him.

4 He bows to his feet in the heels.

Regular guys will often ask if you exercise. A sub will ask, “Does your wife get regular pedicures?”

Subs don’t care if a woman is obese or not, as her feet are his favorite treat. He will often compliment her feet and enjoy giving foot rubs.

5. He isn’t eager to enter.

He isn’t enthusiastic about penetrative sex and says it’s not his thing. Submissive men are often turned off by rejection of sexual contact and abhor intercourse.

He is not homosexual, bisexual or a transgender man.

6. He is a great admirer of you, literally.

Subs love to be physically below his lady. He will often be found sleeping on the ground beside his Domme’s or asking his lady for a place on a chaise, while he sits below. Foot massaged.

7. He is very smooth.

Do you see him shaving his legs, chest, and pubic areas? This is a sign that he’s not a competitive swimmer.

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