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5 Best Surge Protector Power Strip Product Review


Surge Protector Power Strip: In a pinch, any power strip will suffice to add a few extra outlets to a room, but it’s critical to pick one that won’t damage your electronic equipment or cause a house fire. We’ve spent over 150 hours researching and testing surge protectors.

5 Best Surge Prodector Power Strip Review

Surge Protector Power Strip

We’re certain that the Tripp Lite Protect It 12-Outlet Surge Protector provides the finest mix of protection and outlet capacity for the money. It prevents damage and fires by absorbing frequent home surges of up to hundreds of volts before they reach your devices.

And you won’t have to wonder if it’s still working since when the protection wears out, it safely shuts the power, alerting you that it’s time to replace it.

 TLP1208TELTV Tripp Lite Protect It 12-Outlet Surge Protector

 TLP1208TELTV Tripp Lite Protect It 12-Outlet Surge Protector

The Tripp Lite Protect It 12-Outlet Surge Protector TLP1208TELTV is the perfect surge protector for your home office or entertainment setup.

It contains an important auto-shutoff feature, enough outlets to keep all of your devices charged, and both coaxial and telephone hookups. It provides excellent protection against domestic surges caused by other household devices or power company fluctuations.

It also comes with an 8-foot chord and feels solid and durable.

Accell Power Air

The Accell Power Air is the way to go for light-duty powering, such as under a nightstand or end table, to protect gadgets like phones, tablets, or alarm clocks from surges.

A spherical package that’s smaller than a dinner plate has two USB ports and six AC outlets. The USB ports output 2.4 amps, which is sufficient to charge one smartphone or tablet at high speeds or two devices at low speeds.

The Power Air’s circular outlet arrangement allows it to accept various plug sizes. Its 6-foot cable is 2 feet shorter than the 12-outlet Tripp Lite variant, but it should be sufficient for most individuals.

The Power Air held up almost as well as our top pick against individual surges. However, its lower joule rating (which describes roughly how much energy it can absorb before it dies—the company estimates it’ll withstand about 1,080 joules of use, whereas many larger models are built to handle more than 2,000 joules) means it might not hold up to as many surges over its lifetime.

Protect It 3-Outlet Surge Protector SK30USB by Tripp Lite

The Tripp Lite Protect It 3-Outlet Surge Protector SK30USB has the same mobility as our favorite tiny power strips for travel but with added protection. It contains an auto-shutoff feature, making it one of the few three-outlet alternatives we’ve seen that automatically turn off the power when the surge protection fails.

It has three AC outlets and two USB ports with a combined 2.1 amps that can charge a phone, a tablet, or a couple of low-power items. Compared to other small alternatives we’ve tried, it performs admirably, blocking nearly as many volts as larger units.

Unlike many comparable devices, its small size, grounded (three-prong) socket, and optional screw in the unit’s center keeps it firmly attached to the wall outlet, which is critical for preventing electrical fires or shocks.

We’d use the SK30USB to secure a few small domestic goods, such as an essential oil diffuser, a Nintendo Switch dock, and a coffee grinder, as well as a few smartphones, or even toss it in a carry-on when we travel.

Protect It 8-Outlet Surge Protector TLP825 by Tripp Lite

The Tripp Lite Protect It 8-Outlet Surge Protector TLP825 features the longest chord of any of our recommendations, measuring 25 feet, making it excellent for a garage, basement, or any place with a limited number of wall outlets.

In our surge tests, it performed similarly to Tripp Lite’s 12-outlet TLP1208TELTV (and better than Accell’s Power Air and Tripp Lite’s three-outlet SK30USB).

Suppose the devices you want to safeguard are more than 8 feet away from an outlet. In that case, you should acquire this model since plugging a surge protector into an extension cord, or daisy-chaining several surge protectors is dangerous.

It has four fewer outlets than our top option and no additional connections (coaxial, phone, or USB), but if you need the extra wire length, it’s a small price to pay.

Furman Power Station No. 8 is located in Furman, South Carolina (PST-8)

In most circumstances, our best pick will cover most equipment. However, the Furman Power Station 8 (PST-8) goes much farther, giving the strongest surge suppression of any device we tested—enough to provide peace of mind to owners of high-end equipment.

Thanks to a shutdown circuit that switches off all power when a surge is detected, it reduced a 5,000-volt surge to just 40 volts. In our tests, the PST-8 lets less voltage through than high-end series mode surge eliminators, which can cost hundreds of dollars more.

However, standard equipment, such as a computer monitor, will be fine covered by one of our less expensive options. This model is appropriate for requiring extra security for very valuable equipment. It also has an 8-foot cord and a durable aluminum body.

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