Review Of Love & Gelato: A Young Girl Transformed By Italy

November 21, 2022
susanna skaggs

Many American teenagers consider college the greatest undiscovered country. In the romantic comedy “Love & Gelato,” Lina (“Susanna Skaggs“) has just lost her mother to cancer.

susanna skaggs must fulfill her mother’s last wish before she can matriculate to her first year at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

susanna skaggs

Lina’s mother took a transformative trip in Italy as a child, and she asked that Lina follow her example. Lina, who is a little anxious, can make a lot of worries about everything, but she accepts that Rome will be her summer.

Lina is unavoidably moved by the city’s beauty — its food and its views, but most importantly, its charming, charming boys.

Alessandro (Saul Nanni), an enigmatic blue-eyed social butterfly, becomes her obsession. Lorenzo (Tobia de Angelis), a warm and welcoming cook, takes an interest in Lina’s fish-out-of water charms, lest Alessandro be too good to be true.

Lina, with her mother’s friends and Lorenzo her guide, finds purpose in Italy. She even dares to search for her father, the man she lost.

The story is about two characters who woo one another with artless naivete. The movie is shot in an equally unassuming style. Brandon Camp, the writer and director, opts for a cheerfully overlit, humorous tone.

This film is more concerned with the appeal of an Italian accent than in finding new, or especially beautiful, ways of shooting and seeing Rome. Although the conscious callowness is pleasant, it lacks freshness. It’s like microwaved midnight pasta.

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