Symbols of Bravery: 30 Signs of Strength & Courage from Cultures

September 26, 2022
Symbols of Bravery

Symbols of Bravery: Sometimes, the meanings of symbols and images that we see every day can be very profound. For example, symbols that represent strength and resilience.

Since thousands of years, power and strength symbols have been around the globe, starting with the Ancient Egyptians and continuing through the Greek mythology and the time of the Nordic Vikings and all across the continents.

These symbols not only represent strength but also remind us of our ability to persevere, to be strong, to face any challenges and to become the best version of ourselves. Follow centralfallout to get updated.

Here are 30 international symbols of strength to inspire you.

Symbols of Bravery

Native American Strength Symbols

1. Bear

Symbols of Bravery

  • Origin: New World Native American Tribes

Symbols of Bravery: Native American tribes consider bears to be a symbol for strength, courage and family. Bears are both respected and feared because of their independence and remarkable survival instincts.

2. Wolf

Symbols of Bravery

  • Origin: New World Native American Tribes

Symbols of Bravery: Wolf hunting is a problem in modern times. However, Native American tribes consider wolves to be symbols of strength and loyalty as well as intelligence, power, and courage. The mythical powers of wolves were believed to be mystical and that they created the earth.

European Symbols for Strength

3. Golden Eagle

Symbols of Bravery

  • Origin: Near East, Europe

Symbols of Bravery: The giant birds of prey known as golden eagles were once believed to be messengers for gods. They were also symbolic of strength, immortality and courage. The Ancient Egyptians considered the gold eagle to represent Ra, the king of all creation. Zeus used the golden Eagle to honour Zeus, whom the Greeks considered his symbol.

4. Oak Tree

Symbols of Bravery

  • Origin: Europe

Ancient Europeans admired oak trees for their wisdom, strength, and endurance. They can also live up to 300 years. It was also a significant religious symbol in the Nordic, Slavic, and Celtic cultures. They associated it with their gods.

5. Fasces

  • Origin: Etruscan

The origins of the fasces date back to Ancient Rome. It symbolised authority and power. The fasces, a bundle made up of rods and an ax tied or inserted into them, was an extremist symbol that was associated with Benito Mussolini.

6. Six-Petal Rosette

  • Origin: Ancient Slavs

The six-petal rosette, which was the main symbol for the pre-Christian god Rod, symbolizes strength, spiritual power, and is also the symbol of his main deity. The symbol became the “symbol for Perun” in the ninth and tenth centuries.

7. Thunderbolt

  • Origin: Proto-Indo-Europe

It’s not surprising that the thunderbolt is a symbol for divine might, given its power and strength. The thunderbolt has been associated with many religions and cultures around the globe.

African and Middle Eastern Symbols Of Strength: Symbols of Bravery

8. Eagle

Symbols of Bravery

  • Origin: Ancient Egypt

The eagle symbolised strength and courage, especially the golden eagle. It was also an important figure of Ancient Egypt, Babylon and Rome. The eagle eventually became a symbol for determination and vigor here in the United States.

9. Scarab Beetle

  • Origin: Ancient Egypt

The scarab beetle was a symbol of fertility, transformation, strength, and resurrection in Ancient Egypt. Khepri, the scarab-faced god for creation and renewal of the life, was represented by this beetle. Scarab beetles were used in amulets and talismans to give courage to the wearer. The dead wore them for after life luck.

10. Iron

  • Origin: West Africa

Iron symbolises authority, war, warriors, and blacksmiths in West African religions.

11. Sphinx

  • Origin: Ancient Egypt

Symbols of Bravery: The mythological sphinx, an Ancient Egyptian mythological creature, had the head and body of a human, a lion’s body, and the wings of a falcon. This mythological creature was depicted as a guardian at royal tombs and symbolized intelligence, strength, and dominance.

12. Aten

  • Origin: Ancient Egypt

Aten was originally the symbol for Ra the Egyptian god. However, Akhenaten, the pharaoh, made it the symbol of Aten the creator. The symbol represented royalty, authority, and an existence beyond creation.

13. Elephant

  • Origin: Africa

Elephants have been symbols of wisdom, loyalty, leadership, power, and strength since ancient Africa. African cultures often depicted them on ritual objects.

14. Djed Pillar

  • Origin: Ancient Egypt

The Djed pillar, also known as the Backbone Osiris in Egyptian mythology is a symbol of stability, resurrection, eternal live, and strength. Osiris, the god of the Underworld, was the inspiration for the Djed Pillar.

15. Tabono

  • Origin: West Africa

Tabono is not a symbol of physical strength but rather strength as a result of determination, courage, hard work, and persistence. The Tabono means “oar” and “paddle in Adinkra language. Adinkra symbols, which are symbols that come from Ghana, express principles and concepts.

16. Pempamsie

  • Origin: West Africa

Pempamsie, an Adinkra symbol for unity, perseverance and strength, is a pempamsie that resembles chain links. The pempamsie also represents the importance of being prepared and demonstrating strength through unity and constancy.

17. Okodee Mowere

  • Origin: West Africa

The okodee mamowere symbolises strength, courage, and bravery. This is because of the strength of an Eagle’s talons, which it uses to hunt.

18. Hamsa

  • Middle East: Origin

Symbols of Bravery: Hamsa comes from the Arabic word “khamsa,” which means “five.” The hamsa, a holy symbol for Jews, is represented with an evil eye in central palm. The hamsa symbol is used to protect against evil and luck, as well as strength and luck.

Far Eastern Symbols Of Strength: Symbols of Bravery

19. Tiger

  • China is the origin

The symbolism of the tiger dates back to ancient China. It is a symbol that symbolizes courage, bravery and strength. It was believed that tigers could be used to protect the home from evil.

20. Dragon

  • Origin: China and East Asia

In Chinese symbolism, dragons are powerful symbols of power, luck, prosperity, and strength. Legend has it that the Yellow Emperor, China’s first ruler, was transformed into a dragon immortal and ascended to the heavens.

21. lotus flower

Symbols of Bravery

  • China is the origin

The lotus flower is not only a symbol of strength but also resilience and perseverance. Because it can survive in dark and muddy environments as it grows in water, the lotus flower is an important symbol of both Buddhism and Hinduism.

22. Verja

  • India is the origin

Verja, a symbol of Indra, the Hindu god of war, weather, power and war, is the symbol of Indra. It was thought to be the strongest weapon in the world. In their indestructible composition, the verja was thought to look like a thunderbolt and a diamond.

23. Yoni

  • Origin: Ancient India

Shakti’s yoni is linked to Shiva’s lingam. Yoni, the lingam, and the cycle of creation are shown.

Celtic Strength Symbols: Symbols of Bravery

24. Griffin

  • Origin: Middle East and Mediterranean

Griffins were mythological creatures that had the head, wings, and tail of an eagle and the body, back, and legs of a lion. The eagle was considered the king among birds while the lion was the ruler of beasts. The griffin symbolises power, strength and majesty. The griffin was often associated with strength in battle and appeared frequently on coats of arms.

25. Ailm

  • Origin: Celts

The European silver fir is an evergreen tree that can withstand harsh winter conditions all year. This likely inspired the ailm symbol. The symbol, a circular shape with a plus sign in its middle, is symbolic of strength, endurance and purity.

26. Celtic Dragon

  • Origin: Celts

The Celtic dragon symbolised fertility. This was in contrast to Western conceptions of dragons as symbols of destruction. The guardians of other worlds, dragons were believed to be.

27. Triskelion

Symbols of Bravery

  • Origin: Celts

The triskelion symbolizes strength, courage, and resilience that allows you to persevere through difficult times. However, it also refers to trinity and rebirth, creation and life after death.

28. Celtic Dara Knot

  • Origin: Druids

Dara Knot symbolises the sacred oak tree. The Celtic Dara Knot represents inner strength and oak tree roots.

29. Celtic Tree of Life

  • Origin: Celts

The Celtic Tree of Life represents wisdom, strength and longevity. It also symbolizes the connection between heaven & earth. The union of nature’s forces has resulted in the tree representing harmony and balance.

Norse Symbols Of Strength

30. Mjolnir

  • Origin: Germanic/Nordic

Mjolnir, also called Thor’s Hammer, can summon thunder and lightning. The Mjolnir is a symbol of strength, protection and fertility.

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