Tamika Pratt: Fictional Story on Police Brutality

October 19, 2022
tamika pratt

Nkechi Okoro Carrol, All American Showrunner, pitched a story about Tamika Pratt, a young Black woman, to her writers’ room. She was found asleep in her car and was later shot and killed by police.

This story was broadcast Monday, more than a year later.

Carroll tells EW that “This was a storyline that we had planned to continue.” “As a mother to two young Black men, I feel a lot of pain and anxiety around this topic. I tried to seek divine intervention.

With all the events of the previous summer, and the open civil rights arousing that the nation seemed to have, it seemed as if there was a shift. It was my expectation that this storyline would feel obsolete when it got to me.

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The True Story of Tamika Pratttamika pratt

All American is a TV series that celebrates the existence of Black children.

This show was inspired by Spencer Paysinger’s simple games as an American football player.

It’s now in its third season, and it has set the internet ablaze with discussions about the 11th scene.

The dramatization of the situation titled “The Bigger Picture” shows the relationship between police and Black people through Tamika Pratt’s murder.

If you’re curious to learn more about Tamika and the things she has to offer, you are right where you need to be!

Who Is Tamika Pratt in All American?

Tamika Pratt, a young Black woman was shot down by the police while taking a break in her car.

Olivia, one of the executive characters, is particularly shaken by the episode. Her games may have ended up resembling Tamika’s if she wasn’t the little girl Laura Fine-Baker.

Laura is a White woman and the District Attorney for Los Angeles County. Olivia is most affected by the way Tamika and she were treated by the police.

In the eighth scene of season 3, Olivia is involved in an auto accident.

She is drunk. The cops take her home once they discover who her mother is.

Tamika was not given the same tolerance. The young lady became more emotional and decided to stop driving.

A Cop Shot And Killed Tamika Pratt

Surprisingly, a cop shot her and she ends up losing her life. Olivia decides to talk about the foul play that Tamika was given in her digital recording. This leads to the ‘Equity for Tamika’ development.

A few TV programs centered the Black Lives Matter, essential discrimination and police officers in the wake of George Floyd’s homicide on May 25, 2020.

You would be surprised to learn that Nkechi Okoro-Carroll had presented Tamika Pratt’s story to the writers in March 2020. This was before the horrible Floyd incident that rocked the country.

Carroll stated that Entertainment Weekly had doubtlessly contained the storyline because it stemmed from genuine fear of real people in a meeting.

Carroll was a mother to two young Black men and a father of young black boys, so she really got into the content.

She stated, “I had expected that when we got into this storyline that the thing I would fight the most was that it’d feel obsolete.”

The 11th scene was also broadcasted at an important and tragic point in time, considering the political discomfort in America.

One more Black teenager, Ma’Khia Britt, was shot legally by police in Columbus, Ohio, on April 20, 2021.

This particular episode occurred just 30 minutes before Derek Chauvin was communicated guilty in court for the homicide committed by George Floyd.

Carroll stated, “It will feel like it was written last week. That makes me very upset because it implies that we haven’t made the positive progress I was expecting.”

Who killed Tamika?

Tamika’s storyline is similar to George Floyd’s, Breonna Taylor’s, and other African-Americans.

According to reports, the young lady was shot while she was asleep by a police officer.

This story seems to be in line with current news, as Derek Chauvin was sentenced for George Floyd’s death to 22 years imprisonment.

The thought of a perception of police biases and ethical crime in the US was presented well before the outrage.

Nkechi Okoro Carrick, TV Guide’s showrunner, stated that she had written the storyline in March 2020. George Floyd died two months earlier.

“I don’t know how I feel because these scenes have been really challenging to compose and shoot and to be drenched and altered while also being a parent to young Black children,”.

She said, “it’s a unique small thing where we highly value the show being a bonafide depiction of youth, especially Black youth in America — both the hardships as well as the joy.”

“Be that it may, it is one of those times where you almost wish it had felt obsolete.”

Justice for Tamika

Like real events, Tamika Pratt’s passing creates an unanticipated disturbance.

This begins when Olivia talks about Tamika’s murder on her digital broadcast. She is horrified at the lack of criticism.

Olivia then goes even further. She hacks into her mom’s computer, fearful that Tamika would be killed if she accepted the bodycam film from the cop.

She uploads the bodycam video showing Tamika’s kicking the bucket.

This quickly clears the way for Justice for Tamika development. It requires the capture of the official responsible for the killing of the young lady.


Q. Was Tamika Pratt a real person?

A. Yes, a young Black woman killed by police when she was found sleeping in her car

Q. Who does Tamika represent in all American?

A. It follows the story of Tamika, who quickly becomes a symbol of racial inequity and police brutality in the CW show.

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