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Tanjiro: Powers Explained


Tanjiro: Every anime series worth its salt needs a strong, likeable protagonist, and “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Cinematic: Mugen Train,” which recently made movie history in the United States, is now the most popular.

As a result, it’s only natural that its protagonist towers over the rest.

Tanjiro Kamado Powers Explained


Tanjiro Kamado (voiced by Natsuki Hanae in the original and Zach Aguilar in the English dub) begins the series in a disastrous way: a powerful demon transforms his sister Nezuko (Akari Kito and Abby Trott) into another demon, slaughtering the rest of their family. Tanjiro decides to become a demon slayer himself after a fortuitous encounter with a powerful demon slayer and the realisation that Nezuko still has some humanity in the hopes of finding a cure for his sister.

This simple quest for vengeance soon expanded into a vast storey about a battle between good and evil. Tanjiro gains a wide range of abilities during “Demon Slayer,” which aid him in his countless encounters. But what can the youthful demon hunter actually do? The abilities of Tanjiro Kamado are detailed below.

Tanjiro has magical skills thanks to his Total Concentration Breathing.

Tanjiro is no slouch, to begin with, as he survives a confrontation with the formidable demon slayer Giyu Tomioka (voiced by Takahiro Sakurai and Johnny Yong Bosch), who seeks to kill his newly possessed sister at the beginning of the anime series. The guy is impressed by Tanjiro’s determination and sends him to master Sakonji Urokodaki (Hochu Otsuka and Brook Chalmers), who agrees to prepare him for demon slayer training.

Tanjiro learns the first of his numerous combat abilities under Sakonji’s gruelling training: a breathing style known as Total Concentration Breathing (more on that later).

Tanjiro’s speed, power, and resilience considerably exceed those of ordinary humans as a result of this. Because performing his numerous combat breathing movements is exceedingly demanding and can leave him fully fatigued if he isn’t careful, it’s an extremely vital aspect of his power set.

This baseline battle skill, when combined with Sakonji’s other lessons, effectively provides Tanjiro superpowers, and by the end of “Demon Slayer” Season 1, he’s able to increase Total Concentration Breathing to the point that he can sustain it even while sleeping.

Tanjiro is a master of the Water Breathing technique.

The titular slayers in “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” face otherworldly, extraordinarily powerful creatures on a regular basis. They’ve invented a multitude of “breathing methods,” including Total Concentration Breathing, to give themselves a fighting chance. These are swordplay systems that allow demon slayers to increase their strength and use mystical, elemental-based skills in combat.

Tanjiro’s first breathing style is fairly naturally the same, thanks to his association with the great Water Breathing gurus Giyu and Sakonji. Water Breathing’s fluid combat method allows his attacks to flow like water and hit like a tsunami, and they’re accompanied by a cool water effect to emphasise the point.

Tanjiro quickly rises to the top of the style’s ranks, and as “Demon Slayer” progresses, he masters it to the point where he can even use the style’s coveted 10th form, in which his strike resembles a massive, aquatic dragon.

Tanjiro’s Dance of the Fire God is a one-of-a-kind fighting style.

When water isn’t working, it’s time to turn to fire. During a particularly difficult fight, Tanjiro gets a flashback to his childhood, when he remembers that his father secretly taught him a super-powerful breathing style known as Dance of the Fire God when he was a youngster. He can now wield this incredibly powerful family-style as a demon killer.

Tanjiro can use both water and fire techniques because the Dance of the Fire God is a fire-based style, as the name implies. Season 1 of “Dragon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” features the Dance of the Fire God in Tanjiro’s battle against the spider demon Rui (voiced by Koki Uchiyama and Billy Kameez), who not only resists Tanjiro’s most powerful Water Breathing technique but also struggles with the demon slayer’s newfound abilities.

Fans who have seen “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie Mugen Train” — or who have read the manga — are well aware of how powerful and aesthetically beautiful the Dance of the Fire God is, and “Dragon Slayer” Season 2 will almost certainly feature plenty more of it.

Tanjiro’s head can be used as a lethal weapon.

Because their breathing styles are based on swordplay, many demon hunters’ combat styles rely largely on bladed weaponry. Tanjiro is in the same boat, but he doesn’t necessarily need a sword to do the job. In fact, even when he travels around without any weapons, he is strongly armed since his body carries one.

In a pinch, Tanjiro’s skull has proven to be an extraordinarily powerful weapon; it’s so hard that a solid head-butt is capable of incapacitating an opponent without causing any harm to Tanjiro. Tanjiro has little expertise in demon warfare when he and Nezuko fight the Temple Demon (voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa and Ben Diskin) early on, but he still manages to shift the tide of the battle with a few strong head-butts.

Tanjiro later utilises a head-butt as a non-lethal finishing move against the boar-masked Inosuke Mashibira, clearly appreciating the power of his rock-hard head (Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Bryce Papenbrook). Despite the fact that Inosuke is a tough person, the impact is more than enough to knock him out. Even more impressively, Tanjiro later employs the tactic against Sanemi Shinazugawa (Tomokazu Seki and Kaiji Tang) – with his hands bound behind his back, no less.

Tanjiro has an incredibly acute sense of smell.

One of Tanjiro’s most recognised abilities isn’t really offensive, but it’s extremely useful nonetheless. Tanjiro’s senses have all been strengthened, as is customary for demon slayers — but it turns out that one of them is already quite powerful. Even as a young trainee, Tanjiro exhibits a keen sense of smell that goes well beyond the ordinary, allowing his nose to function in a way that resembles a sixth sense.

Tanjiro’s olfactory senses are so advanced that he can use his nose to deduce a stunning amount about his surroundings. He shows the ability to sense traps during his training with Sakonji, and when he overcomes the Hand Demon, he can really smell its feelings.

Tanjiro’s sense of smell improves as his talents develop from its already amazing default state. He can track demons with his nose like a bloodhound, following their scent over enormous distances and even anticipating their attacks with his sense of smell when they try to combat him as a demon slayer.

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