Tatum Robotics is Building a Robot Arm to Help People With Deafblindness

November 28, 2022
Tatum Robotics

Tatum Robotics Despite the recent surge in technological advances, people with deafblindness continue to suffer isolation. This lack of social connectivity is not only a physical pain, but a psychological one as well.

This is one of the reasons Tatum is building a robot arm to help deafblind people communicate with each other. The company has developed a prototype of a tactile ASL translational user mechanism that replicates the interaction between a translator and a deafblind person.

This type of technology is still in its infancy, but there are several projects currently under development.

Tatum Robotics : One is a 3D printed robotic hand

Tatum Robotics

Another is a tactile American Sign Language (ASL) signing system. Another is a low-cost robotic anthropomorphic hand that will work with a compliant robotic arm to produce more complex phrases and words.

Tatum Robotics is also developing a robotic arm to convey space and movement. The company is using machine learning and motion capture to make this device as smooth as possible.

These techniques will be tested in the homes of DeafBlind people. It is estimated that only about 0.8% of the population suffers from deafblindness in the United States.

This number is on the rise as support for deafblind organizations grows. The company hopes to begin pilot studies soon, with plans to expand its research to include a broader range of deafblind individuals.

The company is also working on a robot that can finger spell the American Manual Alphabet (AML)

AML is an American sign language spelling system, and is actually a better name for an alphabet than the alphabet of Braille.

Tatum Robotics : ASL is the primary communication system for deafblind people

Tatum is also working on an Alexa-style communication device. The company is not yet ready to show off its latest innovation, but the company is working on a low-cost robotic hand that will allow DeafBlind individuals to communicate with one another.

The company hopes to produce this device in the near future. It is currently working with FORGE, a robotics company that is based in the UK, to build and test the device. It has also received a FORGE Product Development Grant, which will help them to fund the necessary studies.

One of the more important things that this robot will be able to do is sign messages. This includes text-based communication systems, as well as ASL. Currently, this type of technology is only available to deafblind people through braille tablets.

This technology has the potential to change the lives of deafblind individuals. However, teleconferencing is still an issue, especially for deafblind individuals. The robot will also be able to translate spoken language to sign languages, without any additional user input.

There are many other cool things that Tatum is doing to help deafblind individuals communicate with each other. They are also recruiting unique ASL techniques, such as the use of a hand mirror. In the meantime, they are conducting finite element analysis (FEA) and performing a failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) to ensure that their system is working safely.

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