Who is Taylor Frankie Paul Reddit ? What’s Brayden Rowley’s name? Explained

September 27, 2022
Taylor Frankie Paul Reddit

Taylor Frankie Paul, who has 3.6 million TikTok followers who know her as @taylorfrankiepaul, caused a stir this spring when she said that her divorce was because she and her husband were part of a “soft swinging” community with their Mormon #MomTok friends. Paul said in a new video that she’s “really struggling” because of what happened.

Paul told people that she and her husband Tate Paul were in an open marriage and sometimes let other people from their “soft swinging” friend group into their relationship. She did this during a May 25 TikTok live stream.

Paul’s description of soft swinging was that the group of friends could be sexually intimate with each other, but they agreed not to go “all the way” with anyone but their spouses. During the live stream, Paul made it sound like she slept with someone in the community without her husband’s permission and then fell in love with that person.

The scandal quickly spread to Mormon mom TikTok, or MomTok, and many people wondered if one of Paul’s Mormon friends was part of the “soft-swinging” group. Several of Paul’s friends said that they had nothing to do with the group.

Who is Taylor Frankie Paul Reddit & Who Is Brayden Rowley?

Taylor Frankie Paul Reddit

Brayden Rowley is from Utah, and he became well-known when he started hanging out with Taylor Frankie Paul, who is a famous American TikTok actress. People on social media think that Raleigh is having an affair with the celebrity. Paul posted a few TikTok videos about their breakup, which is how Rowley’s name first showed up on Reddit.

Rowley’s name came up quickly when Taylor Frankie’s video showed that they were going to split up.

About Braden Raleigh

Raleigh Brayden Rowley is from Utah. He got a lot of attention when he dated the TikTok singer Taylor Frankie Paul.

Reddit users have confirmed that Rowley is married and posted a photo of him with his wife. Because raleigh is not a well-known person, there isn’t much information about it online.

But on the other hand, Paul is a well-known person because of her TikTok fans, and the news of her recent divorce has made the trend even more exciting. Paul, who is well-known on TikTok, said in the video that he is a single mother who is divorced and having a hard time.

People who liked her and paid attention to her began to ask her about the breakup. Some even said that she didn’t like Braden Raleigh. A lot of news is out about Raleigh.

There was a post on Reddit about Tyler Frankie Paul’s drama and affair after their divorce. When Taylor Frankie Paul put videos of her kids on the Internet, rumours spread quickly that she was getting a divorce. She told me that she was a single mom at some point in the conversation. So that she and Tate Paul could get divorced.

People on Reddit also think she cheated on her husband and that Brayden Roley is her boyfriend.

Taylor Frankie Paul married Tate Paul after meeting him in January 2016. At the moment, Tate Paul is the Regional Manager for AdvancedMD.

Taylor Frankie On August 31, 2017, Paul’s first child, Indy Paul, was born. Ocean On June 18, 2020, Paul was born. Her second child, he was.

Taylor Braden and Frankie Paul is having an affair with Rowley, which is against the law. The rumours are true, but she hasn’t said anything about them. Tyler Frankie’s adultery was said to be the reason why Paul and his husband broke up.

People on social media said that she was having or had already had an affair with Braden Rowley. Since Raleigh doesn’t use social media, there isn’t much public information about him.

Why Are Taylor Frankie Paul and Tate Paul Getting Divorced?

Taylor confirmed in a TikTok livestream that she and her husband, who were in an open relationship, are getting divorced. She revealed she was previously “hooking up” with a man whose wife was allegedly swinging with Tate. However, she also clarified that the apparent cheating incident and alleged swinging is not the only reason for their split.

All because of this big fight in our group of friends, the divorce is not what it used to be. I think we had a lot of other problems, too, and this was just the tip of the iceberg,” she said.

Taylor used to say in different TikTok videos that she and her husband were “soft swingers.” This meant that they could do everything except have sexual relations with other people, and that both of them had to be present for any swinging activities.

Taylor’s new house is already occupied. She said that she and Tate are getting along well and that they will be raising their kids together.

Several sources say that Taylor wrote on Instagram, “The last eight days have been the most painful I’ve ever felt in my life.” “Been sad and mourning with family and friends over the fact that my family is no longer all together. Tate and I are getting a divorce, but I will always love him very much. It’s what’s best for both of us. I have a long, hard road ahead of me, but I hope it gets better from here.”

Why is everyone talking about Taylor Frankie Paul on TikTok?

Taylor’s accusations seem to have affected and implicated a large group of mutual friends in the Mormon community in Utah. This group includes Brayden and Mckenna Rowley, Selver and Victoria Zalic, Chase and Miranda Hope McWhorter, Conner and Whitney Leavitt, and Samuel and Camilla Munday.

Soon after Taylor told Tate she was divorcing him, it was believed she cheated on him with Brayden, who’s married to their mutual friend Mckenna.

Taylor allegedly cheated not with Brayden but with Victoria’s husband Selver. Taylor’s and Victoria’s TikToks showed that Selver wasn’t there.

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