Temporary Classrooms – The Solution to Save Money and Time

May 16, 2022
Temporary Classrooms

Temporary Classrooms

Temporary Classrooms: The era of COVID-19 has taught us many things; learning online is one of them. But face-to-face education is still the most effective method of running schools, especially for younger students. But with the new guidelines to maintain social distance in public places, schools are now faced with a new challenge to provide additional space.

Fortunately, temporary classrooms offer one of the best space solutions for learning centers. For schools that have not started using these structures, it is time to try these cost- and time-saving solutions.

Types of Temporary Classrooms

Generally, temporary classrooms are built using light-gauge materials that are affordable and easy to set up. The type of prefabricated structure depends on the innovativeness of the manufacturer. Here are the popular types.

  •       Steel and fabric temporary classrooms – Schools that are looking for a quick and affordable space solution can order and use industrial tents that are insulated to provide extra learning space. Such structures are big enough to be used as halls as well. They are made of steel frames and fabric or PVC covers.
  •       Temporary steel classrooms – Probably, you have seen temporary steel structures used in industries that find them very useful. A similar concept can be applied in schools, especially if they want an affordable and semi-permanent solution. Although these classrooms are made of steel sheets and frames, they are insulated on the inside and fitted with amenities to facilitate learning.
  •       Portable shipping container classrooms – Can you imagine buying or renting a fully functional portable classroom that will be delivered to the school within a day or two? This sounds unbelievable, but the truth is that converting shipping containers into fully functional classrooms with amenities is normal these days.

Why Temporary Classrooms Are Fast and Affordable

Some of the biggest benefits of using temporary classroom are their affordability and the ease of setting them up. Whether the school is responding to an emergency or looking for a space solution within its budget, these classrooms will fit in.

Many are fabricated in a factory using recycled materials, and all that is necessary is to assemble them on site. Additionally, they do not require a lot of ground preparations or any excavation.

According to experts from Smart-Space, you can have your temporary classroom fabricated and erected on-site within 28 days. This means they can be ready even quicker if you rent prefabricated classrooms.

There is no better category of classrooms to suit your needs than a temporary classroom if you are looking for affordability, time savings, and functionality. Just check what your local temporary building solution provider has in store for you through their website.

Other Benefits of Temporary Classrooms

Generally, temporary structures have many benefits in addition to just cost- and time-saving advantages. Temporary structures designed for learning centers have other benefits such as the following.

  •       Flexible structures – One other big benefit is the versatility of temporary classroom. For instance, industrial tents can be used as classrooms, halls, or administrative offices.
  •       Meet structural standards – Temporary classrooms do not compromise on building standards. For instance, the temporary steel classrooms in the UK have to meet the L2 building standards, especially when provided by reliable service providers.
  •       Environmentally friendly structures – Since they are made of recycled materials and do not release harmful substances, these structures are compliant with environmental guidelines.
  •       Low-maintenance solution – Schools do not have to worry about repainting and unnecessary repairs because the temporary structures used in schools often require little or no maintenance.


Whether you are looking for affordable and time-saving classroom solutions for reception or university, you will be on the right track if you consider temporary classroom. We have mentioned other major benefits as well to show you that these are the best solutions. Make the right decision now to take your school to the next level.

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