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Tequan Richmond: Early Life, Movies, TV Show & Net Worth {2022}



Tequan Richmond on the television show Everybody Hates Chris.

Although the series aired more than a decade ago, the young actor has since started a family and even starred in several movies.

If you are not familiar with Tequan, read this article to learn about his age, movies and television shows.


You will also be able to find out how much Tequan Richmond is worth.

Tequan Richmond Early Life

Tequan Richmond

Richmond was born on 30 October 1992, making him 29 years old. his music career as T-Rich, is an American actor and rapper.

He was raised by his mother, actress Temple Poteat. His family is extremely close and the young actor maintains a healthy relationship with his siblings.

In addition to acting, Richmond has also appeared in films like Ray and Blue Caprice.


The actor, also known as T-Rich, is an American. He has played Drew Rock on the popular sitcom Everybody Hates Chris, as well as the movie Ray Charles Jr.

In Ray, Richmond starred as the young star Ray Charles Jr. On General Hospital, he plays the role of TJ Ashford.

His early years were spent in Burlington, North Carolina, and he has been a resident of Los Angeles since 2001.

Tequan Movies

Tequan Richmond, also known as T-Rich, is an American actor and rapper. His biggest role is as Drew Rock in the television series Everybody Hates Chris.


His other notable roles include playing Ray Charles Jr. in Ray and TJ Ashford in General Hospital. Here are some of his movies and TV shows.

In addition to movies, Richmond has appeared in numerous TV shows and magazine advertisements. He’s also produced and starred in a few TV shows.

His most recent TV appearance was in the hit comedy, “The Good Fight,” which premiered on Fox in June 2018.

Tequan TV Shows

Actor and producer Tequan Richmond has been featured in several movies and TV shows. His net worth is estimated at $500,000 as of 2019.


In addition to his acting career, Richmond has produced several movies and TV shows. Here are some of his most popular roles:

He played T.J. Ashford on the popular television show General Hospital from 2012 to 2018.

He has also had small roles in Ray Charles Jr.’s movies. Tequan Richmond was pre-nominated for a Daytime Emmy award for his role on the popular television series.

Richmond has continued to gain recognition as a young actor with numerous TV and film credits.


His performances have garnered a lot of praise from critics and fans.

Tequan Net Worth

Tequan Richmond net worth was estimated at $500,000 USD. Known for his modeling work and acting, Richmond was published in Sports Illustrated magazine.

He has also appeared in Reader’s Digest, Newsweek, and National Geographic. He has also modeled for Nestle and other brands.

These are just a few of the many ways Tequan Richmond has earned a large net worth.


The actor and rapper is currently single. He has never been linked with a woman, although his net worth is estimated at $1 million.

While this may be due to lack of romantic relationships, Richmond is also focused on building his career. Regardless of whether or not he has a girlfriend, Tequan Richmond’s love life is largely centered around his career.

It is not clear whether he is married or not, or if he is simply dating other women.

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