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Terrence Duckett: Things To Know About Jasmine Guy’s Ex-Husband


Terrence Duckett, an American healthcare consultant, is well-known for his marriage to Jasmine Guy (a popular American actress and dancer). Terrence is a successful actor and has a long career. However, Terrence is most well-known for his marriage to Hollywood diva.

Today in this article we are going to discuss about who is Terrence Duckett, his wife, daughter, how he met from Jasmine Guy, their married, divorce and net worth. To get all new updates follow Centralfallout.com

Who is Terrence Duckett terrence duckett and his ex-wife

Terrence Duckett was 60 years old when he was born 22 May 1962. He is of African descent and was born in the United States. Terrence prefers not to reveal his personal life details so we couldn’t confirm his siblings or parents, nor where he grew-up, nor what kind of life it was.

Terrence attended the University of Iowa for his education. It is the second-largest university in America and the oldest. Although we were unable to verify the exact sequence of his studies, Terrence received his first degree from Iowa.

  •  Full Name: Terrence Duckett
  •  Gender: Male
  • Terrence Duckett’s Age: 60 years old
  •  Nationality: American
  •  Zodiac sign: Gemini
  •  Sexual Orientation: Straight
  •  Religion: Christianity
  •  Education: University of Iowa, United States
  •  Marital Status: Divorced
  •  Duckett’s Wife: Jasmine Guy (m. 1998-2008)
  •  Children: Imani Duckett
  •  Net Worth: $1.5 Million
  •  Famous for: Being married to Jasmine Guy

Duckett Career

After marrying Jasmine Guy, Terrace was in the spotlight. Duckett, however, was a consultant at Onpaceplus Los Angeles.

Onpaceplus, a U.S.A. health care institution, is located in California. He was also a director of soda and lime in a partnership. His ex-wife Jasmine Guy pursued a career in the media sector.

She began her television career in 1982 with a non-speaking role, as a dancer.

She is well-known as one of America’s best actresses. Guy’s performance as Whitley Gilbert on the television sitcom A Different World was remarkable.

Also, she worked in The Cosby Show which was founded by Bill Cosby. It aired on NBC from 1987 to 1993.

Guy wrote three episodes and directed one episode of the show.

Jasmine was greatly appreciated and acknowledged across the country after the show aired. Her outstanding performance earned her the nomination for best role. She was nominated for and won six consecutive NAACP Image Awards as Outstanding Lead Actress in Comedy Series.

When Did Terrence Duckett Meet Jasmine Guy?terrence duckett and his ex-wife

The former couple started dating in 1987 and met at the conference.

They dated for nine years. After knowing each other at a personal level decided to get married officially. Throughout their marriage relationship, the couple has been very supportive and cooperative.

Jasmine Guy supported her ex-husband in his high and low and always stood by him.

The couple married

Through a mutual friend, Terrence and Jasmine met in 1987. They fell in love instantly and began a relationship. They spent time getting to know one another and, a year later on August 22, 1998 they legally married at a private ceremony attended only by close family and friends.

Jasmine and Terrence seemed to have a happy marriage, but their union marred by conflict 10 years later. They divorced on April 8, 2008, 10 years after their marriage. The reason was irreconcilable differences.

They divorced badly

Jasmine and Terrence involved in a custody dispute over their one child. Terrence was actively involved in the life of his daughter and he asked for shared custody. Jasmine won legal and physical custody. Terrence also ordered to pay $1,469 per month in child support.

Jasmine filed a suit against Terrence in 2012, four years after their divorce was finalized. She claimed Terrence had stopped paying child support monthly. He had stopped making child support payments in May 2010, she claimed, and owed her $39,663. However, we were unable to verify the outcome of the lawsuit.

Terrence Duckett’s daughter

Terrence Duckett’s only child, Imani Duckett, was born to Jasmine Guy, his celebrity wife. She was born 28 March 1999, and is now 60 years old. Her birth occurred one year after her parents’ marriage. Jasmine got custody after their divorce. Her father involved in her life and paid child support.

Imani Duckett was an actress like her mother

Imani Duckett followed in her mother’s footsteps as a Hollywood actress. After graduating from high school in Atlanta she enrolled at NYU Tisch School of Acts. She takes dance lessons with the hope of becoming a professional choreographer like her mother.

Imani mentored by her mother and made her debut in the entertainment industry when she cast in a serial black face play at the Atlanta Stage directed by Freddie Ashley. After her debut, she starred in several other stage plays.

Imani featured in a Hollywood documentary film with her mother in 2016. Unsung Hollywood was the film in which Imani played the younger version of her mother. She was so good at the role that she was offered a part in Open four years later.

Imani lives a private life, just like Terrence Duckett. Imani was born to a famous actress mother and has a budding career as an actress. However, she seems to prefer privacy to that of her father. Imani is not currently active on social media so very little information about her private life is available. Her mother shared the details about her via Instagram, where she often posts pictures of Imani’s adventures on @iamjasmineguy.

Where is Terrence Duckett Now?

Terrence was a relatively unknown man before his marriage to the Hollywood actress. He stayed away from the media after their divorce and retreated into anonymity once again. There isn’t any information about his current location or what activities he is involved in. Terrence isn’t active on any social media platforms making it difficult for us to keep up.

Terrence Duckett Net Worth

Duckett Estimated Net worth is USD 1.5 million. His ex-wife Jasmine Guy has an estimated net worth USD 4,000,000.

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