Is The 100 Season 8 Being Cancelled?

October 15, 2022
The 100 Season 8

The 100 Season 8: The eighth season of The 100 a highly anticipated post-apocalyptic scifi series on Netflix. The 100’s seventh season has already elicited curiosity from fans. The CW aired 16 episodes of Season 7 on May 20, 2020.

The final and seventh seasons will air in August 2019. This means that there were 100 episodes total over the seven seasons. For the eighth season, 100 episodes would have been returned. Read on to know more about The 100 Season 8.

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About The 100 8The 100 Season 8

Here’s the story: 100 created after the end. The 100 is based upon Kass Morgan’s sci-fi novel The 100 for young adults. IMDb rates The 100 at 7.6 out 10 points. The 100 is full of drama, intrigue and television programming. The 100 was created 97 years after the devastating nuclear disaster.

Many people have killed and the entire world has devastated by it. In an attempt to increase the population, a spacecraft takes 100 young people back to Earth. You should watch The 100, a sci-fi TV series.

Season 8 of The 100 cancelled

The people will be unhappy. The 100 Season 8 will not see the return of this program. The 100’s Season 8 was cancelled in August 2019. It then revealed that the show would end (appropriately), after its 100th episode.

Deadline spoke with Jason Rothenberg, the series creator. He said that he and other writers had planning to end the show after Season 7. He told Deadline that he is not certain about the ending until the end of Season 5. Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, Season 7 put on hold.

After 8 episodes, Season 7 should have 16 episodes. We cannot predict when it might be available for viewing. Due to the outbreak, the program won’t be broadcast in May 2020. The final season of the beloved series will still be available in the autumn.

The eighth season of 100 will not aired. The program’s seventh and final season will end on Wednesday September 30, 2020. As was expected at the beginning of Season 7, The 100 is now officially over. Fans have waited for years to hear about a spin-off series.

Jason’s optimism isn’t the ideal indication for fans, but it’s promising. The 100 season 7 may finally come together. No eighth season for the 100-year-old show. The last season ends September 30, 2020.

The 100 is over, as predicted at the start of Season 7. Fans waited years for a spin-off. Jason’s optimism isn’t the ideal indication for fans, but it’s promising. The 100 season 7 may be their turning point.

As indicated, the seventh season will finish in May 2020. The seventh season confirmed as the final in April 2019. No season 8 of The 100. Positives exist. The 100 announced Season 7 for 2019. This made sense given The 100’s 100 episodes. The 100’s Season 7 is the last, unlike previous programs.

Season 8 of The 100 seems doubtful, but revivals are so common that there’s always a possibility. The show has been a solid performer for the network. The 100’s fans may like the prequel. Seventh season pilot.

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