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Women and men are distinct in various ways – from physical size and shape to the way our bodies function. And it is these distinctions, as well as our natural endocannabinoid systems, that dictate how CBD behaves in our bodies. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a system found naturally in the body that assists in the regulation of sleep, mood, and hunger. We now know that the ECS has receptors located throughout the body with which CBD can interact due to study. Although the exact mechanism by which CBD works is yet unknown, we do know it is critical! 

The ECS is unique to men and women, but it is essentially a map of receptors that runs through our brain, central nervous system, organs, and immune system. Hormones play a critical role in how CBD interacts with the ECS and why it may have a different effect on women than on males. Let’s examine the hormones with which CBD interacts and the possible advantages of CBD for women and men’s wellbeing. 

CBD for Females

Three types of cannabis users were observed in the study: those who consumed THC, those who consumed CBD , and those who consumed cannabis 1:1. After four weeks of cannabis use, all three groups experienced a significant reduction in anxiety symptoms. Still, the CBD group experienced the greatest reduction, and the CBD group was the only one to reach a normal range of anxiety. In contrast, the other two groups remained on the border of moderate anxiety symptoms. Additionally, when the investigators divided the CBD group into 20 female and 19 male participants, they discovered that women responded much better to CBD than males in terms of anxiety symptoms. Their anxiety level was significantly higher, to begin with, and CBD use significantly reduced their anxiety symptoms compared to male consumers. Male participants’ anxiety levels remained relatively constant after two weeks of CBD ingestion, but female participants’ anxiety levels continued to decline. 


Additionally, this study discovered that CBD Tincture resulted in a significantly greater decrease of stress than with 1:1 subjects. Following the experiment, the THC group saw an increase in stress, whereas the CBD group experienced a near-restored level of tension. Again, when the scientists separated the CBD group to examine post-use anxiety and tension, they discovered that the female and male groups had opposite outcomes. Female CBD users reported virtually no post-use anxiety or tension, whereas male CBD consumers reported extremely high post-use anxiety and stress levels. 

CBD for Males

So, how is the male population faring? When it comes to CBD and males, there are a few subtle differences in their sensitivity. While symptoms and personal reactions impact both sexes equally, males appear to be less affected. Consider how CBD impacts the masculine gender in a variety of ways. 

Blood Pressure is Controlled 

Hypertension is a significant health problem that must be treated. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, males are more likely than females to develop hypertension, which raises their risk of heart disease and stroke. According to studies, CBD can help decrease inflammation, which helps alleviate anxiety and stress, both of which are associated with hypertension. 

Testosterone Balancing 

CBD Oil has been shown in studies to affect testosterone levels, indicating that it plays a role in hormone balance. While it inhibits testosterone synthesis in Leydig cells, it does not affect blood testosterone levels. When CBD is removed from the mix, the levels of production revert to normal. Additionally, CBD prevents the breakdown of hepatic testosterone. CBD may be used to enhance testosterone production as well. Cannabinoids reduce prolactin and cortisol levels in the body; two hormones are known to be released in response to stress. Prolactin and cortisol both function as inhibitors of testosterone synthesis. As a result, males prefer to have their bodies with lower levels of these hormones. 


On the other hand, CBD can aid in enhancing other factors that contribute to testosterone production, such as adequate sleep, stress and anxiety reduction, and weight loss assistance. When combined with a healthy and balanced diet, CBD Oil can help you boost your testosterone indirectly. 

Erectile Dysfunction Assists 

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is more prevalent in men as they age. Women may benefit from CBD Oil’s libido-boosting properties. It is also beneficial for those who have erectile dysfunction. ED is a complicated condition with several contributing factors. On the other hand, CBD appears to have certain psychological effects that may help reintroduce sex desire. 

CBD And Scientific Research 

While CBD research is still in its infancy, it’s critical to highlight that women have been excluded from medical research, trials, and studies. The result is that many women’s ailments have been overlooked or handled in a study performed on men. Thus, we don’t have a baseline for the effects of many medications on women until they are licenced and available on the market. And then, there are the instances when women encounter adverse consequences. 

While further study on the effects of CBD on both sexes is necessary, it is mild and effective enough to dive in and explore what works best for you. The CBD materials on this page can be used as a guide, but ultimately, you are the greatest judge of your own body. 


The most important conclusion from the differences in how CBD affects men and women is that women are more sensitive to it, which means males will often require more to achieve the same level of relief. Additionally, we know that large doses of CBD reduce both men’s and women’s sexual desires. CBD has a therapeutic impact that tackles the health difficulties of those who use it and works to restore balance to our bodies.

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