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The Necessity of B2B SaaS Content Marketing Methods



Content Marketing Methods

Content Marketing: Thriving and continuously growing the B2B SaaS industry is among the world’s fastest-growing industries. Research shows that in just 5 years, from 2018 to 2022, the sector has had an exponential annual growth rate of 12%.

This unprecedented search for prosperity, however, comes with a price. And, that is the surge in prospective investors that wants to get in the game, thus increasing the stiffness of the competition. 

For your company to rise from the pack, you’ll have to employ B2B SaaS SEO strategies in your marketing campaign. What do these measures actually entail?

From increasing your organic traffic, building trust among your audience, and improving brand image, SEO techniques will launch your business into new heights. So, what are these helpful B2B SaaS SEO strategies? Find all about it here.

Content Development Guide

Improving your website content requires both technical and customer-centred strategies. Not only do you have to appeal to readers but also to search engine algorithms. By focusing on both aspects you’ll have a more holistic approach to expanding your SaaS SEO agency’s website authority and reach. Here are strategies that you should you employ: 


1. Choose The Best Framework

How your content is structured heavily affects how your target readers respond to it. A cluttered article full of unnecessary tidbits can bore your readers quickly and could increase your site’s bounce rate.

To keep that from happening, you should pay attention to how you layout the information that you want to impart. There are different blog frameworks, each with its benefits and disadvantages. However, at the end of the day, choosing what works best will depend on how you want to organize your site.

You also have to consider the surfing experience that you want to set. Listed below are the 3 main content frameworks:

  • Clusters

    With the use of internal backlinks, a website topic cluster is a framework often used by developers who want to centre their content on a certain topic. This setup is especially useful for B2B SaaS companies that aim to highlight different solution services and options for one problem.

  • Content Hubs

    Resembling a tree information network, this framework has a single pillar page on which all the subpages are rooted. These subpages should include topics and articles that are first discussed on your pillar page. This is useful for elaborations and thorough discussions.

  • Categories

    The most simple framework, it’s a basic layout on which each specific content has its own group. This is most easy to navigate and provides the most convenient user experience (UX).

2. Focus on Enhancing Headlines and Subheadings

Content Marketing Methods

An excellent headline hooks its readers at first glance. A crucial aspect of content marketing, headlines serve as the gateway for customers, wherein they decide on whether they should continue reading your content or not. 

It’s a vital B2B SaaS SEO strategy that is often overlooked by developers. However, with more than 70% of readers admitting that they only skim articles, it is then important that you invest in headline and subheading optimization by incorporating keywords that suit your topic.

Make them precise and clear so that your audience understands right away what services and solutions you offer. 

3. Improve Keyword Utilization

Used by search engine algorithms to sort through thousands of data published daily, keywords are their shortcuts to determine which websites offer the most relevance and potential.

According to Local SEO Search Inc., effective keyword utilization is not simply cramming all the most popular related terms into your articles. Instead, it’s a subtle process that requires strategic placements so that each keyword still makes sense to your readers.

Repeating keywords should also be avoided to avoid getting flagged down by search engine algorithms as spam.  

4. Determine Content Goals

Uploading content regularly for the sake of beating a deadline will always be a bad idea. Doing so would only lead to poor-quality articles that yield low organic traffic. Instead of regurgitating fluff pieces, plan out your content goals first and focus on the purpose of each upload.

Each post should bear relevance and help in advertising your B2B SaaS services. The most common content goals that you could focus on are to generate leads, increase conversion rates, improve customer retention, enhance brand image, and encourage interaction. 


5. Map Out Editorial Mission

Content marketing and increasing online market reach is a collective company effort. Having an editorial mission before you publish your next content campaigns is a great way to stay on track with your plans as a company.

Having a well-established one can make sure that your entire marketing team is focused on the same vision. It also helps you pinpoint the weakest point of your content and which ones to prioritize. 

Increasing Content Traffic | Content Marketing

A SaaS SEO agency’s main goal is to improve your company’s customer interaction and online traffic. Some techniques will work better than others, but it all depends on what kind of content you put out and the marketing goals that you want to reach. Listed below are some of the strategies that you could use:

1. Revamp Stale Content

Creating new content for your next upload will require plenty of research, time, energy, and effort. However, instead of exerting the same resources, why not invest less for the same market influence yield by revamping your old content. 

Refashioning outdated content to fit today’s market trends is easier than you think. You just have to update any statistics, broken links, and facts. Replace some terms with the most relevant keywords, and voila! You can increase your online authority and organic traffic at a lower cost. 


2. Upgrade Website Technical Aspects

Content Marketing Methods

Improving the technical aspects of your site positively affects your company’s image in the eyes of audiences, and search engine algorithms. By enhancing your website’s loading speed, crawlability, indexability, and device compatibility, you are making sure that every website visit runs as smoothly as possible.

However, if you’re quite unfamiliar with how to deal with such details, you can always hire the nearest SaaS SEO agency, like Local SEO Search Inc., to guide you through the process. 

3. Build Functional Links

Website linking strategies are a great way to increase your website’s inline exposure. By getting referenced by other sites, you get to build your network of influence.

However, redirected traffic, be it through backlinks, outbound links, or inbound links, should always be made with caution. These links if improperly used can lead to penalties from search engines.

As a B2B SaaS company, staying relevant among thousands of competitors will always be an uphill battle. With your website alone, you already have to prove your technical prowess and skills as a company since your services are aligned with such elements. However, it doesn’t always have to be so hard, because you’ve got these SEO content marketing methods to help you increase your online reach and customer engagement.

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