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How Did Sampson Die: Know About Orlando FreeFall Death Trap



Teenager Tire Sampson fell to his death in March after visiting the Orlando Freefall attraction; on Monday, his father urged that the ride be permanently closed at a news conference.

Yarnell Sampson, the boy’s father, called the ride a “death trap” and said that racism had a factor in the executives’ apparent attempt to sweep the tragedy under the rug by removing the monument at a press conference held by civil rights attorney Ben Crump at ICON Park.

“That’s why I wrote ‘Death Trap’ on the wall behind me,” remarked Sampson, indicating to the wall behind him. “Because you get on that ride again, and someone else is going to perish. Whether it is today, tomorrow, or a year from now, I can assure you that if you reopen that ride, someone else will perish.”


“The objective is to have it eliminated permanently,” he stated.

Today in this article we are going to discuss about Orlando Freefall Death What happened to Sampson, teen died of blunt force trauma and weighed more than 100 pounds. Follow centralfallout to get updated.

Orlando Freefall Death: What happened?

the orlando freefall

Sampson took his Spring Break to travel to Orlando with some friends of the family from St. Louis, Missouri. Sampson was riding Orlando FreeFall when he fell untethered. He died in the hospital.

As a result of blunt force injuries, the medical examiner determined Sampson’s death to be a “accident.”


Sampson’s seat, along with another, had been hand-modified to fit larger guests. Sampson was 100 pounds over the ride’s maximum.

Orlando FreeFall closed in March. the Orlando Slingshot was also closed despite no accidents.

Orlando Freefall teen died of blunt force trauma and weighed more than 100 pounds, Autopsy says

Sampson publicly apologized and said his intention to replace the ride with a statue and a permanent memorial if he was able to collect 25,000 to 30,000 signatures on a petition.

Slingshot Group was given a new lease while the park investigated Orlando Freefall’s death.


“I have the impression that a cover-up is occurring.I feel they don’t want the world to know the truth because – and I hate to say this – my kid is a young Black man. Elder Sampson said, “If the infant had been European, things would have been different.” They would not have attempted to push the issue under the rug and would have been more cooperative. I also believe there would have been more appreciation for it.”

His father once told him, “Respecting him is more important than accepting what he is giving.”

Sampson’s father revealed a week after the postmortem found indicated his 14-year-old son died from an inadvertent blunt force blow. The child was morbidly obese, weighing 383 pounds when they passed away, according to the medical examiner.

That is approximately 100 pounds over the weight restriction for the ride.


Krump claimed on Monday that the ride couldn’t accommodate the tyre because it was too huge. They set a weight limit of 286 pounds, but did not adhere to it.

After consulting with outside specialists, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Customer Service concluded that the ride’s sensors had been tampered with in order to extend the two-seat restriction opening and let Sampson out.

“It is unacceptable for these companies to prioritize profit over safety,” Crump added. “To Slingshot Group and ICON Park executives: You cannot simply brush Tyre Sampson’s death under the rug as if it doesn’t matter. Because Tyre Sampson, his life, and his legacy are significant.”

Who made manual changes wasn’t clear.


At the same press conference, Democratic State Representative Geraldine Thompson speculated that it was someone “higher in terms of the chain of command” than the ride’s entry-level adolescent manager. Change

Similarly, Big Sampson advocated for a riding test for typical young workers in the drug trade.

“They must administer drug tests to some of these operators,” he stated. “How are these teens, who have only received thirty days of instruction, responsible for someone’s life? It seems absurd to me.”

Thompson claimed the slingshot crew was “tone-deaf” for signing a new lease and tearing down the memorial at the Orlando Freefall’s base. A new ride’s lease application will have to take into account the operator’s experience and safety record, as proposed by her Tire Sampson Bill, which she plans to bring at the start of the next Assembly session. Thompson said she aims to remove the Slingshot Group’s new lease.


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