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The Shooting on Wisconsin



The Shooting on Wisconsin: United States casino shooting leaves three dead, one wounded.

A gunman kills two people at a Wisconsin casino restaurant. Seriously wounds a third before he was killed by police late on Saturday. In what authorities say seeing to be an aimed attack.

Brown County Sheriff’s Lieutenant. Kevin Pawlak says Investigators believe the Gunman was attempting a particular person he was angry.


“He was aiming a particular victim. Who was not there, but he decides still to shoot some of the victim’s friends or co-workers. So it seems,” Mr. Pawlak says.

Not immediately recognizes either the Gunman or the shooting Victims.

Mr. Pawlak was not sure if the Shooter was a former employee of the restaurant. But says, “it seems there is some relationship that had to do with the employment.”

“If or not they all work there, we are still working on,” he says.


The wounded person being treats at a Milwaukee hospital, he says.

The attack happens around 7.30 p.m. at the Oneida Casino; operates by the Oneida Nation on the western side of Green Bay.

Jawad Yatim, a witness, says he saw at least two people shot. “I know for sure that two because it happens right next to us,” he says.

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